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Canadian Health&Care Mall: Don’t Hesitate, Start Saving Now

Welcome to the most convenient and customer-friendly online service – Canadian Health&Care Mall! We are extremely happy that you have found our website while searching for high-quality medications. Just before you decide which drugs will benefit your health the most, we would like to give you as much valuable information as possible about our team and services. Read on to get an insight into why choosing our service will benefit your health and help you save the money.


No successful company is possible without the dedication of its team and a burning desire to make a change. Here at Canadian Health and Care Mall, we aspire to create the most favorable environment for all the customers who are looking for affordable medications because we realize that taking care of one’s health is vital.



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There is nothing more important to us than bringing high-quality drugs to everyone who needs them, which is why you can always find a broad range of medications on our website regardless of the time and date. At Canadian Pharmacy Mall, we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve our services and integrate modern technologies to make our work more effective and meet our customers’ expectations. At the same time, we always remain faithful to our traditions that helped us become a popular pharmaceutical service. Our team of medical specialists is a true backbone of our success as a service because everyone is focused on delivering the best results and takes pride in one’s work.

Discover the undeniable benefits of our Canadian Pharmacy Online Service

There is no doubt that it doesn’t get any more convenient than online shopping. When choosing your medications online, you get an opportunity to compare the prices and make a decision without leaving the comfort of your home. For many years, Canadian Health&Care Mall has been associated with the reliability, affordability and impeccable loyalty to the customers who come from every corner of the world. When choosing our service as your shopping destination you can always expect the highest level of service and attention to every detail – from website interface to every single package of drugs that we deliver.

The benefits of purchasing medication from our pharmaceutical service are numerous. At Canadian Health&Care Mall, you get a chance to obtain the drugs for a wide variety of health issues, including the conditions that affect stomach, skin, heart, lungs, eyes, blood, sexual function, and many others. Regardless of the indications, all the drugs are manufactured by the authorized pharmaceutical producers that have a spotless reputation. The medications are made in accordance with all the safety regulations, and you can be confident that you always get what you’ve ordered.

The advantages of ordering the drugs from our website don’t just stop there. Besides the quality and affordability, you have an opportunity to enjoy:

  • an intuitive and user-friendly website that can be used by anyone
  • prompt delivery straight to your doorsteps
  • international shipping
  • confidentiality of your private details (payment information, email address, etc.)
  • anonymity of consultations with medical specialists
  • safety of the payment procedures
  • coupons and bonuses for the most affordable shopping experience

Our philosophy is that every element of your shopping experience is just as important as another, so we pay attention to all the aspects equally – whether it is a quality of the drugs or communication with our customers. When we talk about something as serious as health, there is no room for negligence or inattentiveness.

Bonuses and Special Offers at Canadian Health&Care Mall – Saving is easier than You may think

At Canadian Pharmacy, our goal is to make you feel taken care of and know that we have your back when it comes to purchasing drugs of the highest quality. We believe in finding an approach to every customer and always ready to engage in dialogue so that you get all the details you need to make a successful purchase. If you have been a loyal customer of our service, you know that we always strive to make the drugs more affordable and thus we’re generous with bonuses and special offers. The convenience of online shopping makes it easy to always know when there are any discounts or offers on the drugs that you buy.

How often would you have to visit an offline pharmacy to get the same information? Probably every day, and this process is definitely far from enjoyable let alone time-consuming.

It should be noted that our generosity extends not only to our loyal customers but also those who have never purchased the drugs from Canadian Pharmacy When making your first order, you can expect pleasant surprises such as bonus tablets depending on which drugs you choose.

A Primary Solution to Your Expenses – Generic Medications at Canada Pharmacy

Even though the popularity of generic medications continues to grow with each passing day, there are a lot of patients who wonder why these drugs are so much more affordable than their brand-name options. To put it simply, a generic drug is the one that is recreated by the pharmaceutical company other than the original manufacturer and developer after the patent is no longer valid. Generally, the patents protecting the drugs expire after 17-20 years.

When it comes to the term “generic”, it refers to the active ingredient that is used in the creation of the drug. Usually, the names of such substances are difficult to pronounce, which is why the companies that produce the drugs choose the names that are easier to remember for the sake of convenience. Afterward, when a particular drug becomes well-known among the general public under a certain brand, people associated it with the given name and not the actual ingredient. It’s not a secret that a name of the drug is in most cases a property of the company that invented it and it is protected by the copyright law against its use by other producers. At the same time, the formula becomes available to other companies after the expiration of the patent. In such a way, secondary producers of the drug use the same components to achieve the same effect of the drug, but they are sold to the patients under different names.

