Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Our Customer Support Team to Get More Information

We realize that you may get various questions while ordering the drugs, and they have to be answered as soon as possible. For this reason, we have compiled the list of the most popular questions, so that you can get all the information you need regarding delivery, our services, and the drugs. If you get any other questions that are not answered below, you can contact our Canadian Health&Care Mall customer support team for more details.

Choosing the Drugs and Processing

How can I make an order?

You can find the medications that you need either looking through the categories or using the search engine on the website. Once you decide on the medications that you want to purchase, you should state the quantity and add the drugs to your basket. Afterwards, choose the shipping and payment method that is convenient for you. You should enter your credit card information and personal details. When you go through these steps, you will receive a confirmation letter to your email.

Which payment methods do you use?

 At our company we accept the payments performed using Visa, Master Card, American Express, and eCheck.

Is using the credit card safe?

Yes, it is safe to use your credit card when dealing with our company, because we’re focused on ensuring the security of all the transactions. In our work, we use standard measures of security, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). With the help of SSL, any information you enter is protected from unauthorized access.

How can I use my discount coupon or promo code?

All you have to do is enter the code into the “Your discount coupon” section. Once you do that, you can move on with your order and the discount will be applied to your total sum.

Is it possible to cancel my order?

You can cancel the order before you get any shipping information. But, if you have already received the confirmation of your order, then it’s impossible to cancel it.

Delivery Details and Shipping

Which shipping companies do you work with? Which shipping methods do you use?

The delivery companies that we trust include Regular Airmail and Express Courier. When it comes to Regular Airmail, we work with this company to ensure international shipping while Express Courier is perfect for delivering the drugs to the US residents. The waiting period for delivery of drugs by Regular Airmail is two to three weeks, but the medications can be delivered faster. The waiting period of Express Courier is approximately 8-14 business days. The delay doesn’t depend on our delivery service and is usually caused by the customs procedures.

Our customers have an opportunity to track their drugs, which helps them feel confident that the drugs are on their way. If you get other questions regarding the delivery of drugs, feel free to get in touch with our CHCM customer support.

How long does it take to receive the drugs?

When it comes to the duration of delivery, it depends on the shipping method that you choose. With the help of Express Courier, you’re expected to get the drugs in 8 to 14 days. If you go for Regular Airmail, the maximum waiting period is 21 days. Obviously, the majority of orders take less time to arrive. After you get the confirmation from our company, your drugs will be shipped within 10 days. You will get a notification to your email that your drugs have been shipped by our team. It should be noted that shipping is performed only on business days. To get more information regarding the duration of delivery, refer to the shipping rates and read about specific drugs.

What is the average delivery time?

The average delivery time is determined by the shipping method. Regular Airmail usually takes 10-21 days while Express Courier delivers the drugs to the US residents in 8-14 days. Some of our customers wonder why the drugs cannot be delivered sooner. It can be explained by the fact that the majority of our packages are delivered to the customers who live outside the USA and Canada, which obviously requires more time. Various border control procedures are necessary when the drugs are shipped to Asia or Europe, so the delivery time is increased.

Do you ship the drugs internationally? Where can I find out whether you deliver the drugs to my country?

Yes, we ship the drugs internationally. To see whether your country is among our shipping destinations, you should check the list on our website. If you have any doubts or questions about the shipping charge, you should contact our representatives before entering your personal information.

Do you ensure privacy during the packaging process?

We understand and respect your privacy and anonymity when you order the drugs. We guarantee the protection of your personal data. When you choose to order the medications from our company we make sure to leave the packaging unmarked during the shipping process. In such a way, others won’t be able to tell what’s inside your parcel. Moreover, we continue to enhance our shipping privacy, so you can expect new improvements in the future.

What should I do when my delivery is delayed?

The first step is to check your shipping time. You should remember that it may take up to three weeks to receive your order, but the majority of our customers receive their parcels successfully. If it takes longer than three weeks, such delay may be caused by the customs procedures. In case your order is lost, you can get it reshipped if it was insured. If you don’t get your order in time, you should inform our team so that we can provide you with the information concerning your package.

What should I do if I receive damaged drugs or packaging?

When you order the drugs using our service such situations almost never occur. But, if you receive drugs that are damaged, or something is wrong with your order, you should immediately contact our team. You should take pictures of the drugs/package, describe your problem in details, and send to our customer support so that we can assess the situation and make a decision. We will resend you the drugs free of charge or refund your payment.

Our Return Policy and Safety of Your Personal Details

Does my information remain safe during the ordering process?

Yes. You can be confident that your private details are protected and safe. We do not sell, share, or publish your personal information. The medications are delivered in the packages that are free of any logos, signs, or names.

Is it possible to return the drugs if I don’t need them?

You should remember that we work exclusively with licensed pharmacies of the country. In such a way, any drugs you may order (brand/generic, prescription/non-prescription) cannot be returned after the purchase according to the pharmaceutical law. You should always consult medical specialists before making an order because the sales are final.

Do you use any security systems to ensure the safety of my personal details?

Yes, of course. We follow the Personal Information Protections and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). The personal details that you enter on our website are encrypted with the help of SSL. Your information is viewed only by the authorized representatives of our company, which is necessary to finish your order.

Generic Drugs and Their Effectiveness, Use, and Differences

What are generic drugs and what are their peculiarities?

Generic medications are the ones created as alternatives to more expensive brand-name drugs. Such medications are equivalent to brand counterparts in their safety, active ingredients, indications, contraindications, dosages, potential adverse effects, administration guidelines, etc. However, these drugs are not manufactured by the original pharmaceutical producers.

