There are dozens of health issues that lie in wait for each of us. Any age, activity, foods and drinks either contribute to a new illness or only help to postpone it. But every time it comes to the treatment course, each of us should understand that pills or foods alone can’t guarantee the cure. They bring the most effects only when they are wisely combined.

Are you struggling with ED right now? Any success? How many defeats have you already suffered? The feature that makes Canadian Health and Care Mall differ from thousands of other online drugstores is that it not only provides pills, but also educates. We know when and how erectile dysfunction should be addressed. The question is whether you want to be educated.

Healing ED through PDE5 Inhibitors and Testosterone

Canadian Health&Care Mall is widely-known for providing quality and affordable erectile dysfunction medications known as PDE5 inhibitors. These drugs are efficient in erections achievement and maintenance for 4-5 hours or more when it comes to Cialis use. Though their basic ingredients are different, they all act in the same way making the penile area muscles relax and allow sufficient blood flow to the male’s reproductive organ.

Sexual stimulation is the key to make ED pills start working. Under normal conditions sexual stimulation triggers the nitric oxide production and increase in the penile area. This chemical activates the enzyme that causes the cyclic guanosine monophosphate production (cGMP is responsible for ED as it affects the blood amounts).

Canadian Health&Care Mall Recommends Healing Erectile Dysfunction through Diet and Pills

! Before you order any drug from Canadian Health&Care Mall, you should consult your doctor concerning the underlying causes and their effective treatment. Why? Relying on medications only won’t help to cure your condition. Besides, the wrong dosage and medication choice will lead to complications that are more serious than ED (heart diseases or strokes in some men).

Even in case of the right medication and dosage choice, no ED pill is absolutely safe. Canadian Health&Care Mall team doesn’t hide that side effects do occur from patient to patient. However, they are mostly minor and tend to turn to severe ones only when a man combines pills with heart disease or blood pressure medications and much alcohol. The commonest adverse reactions to be expected are:

  • headaches;
  • indigestion;
  • back pain;
  • flushing of the face;
  • stomach pain;
  • runny nose.

Men with kidney, liver or heart diseases shouldn’t refuse from ED treatment. They may choose an alternative option and take lower doses. Anyway, whenever a serious adverse reaction is experienced (vision loss, chest pain or painful erections) one should seek immediate medical assistance to prevent possible complications.

There is a chance for a testosterone replacement therapy. However, it can be determined by a doctor only as long as this option is effective for ED caused by low testosterone levels. The provided effects aren’t as speedy and effective as in case with ED pills, yet the therapy does work.

Changing Eating Habits and Turning to Healthy Dieting

A healthy and well-balanced diet is another key to ED treatment. While pills guarantee fast results, dieting is a part of a long-term therapy that promises permanent effects. And though it’s typical of impotent men to turn to a new lifestyle, most of them fail in fallowing new rules regularly; this is why dieting is referred as the most difficult part of the healing process.

Start with quitting smoking and refusing from alcohol. Smoking adds to ED condition worsening as it interferes with the circulatory system that is linked to impotence. When the first symptoms occur, it’s time to give up smoking. What about alcohol? Along with cigarettes it has a great impact on erections. After couple of drinks men of different ages find it pretty difficult to stay hard.

Healthy Diet’s Components

  • Leafy Greens and Beets

Spinach, cabbages, celery and other green vegetables are able to increase blood circulation thanks to their high concentration of nitrates. What about beets? It’s not so much about the vegetables as the juice. It is full of vasodilators that open up the blood vessels and assist in the blood flow increase.

  • Oysters

Some men consider them aphrodisiacs; however they work more on a physical rather than psychological level. Oysters are rich in zinc – the element that plays a great part in testosterone production. Zinc deficiency hampers sperm count as well as fertility and erectile abilities of a man. If ED is triggered by low testosterone levels, eating oysters at least once per week is a must.

! Recent studies showed that raw shellfish also contain compounds that work stimulating the sex hormone release.

  • Dark Chocolate

Whenever a doctor says that poor blood circulation triggers ED in your case, buy bars of black chocolate and make it your daily routine to eat a bar. Black chocolate contains flavonoids which are naturally-occurring antioxidants that repair diverse cell damages. Along with other antioxidants, flavonoids lower the blood pressure and decrease cholesterol levels that may contribute to poor erections.

  • Nuts

We talk about pistachio nuts that are high in protein – argentine. It relaxes the blood vessels of the penile area and improves circulation. There was a study that proved that men, who consume them daily, report a great improvement in ED issues (sexual desire and overall satisfaction are in the list).

  • Tomatoes

Choose deep red tomatoes rich in lycopene. It is a phytonutrient that fights cancer forms and adds to proper blood circulation. Many people include more tomatoes and avocados into the dieting course. Why avocados? They are referred as oil veggies that facilitate lycopene absorption. Some men aren’t real fans of raw tomatoes, so here is good news for them: even cooked tomatoes maintain lycopene. Add them to soups, pasta sauces, ketchup or make juices.

  • Watermelons

There is a link between Viagra pills and watermelons. Many men are really surprised to find out that they both increase sexual desire. We know much about Canadian Viagra pills and their ingredients, and what about watermelons? They are rich in phytonutrients – beneficial ingredients that relax blood vessels and ensure great erections.

Choose the Right Juices

Which of them should be regarded as right? Pay special attention to watermelon and pomegranate juices. They are highly beneficial for most ED sufferers, regardless of causes that led to impotence. Fortunately, these juices aren’t only affordable, but are also good-tasting. So ED treatment has all chances to turn into a pleasant process.

Healing through diet and pills is what we at Canadian Health&Care Mall suggest to all our customers. For our part, we will gladly provide you with any magic ED pill that you need. For the rest, the result depends on whether your will is strong enough to change your eating habits or not…