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New Female Viagra – Flibanserin

Viagra for Women (Female Viagra) on Its Way: Another Revolution to Expect?

While erectile dysfunction is a male’s problem, lack of sex desire is just what many women are to deal with. It happened so that for years most scientists have been working on impotence pill improvement instead of finding the cure for sexual disorder in females. Luckily, things have changed and today there is a notion

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Erectile Dysfunction

Surprising Stats on Erectile Dysfunction Pills Sales

Have you ever had problems getting and keeping an erection? Is the issue becoming more and more frequent? You have an exclusive opportunity to forget about the disorder and just enjoy your life full of love and satisfaction. However, you will have to devote your time for the solution of the condition. First of all,

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attract customers

Breakthrough at the market: How Canadian Health&Care Mall manages to attract customers

Everyone agrees that the present market of online pharmacy services is distinguished by the sharp competitiveness. People trying to find the needed medical drugs are provided with the large number of choices. At first sight it is very difficult to define whether one or another online pharmacy offers quality medical products and services and whether

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HealthCare Industry

The HealthCare Industry Is Concerned about Mankind’s New Moto: Live to Eat Instead of Eat to Live

If only B. Franklin knew what a great influence will his known saying have on people’s mind long after his death. ‘Eat to live, don’t live to eat’ was what he said and is what we are going to talk about today. Honestly speaking, mindful eating has always been of great importance. It helps achieve

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Safe and Quick Weight Loss with Diet Pills – True or False?

Nowadays questions of excessive weight and obesity are becoming very urgent as the number of overweight people has been growing in high gear recently. People are eager to reduce their weight however they often have no desire or some limitations to go in for sports or keep on diets. That is why many of them

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Canadian Health&Care Mall Speaks about the Past and Future of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Canadian Health&Care Mall Speaks about the Past and the Future of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Living here and now may be tougher than it used to be years ago, yet regarding impotence treatment the 21st century opens up more perspectives and potentials. Nearly 28 years ago things weren’t as simple as they are today. There wasn’t a magic pill that could solve the severest impotence issues within 40 minutes and

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Top Dangerous Prescription Medications

What Common HealthCare Medications Are Dangerous? Check Which of Them Are in Your House

Are you sure that all medications you keep at home are safe and helpful? FYI, the most common prescription drugs kill over 100 thousand people yearly, not speaking of over-the-counter medications. Lethal outcomes are results not of drug misuse only. There are a lot more other reasons and drug-related problems. Let’s check what dangerous pills

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Canada: the access to prescription and non-prescription drugs in numbers

Canada: the access to prescription and non-prescription drugs in numbers

News by Canadian Health&Care Mall Prescription preparations form an integral part of modern healthcare system. If appointed and applied properly and in accordance with good practices, a tiny pill can eliminate the disease or prevent it, as well as prolong and enhance the quality of life. The essential role of pharmaceuticals is recognized by the

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Canadian Health&Care Mall Recommends Healing Erectile Dysfunction through Diet and Pills

Healing Erectile Dysfunction through Diet and Pills

There are dozens of health issues that lie in wait for each of us. Any age, activity, foods and drinks either contribute to a new illness or only help to postpone it. But every time it comes to the treatment course, each of us should understand that pills or foods alone can’t guarantee the cure.

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Impotence Symptoms

Slow Talks about Fast Sex or Everything about First Impotence Symptoms

How to know it’s time to raise the alarm? What are the early ED symptoms and signs that lead to harsh complications? Let’s face it: erectile dysfunction happens at any age. Of course, it’s more common to elder men than younger ones, but no one is protected. We at Canadian Health&Care Mall know that symptoms

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