There are a number of misconceptions surrounding these drugs. But, we can safely say that they work just as fast and provide the same effect as brand drugs. The only differences you may notice are the price, name, shape, and sometimes the color of the pills. Generic medications are often called using the name of the active ingredient. Generic drugs are significantly cheaper, so a lot of people get a chance to buy them thanks to this factor.

Why do generic drugs look different?

The generic drugs are not supposed to look like their brand-name versions because it would lead to the violation of the copyright law. The active ingredients of generic drugs should coincide with the original drug while the shapes, color, flavors, and inactive ingredients should be different. The trademarks in Canada and the USA don’t allow generic medications to look identical to brand-name drugs.

Do generic drugs provide the same effect?

Yes, they do. All generic medications that you can see on the website deliver the same effect as their brand counterparts. The active ingredients are the most important part of any drugs, and they are the same in generic and brand drugs. But, because generic medications are a lot cheaper, it’s much more reasonable to purchase them and not spend your money on the famous name on the packaging.

Do you work with drugstores that provide the drugs approved by FDA?

Yes, we do. All the pharmacies that we work with have an impeccable reputation and only provide the medications, which were approved by FDA. Because we have cooperated with a number of pharmacies for years, we are confident in their trustworthiness and reliability.

Why are generics so much more affordable than brand-name drugs?

We understand that seeing much cheaper drugs can be quite a surprise for a lot of customers who are used to much more expensive options. A lot of people are suspicious about the lower prices and are afraid that they may influence the price, but it’s definitely not the case. FDA requires generic drugs to be the same in their influence and safety.

The reason for lower prices of such drugs is that the secondary manufacturers don’t invest their money into the development of the drugs and marketing campaigns because the medications are already well-known to the general public. The quality of generic drugs is excellent because they are created according to the same safety standards as their brand-name counterparts.

Do you offer only the medications from Canada or other countries as well?

You should know that we don’t ever work with companies from Pakistan, India, and other regions that are known for their bad reputation when it comes to producing the drugs. We work with international fulfillment centers, which are approved by the regulatory bodies of the country.

Is it possible to order the drugs if they are not represented on the website?

We’re always focused on expanding our range of drugs. If you don’t find the medications that you need or they happen to be out of stock, you should contact our online customer support or email us to and inform us which drugs you need. If we get frequent requests to add certain medications to our range, we will definitely make sure to add them.

Do I have to sign the receipt upon the arrival of drugs? What if I’m not at home?

Yes, you do. The delivery companies that we work with (Regular Airmail and Express Courier) require you to sign the receipt. The signature is needed to verify the fact that you received the medications. If you know that you won’t be at home, you can change the time of delivery. Or, if you’re not at home when the courier arrives, you will receive the notice with instructions where you can read how to get the parcel from the local office.

I made an order more than 3 weeks ago. Why haven’t I received my medications?

Such situations happen extremely rarely. But, if you get this problem, you should get in touch with our customer support team straight away and inform us about the delay. Our specialists will be able to recommend you the best thing to do in this situation. If the package is insured, we will reship your order.

Customer Support and Other Services

Can I receive an online consultation if I get any questions?

If you have any urgent questions, or you need advice, you can send an email stating your name, contact details, and the time when you can discuss your issue to Our medical specialist will contact you using the chat on the website. All the questions that you discuss with our professionals remain anonymous and private. You can ask the questions concerning the drugs, but you should remember that it’s not an accurate physical examination, which is only possible in person.

Do you offer an automatic refills option?

Yes, we do. The customers of our company have a chance to sign up for automatic refills. This option was created to facilitate the shopping process for those customers who have to undergo prolonged treatment using the same medications. The patients receive as many refills as approved by the medical advisors. At the moment, maximum refill term is a year.  You don’t have to provide any additional information or more prescriptions when you want to receive your refills.  We always inform our customers when their original prescription ceases to be valid so that they can obtain a new one. It should be noted that if your personal details (phone number, address, etc.) change, you should update this information.

How can I subscribe to your newsletter and how can I unsubscribe from it?

When you create an account on our website -, you have a chance to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest information concerning various additions to the range of drugs, discounts, etc. If you want to unsubscribe at any moment, you should go to the settings of your personal account. There you should follow the Report spam link, and you will stop getting the newsletters from our company.

What is your spam policy?

Our spam policy is quite simple – we don’t ever send spam. We’re convinced that there is no need to send irrelevant messages to our customers to attract attention and convince people to buy the drugs. All our customers can subscribe to our newsletter if they want to receive the news from our company, but it’s most definitely not spam. The newsletter contains valuable information about our discounts, bonuses, special offers, and various additions to the range. If you don’t like to receive such updates, you don’t have to subscribe to the newsletter or you can unsubscribe from it at any moment.

I receive spam messages, and I’m not even subscribed to any newsletters. What should I do about this problem?

You should know that we never send spam to our customers. If you receive suspicious letters, you should get in touch with our customer support and provide our representatives with the copy of the spam text. After checking provided information, our team will recommend you the best way to deal with such letters. The most obvious and fastest option is to mark such letters as junk.

How can I get in touch with your customer support representatives?

If you get any questions, you should follow the customer support ticket page. All the medical specialists that work for our company are experienced professionals who can give you reliable recommendations. However, you should remember that online consultation can never be equivalent to the visit to the medical advisor where you can do actual health tests and undergo a physical examination. Our medical experts rely on the symptoms and sensations that you describe while the healthcare providers can actually assess the state of your health while looking at you and performing necessary checkup procedures.