But, why are generic drugs so much more affordable? The answer is quite simple. The secondary manufacturers have no need to invest a large sum of money in the development of a new formula, salaries of the medical specialists, and testing of the drugs. Moreover, an extensive advertising campaign is not necessary because the drug is already known and widely used by the patients. Therefore, such pharmaceutical producers are fortunate to save a significant amount of money, thus making the drugs a lot more budget-friendly. The generic drugs are equal in their qualities and potency to the brand-name options so you shouldn’t pay more than is needed. At Canada Pharmacy, our goal is to provide the customers with the most high-quality generic drugs from trustworthy and respected producers so that everyone can afford proper treatment.

Overcoming sexual health issues with Canadian Health and Care Mall

When people are young, they tend to take their sexual health for granted and not pay enough attention to the worrying symptoms that indicate that it’s time to take measures. Men are often especially careless when it comes to their health, which is an extremely dangerous position. The more you postpone your treatment, the more difficult the problems become to treat. Erectile dysfunction is a harmful health issue that affects a man on both physical and emotional levels thus creating the problems with self-esteem and disturbing a communication with his partner. This condition is not recent, but it’s definitely much more widespread than it has ever been due to the modern lifestyle and diet choices of men. The lack of physical activity combined with the consumption of fatty foods and alcohol is a sure way to increase one’s chances of developing this awful condition.

Undoubtedly, occasional inability to achieve an erection doesn’t mean that you have to stop everything you do and run to the medical specialist. However, when this happens frequently and without any apparent reason (consumption of alcohol, stressful events, extreme nervousness), you shouldn’t ignore what your body is telling you. Here at Canadian Health and Care Mall, we put an emphasis on providing the patients with an extensive selection of ED drugs because we believe that sexual health is an essential part of the life of every individual. Those who experience sexual dysfunction know firsthand how much this condition can affect their psychological well-being when left untreated, so we recommend making your health a priority. Fortunately, we sell a number of medications that can help you effectively treat this problem.

Generic Viagra at Canadian Pharmacy: Affordability without Sacrificing the Quality

We’re convinced that spending a lot of money on drugs is not something you enjoy and want to continue. When you buy them under a brand name, erectile dysfunction drugs are certainly far from cheap. What you should remember about ED drugs is that they are designed to provide the treatment and not completely cure your erectile dysfunction once you finish the package. The reason for that is because the drug doesn’t affect the health problems that caused your ED but it enables a man to achieve erections despite them.

In such a way, if your health issues are incurable or require long-term treatment, you would have to buy a lot of packages of Canadian generic Viagra or other ED drugs depending on how sexually active you are.

Fortunately, generic Viagra available at Canadian Pharmacy gives you an opportunity to save your money and make sure that you don’t put a strain on your budget with your purchases. In addition to saving money on drugs, you also don’t spend your money on gas or public transport to get to offline pharmacies. Moreover, you don’t waste your time that you could spend on doing something productive or having fun with people you love. Time is money, after all.


As we have previously mentioned, erectile dysfunction is a condition that is now more common than ever, but there is an advantage that we have over people who suffered from this health issue years ago, and that includes ED drugs. While previously men would have to resort to highly dangerous surgeries that claimed to fix blood vessels or ineffective alternatives such as vacuum pumps to induce erections, modern men have access to the so-called PDE5 inhibitors. If you’re not a healthcare specialist you’re probably not familiar with the term, but the drugs belonging to this category are widely known and used by men all across the globe.

The mechanism of erections is highly complex, and it involves several steps. The initial step that triggers erections is obviously arousal that usually happens as a response to sexual stimulation experienced by a man. During this stage, there is an interaction that occurs between stimulation and your nervous system that triggers the relaxation of the penile blood vessels and allows more blood to flow through. Ideally, this is when a man gets a firm erection that he will be able to maintain for the duration of the sexual activities. But, men diagnosed with ED need some help to make sure that the supply of blood is sufficient, and this is exactly how PDE5 inhibitors work. As you can see, arousal is a crucial part for the drug to work as it’s not an aphrodisiac. Taking the pill will not increase your libido, but it will promote health supply of blood to the genitals and will definitely make you feel confident, and thus more relaxed.

