Penile erection is a complex process and whenever a problem occurs it may have more than just one reason and explanation. Addressing each of the triggers is important for a fast and effective ED relief. As most specialists state, normally triggers are both psychological and physiological in nature. Canadian Health and Care Mall team of physicians emphasizes the risks connected with injuries and traumas and tells more on the recovery options which include more than Viagra of Cialis generic pills.

TOP 5 Erectile Dysfunction Related Traumas: Here Are Some You’ve Never Heard Of

TOP 5 Erectile Dysfunction Related Traumas: Here Are Some You’ve Never Heard Of
  • Perineal/pelvic trauma

ED in young men is usually caused by this health condition. It’s a blunt injury to the area between the anus and scrotum (perineum). The direct trauma is a result of a kick, falling onto an object, getting with a stick and many other accidental cases. Perineal trauma causes vascular problems in the male’s reproductive organ thus resulting in impotence.

  • Spinal cord trauma

Sexual dysfunction can be triggered by a spinal cord injury as it alters the neurological pathways. Recently scientists have held a research with 98 participants with sexual dysfunction. A questionnaire was administered to all of them regarding depression, anxiety, life-quality, self-confidence and history of injuries. Men with the history of spinal cord traumas reported frequent ejaculatory disorders, inability to achieve erections, decreased sexual desire or premature ejaculations.

  • Bicycle riding traumas

Over the past years many researchers got really interested whether the ED issues and bicycle riding are connected or not. The potential connection is the subject of numerous studies. For example, a team of experts from Boston University School of Medicine has published 35 studies (1981-2004) that prove that frequent bicycle riding has a very negative impact on male’s potency. Nearly 3 hours per week of riding lead to great risk factors for mild or pretty severe erectile dysfunction cases.

! The prevalence of minor to severe cases in riders was 4.2% and 4.0% respectively, when compared with cases with age-matched runners and swimmers (1/1% and 2%).

  • Tailbone injuries

Even the most minor injuries to the tailbone affect the pudendal nerve that supplies the pelvic floor structures and genitals. Whenever the pudendal nerve dysfunction occurs, a man experiences frequent troubles achieving and maintaining erections.

According to statistics, when left neglected and untreated, the injury results in a permanent trauma that turns a healthy and strong person into an impotent man. If any symptoms appear for no reasons, Canadian Health and Care Mall experts suggest having an X-ray of the sacral spine performed in order to determine, if these symptoms have anything to do with the tailbone.

  • Alcock’s canal trauma

What is the Alcock’s canal? It’s known that the penis is attached deep within the perineum and ends near the anus. This area houses Alcock’s canal – the place where the arteries and nerves enter the penis. In case of a direct trauma to the place, the artery (s) gets crushed and the endothelium gets injured. The damage leads to an additional complication – reduced blood supply to the penis. It may occur either immediately after the trauma or develop in time (sometimes in months or even years).

Is There a Chance for an Amazing Treatment?

When erectile dysfunction is caused by anxiety, depression or age, we suggest customers use ED medications. All Canadian Health Care Mall impotence drugs are of the highest quality and we guarantee their efficacy. However, when it comes to traumas a single pill can hardly change a thing, no matter whether it is blue or yellow.

Why? The penis needs nutrients to survive and stay healthy. It also needs physical activity and exercising, healthy tissues and blood vessels to stay in shape. Lack at least of one of the elements leads to impotence. And when there are cases of traumas, minor or severe, ED is the very first symptom of problems. The penis will need time and nutrients to get back to norm. Though it is one of the body tissues, it doesn’t heal in the same manner as all other organs and tissues do.

Try take proteins and amino acids from natural herbs, nitric oxide and dopamine will bring back sensitivity as long as it matters the most. The most helpful herbs that will help overcome any traumas are:

  1. Alima Plantago;
  2. Cornus Officinalis;
  3. Cimicifuga;
  4. Opiopogon;
  5. Atractylodes Macrocephala;
  6. Astragalus Membranaceus.

All the above-mentioned herbs are regarded as natural steroids that assist in the process of blood vessels healing and revenue. They contain important amino acids and nutrients that work improving blood circulation and lead to erection firmness. Here at Canadian Health&Care Mall we suggest blending them together to:

  • heal the endothelial tissue within the penis;
  • increase nitric dioxide amount;
  • sustain an erection.

The penis is perhaps the most sensitive and vulnerable male’s body organ. When a damage or injury occurs, don’t wait till it’ll leave on its own. Consult professionals to prevent such a severe complication as ED that will make you refuse from sex for a long time, if not forever.