Privacy Policy

Canadian Health&Care Mall values its customers above all. Along with professional service & quality drugs, customer’s protection as well as privacy are the most important aspects which can’t be compromised. We do understand the importance of protecting the privacy of one’s personal information and safeguarding one’s confidentiality. Read this Privacy Policy as it explains how the info is collected, used or disclosed.

Automatically Collected Information

Certain non-identifiable information is automatically collected by many online drugstores. The list of this info includes: IP (the Internet Protocol) address, time & date of access, the operating systems, visited sections and posted or downloaded materials. The data is used purely for webpage improvement or administration.

Cookies are a technology that saves information to one’s PC to permit the website to recognize the future visits. Today cookies are helpful for site convenience enhancement. If the browser allows, you can decline cookies.

Personal Information Collected: Types and Use

Collected personal info is used to provide with prescription medication. The list includes:

  • name;
  • telephone number;
  • address;
  • credit card info;
  • medical information.

As a rule, all info is obtained either during registration or filling in the form. We maintain all personal data regarding customers’ transactions. We do request additional info to provide with ordered medications.

PII or Personally Identifiable Information: While using some of website’s features, a customer submits personal data when needed. Unless explicitly stated, sent PII is viewable by our staff only.
Use of PII or Personally Identifiable Information: Customer’s PII is accessed by our staff and administrators only. Our experienced team uses it only for service improvement and products adjustment. Unless forced by laws, we don’t sell or share, publish or disclose PII to any 3rd party.
IP Address: The website records the IP address of yours automatically anytime you visit the service. As well as PII, your IP is viewed by an administrator only. The recorded address may be used for geological statistics. It helps us in detecting and combating suspicious or any fraudulent activity. It assists in tracking orders & sales.
Email Address: Customer’s email address is never displayed/sold/given to 3rd party. It may be used by staff to contact a user, if needed. Dealing with Canadian Health and Care Mall, you won’t receive any updates. The same refers to unsolicited newsletters as well as commercial messages. However, anyone can subscribe for the mentioned features voluntary.
Statistical Information: Aside from standard non-personal statistical data (browsers specifications, operation system type or versions) we may also collect the info concerning the website which has referred a new customer to us. It is done for analytic, enhancement and administrative needs.

When Is the Data Disclosed?

We do respect personal info confidentiality. However, there are specified cases, when the website service must disclose personal data to third parties for proper business conduction (e.g. processing prescriptions transaction that is requested or authorized).

The disclosures are made only when:

• they are allowed; • they are required by the law. A disclosure includes the provision of info when it’s requested by: • governmental/regulatory authorities; • auditors; • other administrators; • consultants.

We may also provide customers’ physicians with access to some, but not all personal data. It is usually needed for high quality health service provision. Judging by data, doctors can advise some additional drugs and tips. Under other circumstances and in other cases our service never sells/shares/rents/discloses any personal information. And this rule applies to both former and current customers. All disclosures are limited even after you refuse to cooperate with us.

Other Matters

Canadian Health&Care Mall Privacy Policy undergoes some minor changes occasionally. However, it is never done without prior notice and liability to our customers. The notifications are posted on the website. They can be checked by regular visitors. The modification date reflects the last policy modification procedures.
The service may post links to other web sites and pages that provide useful information about health issues or/and medications. We don’t bear responsibility for these links. We don’t control over other websites.
If there are any questions concerning your privacy and security, please contact us via chat or email and find out more.