The signature Erectile Dysfunction drugs at Canadian Pharmacy Online

PDE5 inhibitors are a key to the modern treatment of ED, and the drugs in this group are extremely popular. When thinking about ED drugs the first medication that comes to mind for most people is certainly Viagra. This absolutely legendary drug completely revolutionized the approach to the treatment of erectile dysfunction allowing men to extend their sexual lives to the maximum. Nowadays, thanks to the medical advances in this sphere, Viagra is not the only drug that you can use, so you can pick and choose depending on how long you want the effect to last and your personal preferences. We have no doubts that you will find the prices for your generic ED drugs at Canadian Pharmacy Online extremely appealing, and you can always be confident that you receive only top-notch quality products.

The Must-know Facts About Erection Drugs: Generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra from Canadian Pharmacy

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are the winning trifecta for ED condition of any severity; available in generic form through Canadian Pharmacy service. Belonging to the same drug class PDE5 inhibitors, those three pills have nuances in their effects that give some room for manoeuvre in terms of therapy choice. Choose Viagra for unfailing efficacy, Cialis for heavy-duty performance of 36 hours and alcohol compatibility, and Levitra for minimal side events – or alternate between them. Canadian Pharmacy reviews Viagra, Cialis and Levitra in detail to make your choice more informed.


viWhat is the first name that you remember when thinking about the treatment of ED? It is certainly Viagra. Being on the market since 1998, this drug has earned the hearts of millions of men because it gave them a chance to enjoy their sexual life without the limitations imposed by ED. Viagra has completely changed the attitude of patients and medical professionals towards erectile dysfunction because this diagnose no longer sounds like the end of the world.

The most astounding thing about this medication is how effective it is for more than 90% of men that suffer from ED caused by a variety of health problems, including diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol levels, etc. The effectiveness of this medication has been proven by extensive clinical trials and now that it has been around for so long, by grateful male patients that improved their sexual performance thanks to these pills.


ciThis drug featuring an active component tadalafil is similar in its effect to sildenafil, but it’s an undeniable leader when it comes to achieving a long-lasting effect. While providing the same effect as Viagra, Cialis continues to deliver the desired results during 36 hours, which is what earned it its name among the patients – “weekend pill.” Moreover, when compared to Viagra, this drug is more compatible with food and alcohol, so you shouldn’t worry about your erection even if you drink a glass of wine on your date.

The drug gives you an unmatched freedom of action, so there is no need to schedule your intercourse and re-take the pill. Just like all the drugs in the category of PDE5 inhibitors, it has to be consumed not more than once a day, so you should avoid increasing the dosage as it can only increase the risk of adverse effects and not the effectiveness of the medication.


leThis ED medication works with the help of vardenafil, which is an ingredient that successfully induces erections in the majority of men. Levitra is the drug that you should take before engaging in sexual activities (30 minutes to an hour), and it gives you a chance to enjoy firm and prolonged erections for 5 hours. The effect is an hour longer than is usually expected from Viagra, but it largely depends on your individual reaction to the medication.

How Does Generic Viagra Work?

Generic Viagra has already been on the market for several years, so the patients are used to its high levels of effectiveness and affordable pricing. If we compare the potency, quality, effect, and safety of generic Viagra with its original counterpart, we will notice that these medications are bioequivalent. Therefore, the drugs share the same potential adverse effects and indications to the consumption.

Generic Viagra includes an active ingredient of sildenafil that enables relaxation of the blood vessels and makes it possible for blood to be supplied to the penis when needed. This generic medication has to be taken only once a day to achieve the desired effect, and once you take the pill, you should wait for approximately 30 minutes for it to dissolve in your body.

This short waiting period ensures that when you engage in sexual activities, you’re completely prepared and know that you can rely on the drug. Most male patients benefit from consuming 50 mg tablet of generic Viagra, but you can start with a smaller dosage and increase it if needed. When intercourse is not on your list for the day, you should simply skip the drug and take it when you need it. Generic Viagra available at Canadian Pharmacy is the epitome of quality and effectiveness, so you can trust that it will help you enjoy the intimate time with your partner and make you feel confident in your abilities.

Online Pharmacy shopping – Make the Most of Your Time and Money

The benefits of online shopping cannot be underestimated. This way of shopping helps you make the most accurate decisions because you’re able to compare dozens of options without wasting your time in traffic and wrecking your nerves in long lines at the drugstore. What is more, buying the drugs online helps you avoid impulsive shopping, so you only get the drugs that you actually need.

Besides the mentioned advantages, the anonymity of online shopping makes the entire experience a lot more comfortable. A lot of people prefer to avoid discussing their health problems, which is absolutely understandable because it is a very personal topic and revealing your issues to others may feel very invasive. Others don’t want to walk into the shop and meet their neighbors or friends while carrying the drug designed to treat ED. We’re not implying that you’re so insecure that you can’t walk into the offline drugstore and get the medications you need, but isn’t it so much more pleasant to get them online? Generic Viagra can easily be bought with the help of our website without any stress or worries.

Some people who are apprehensive of online shopping claim that they can’t choose the drugs online and need a personal consultation, but at Canadian Pharmacy Online you have a chance to discuss your options anonymously with a medical professional at all times. At Canadian Pharmacy Online, we remain true to the principle that people have to be aware of what they buy, and we’re happy to provide you with the information.


Every person has a different medical history and individual characteristics, which is why it’s unrealistic to expect people to react to a particular medication in the same way. While generic Viagra in its standard form is highly effective for most men, some patients may benefit from the change of the dosage and thus the increased duration of the effect. Besides generic Viagra that most male patients suffering from ED are used to, at Canadian Health and Care Pharmacy, we offer you other versions of this famous medication so you can find a perfect drug for yourself.


viagra professionalThis medication available at Canadian Pharmacy belongs to the category of ED drugs with powerful effect because it includes 100 mg of Sildenafil Citrate. The increased dosage is recommended to men who haven’t experienced an effect from consuming less potent versions of this ED medication. Viagra Professional starts working after 30 minutes and enables you to achieve erections for the period of 4 hours. Sexual stimulation is required for the medication to start working.


vi sup acWhen it comes to experiencing the most prolonged effect using generic Viagra types, Viagra Super Active is certainly your best friend. This medication for the treatment of ED delivers the most intense results, and it dissolves in your body almost immediately, which is perfect if you don’t have any time to spare. The response period of this medication is double the time of the standard generic Viagra – up to nine hours! During this time, you can be stimulated several times and thus achieve several erections.


Viagra Super ForceThis generic ED drug is different from the abovementioned versions in that it features a second active ingredient. In addition to sildenafil citrate, which is the traditional base of generic Viagra, Viagra Super Force also includes dapoxetine. This component belongs to the group of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and is aimed at fixing the problem of premature ejaculation. It means that you get a chance to treat not one health issue, but two! Each pill of Viagra Super Force contains 60 mg of dapoxetine and 100 mg of sildenafil. Just like other ED drugs, this version has to be consumed only when you plan on having sex.

Canadian Pharmacy – more than just a source of Erectile Dysfunction drugs

While Canadian Pharmacy is widely known for the provision of medications that improve men’s sexual health, there are a variety of other drugs that you can purchase with the help of our pharmaceutical service. The drugs cover a great number of categories, including antibiotics, antidepressants, women’s health, antiviral, pain relievers, anti-allergic, and many others. Some of the medications that are frequently ordered by our customers include:


This drug works by reducing the effects of estrogen in situations when women are at risk of breast cancer. In some cases, an excessive amount of this female hormone is linked to the growth of breast cancer cells. A consultation with a medical professional and checking the levels of hormones are required before starting to take this drug. Since its discovery in 1967, Nolvadex has become a highly popular drug, accounting for millions of dollars in sales worldwide. Its importance is also highlighted by the fact that it is included in the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines. It is estimated that thousands of lives have been saved with Nolvadex.


This medication is among the best in the treatment of a wide range of bacterial infections, including those that affect the skin, genitourinary tract, and respiratory tract. The dosage of Amoxicillin varies depending on the treated condition and should be determined by the healthcare specialist. Amoxicillin became available in 1972 and remained a top antibiotic in treating different types of infections. In fact, it was even classified as an essential drug to have in a basic health system by the World Health Organization. Today, this drug is sold in countless countries all over the world and bears dozens of different trade names.


This drug sold at Canadian Pharmacy belongs to the class of macrolide antibiotics. Zithromax is prescribed for a number of purposes, including the treatment of skin infections, tonsillitis, respiratory tract infections, pharyngitis, etc. Moreover, this medication is consumed to treat chlamydia. The way Zithromax works is by slowing and stopping the growth of protein in bacteria – an essential requirement for them to survive. The drug was discovered by a team of researchers in 1980 and was quickly approved by the FDA. It is currently one of the most popular and widely sold antibiotic drugs of its kind, available in different forms and under different names.


The drug belongs to the category of SSRIs and it remains one of the most widely consumed antidepressants in the world from the moment of its development. Prozac is taken by the patients that suffer from major depressions, panic disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. After it is taken, Prozac balances certain chemicals in the brain that cause mental disorders and emotional problems if they exceed or fall below the norm.  Due to its efficiency and widespread availability, Prozac has become a household name and was even included in the WHO’s List of Essential Medicines. It has been sold and used for over thirty years.


This highly effective medication is prescribed to the patients with the intention of lowering the level of cholesterol in the body. High levels of cholesterol can lead to a number of health problems, including diabetes and erectile dysfunction. Zetia works by decreasing the absorption of cholesterol, but the patient still has to adhere to a low-cholesterol diet to achieve the effect. In most cases of Zetia treatment, the drug is taken when standard methods of cholesterol reduction treatment are ineffective. This applies to patients taking statins but experiencing little effect as well as those who have an intolerance to statins and other drugs of this type. Zetia will usually be administered in conjunction with a specific diet and exercise regimen.

Here we have mentioned only a small fraction of all the medication that you can purchase with the help of our service. Canadian Health Care Mall is a perfect destination for you when you want to purchase the safest and most effective drugs without overpaying for a brand name on their packaging.

Strong Work Ethic – the Foundation of Canadian Pharmacy Mall

Now that you’re aware of what makes Canadian Pharmacy Mall service tick, the only thing that’s left is to try our services and see for yourself. There are a lot of online pharmacies out there that claim to be the best and promise you everything under the sun without any results, but our drugstore has earned its reputation with years of hard work and loyalty to the customers.

We take your trust extremely seriously, so when you enter any private details for the payment or provide us with an email address to subscribe to a newsletter, we never reveal this information to other companies. At Canadian Pharmacy Mall, we do not support any spamming strategies, so you can expect a letter from us only if you’re subscribed to receiving them and only when there is something worthy of informing you.

All the medications are stored in proper temperature conditions and never sold after their expiration date. We’re continuously monitoring the state of our drugs, and if there is even the tiniest damage to the packaging, we get rid of such drugs without hesitation.

In case any questions arise concerning the drugs or delivery, you’re free to contact knowledgeable representatives of our customer support at any given moment. Our professionals will help you learn everything about drugs interactions and steer you in the right direction if you’re in doubt. There is nothing more essential to us than making sure all our customers receive the drugs they deserve to lead happy and healthy lives.


Just go for it. Seriously. These guys deserve a chance - unlike in other drugstores it seems like they care about what they write and offer. Totally recommended

- Brian LaBerge, 35 years, Toronto

I’ve managed to find a decent deal in just a couple of minutes. The delivery took 8 business days, and I didn’t pay a penny for it. The quality of the drugs raises no questions.

- Barbara Dodson, 52 years, Vancouver

If you are looking to buy generics and not sure about the credibility of the seller, Canadian Health Care Mall is the right place to drop in at - they’ve got plenty of verified drugstores, so your chance to buy a decent product cheaply significantly increase.

- Frank Koman, 49 years, Rochester

I’ve got my package safe and sound in less than 2 weeks and managed to save $227 on the meds I’m using on an ongoing basis. That’s just incredible, because I can see no difference in comparison with branded medications!

- Tom Romero, 57 years, Ottawa

Well, you never know how it goes - I couldn’t imagine myself looking for cheap alternatives to branded meds. I’m happy to use Canadian pharmacy because they give the opportunity to spend less and make my treatment way more affordable. Thanks!

- Martha Polanski, 35 years, NYC

Wow, Canadians got some really cheap medications! I’m paying twice as less as in the US! Well, that hardly fits my map of reality, but I’m totally OK with that as long as it works for me. Of course, I highly recommend these guys, just keep on doing your job 🙂

- Christine Bertrand, 46 years, Portland


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