These two notions (libido & erectile dysfunction) are often mixed and confused; however, they aren’t the same. While experiencing one of the conditions, there always comes another one, sooner or later. Depending on the cause, drugs and lifestyle, changes may appear to be highly effective and working in cases of impotence. Canadian Levitra, Viagra and Cialis from Canadian Health&Care Mall enhance the blood flow to the penile area and help regain normal erections during lovemaking. But loss of libido can hardly be cured as easily…

Is It Impotence Or Do You Lack Libido? Let’s Find out the Truth

Is lack of libido common for men in the 21st century? To begin with, loss of libido is not as usual as ED, though these notions are always confused. According to statistics, there is only one man with the absence of desire to have sex in 25 males with an ED issue.  Most men with lack of libido are able to achieve erections, but they suffer from the loss of wish to have sexual intercourse.

Low Libido in Men: TOP Common Causes

They can be both physiological and psychological in nature. Depending on the trigger, doctors pick various treatment methods and remedies.

Physiological Triggers:

  • Lack of sleep

It is in the list of major reasons of libido loss. Men have to sleep enough to have a sharp mind, healthy body & active libido. From the physical point of view lack of sleep elevates cortisol levels. They trigger low libido in some males. Recent studies have also proven that males with the so called restless leg syndrome are at high risks for ED and low levels of dopamine.

NOTE: restless leg syndrome is in fact a neurological problem. And it is normally accompanied by creepy-crawly, rare jumpy sensations and other symptoms when one is falling asleep.

  • Certain health issues

Kidney disease, different stages of cancer or other serious and systemic medical issues work reducing the production of sperm in males. They make the body choose a survival level with no great attention paid to the non-survival functions of sperm production.

  • Imbalance of hormone levels

Libido in males is always greatly affected by a change in levels of testosterone. Whenever they are getting low, there’s always a chance for low libido. The issue of lowering comes from inflammation, injuries, testicles tumors, etc. Speaking of rare triggers, these are usually cirrhosis of one’s liver/pituitary diseases. The liver works breaking down estrogen. If it fails for some reasons, the levels of estrogen go up. Their change causes really low libido.

  • Alcohol and drugs

What prescribed drugs can lead to sex drive reduction? These are usually those for high blood pressure. However, these can also be medications for stress or depression relief and other commonest illnesses that many men experience from time to time. They cause dysfunction first and then lead to libido loss. What about alcohol? It lowers inhibitors, affects they nervous system or frequently leads to fatigue. Men, who consume it in large amounts, find it difficult to get aroused. The same refers to dangerous drugs like marijuana, which is able to suppress the pituitary gland that works regulating the production of testosterone.

Psychological Triggers:

  • Depression

There’s a vivid link between libido & depression in males. The latter condition is always able to change the biochemical system in the body and affect libido as well. While a male is really depressed, he finds it pretty hard to feel sexual. To be honest, there are popular medications that help in overcoming this psychological condition and loss of libido as a usual adverse reaction.

  • Stress

Our bodies always respond to stress. They do it differently, thus different outcomes must be expected. Loss of libido is just one of them, yet it’s very dangerous. Chronic stress may interfere with the body’s hormone levels. At times it causes low libido. Occasionally, the body’s arteries are affected too. They get narrower restricting the sufficient blood flow to the penile area, which leads to erectile dysfunction.

  • Relationship troubles

There are definite moments when partners feel distant from each other. They are frequent fights, quarrels or lack of communication. And when conflicts and anger are carried over into a bedroom, they reflect in ED and loss of libido.

  • No self-confidence

When there’s no self-confidence, one finds it pretty hard to feel sexy. Lack of self-esteem may result from an unhealthy body image, some fictitious reasons, etc. The condition should be mastered in any way as it alters many life spheres.

NOTE: there’s one more cause that is neither psychological nor physiological in nature. And it’s lack of time. No doctor or professional team like that of Canadian Pharmacy Mall can help. Many men are too busy for having sex. They can schedule it or push it to the sidelines. However, whenever there’s at least some time for each other and intimacy, loss of libido will never be a problem.

Decreased Libido Equals Sex Drive Reduction

Now that you know possible triggers (anxiety, depression or relationship problems, chronic kidney diseases, low testosterone levels in blood, drugs), dealing with the condition is easier. After defining the underlying cause a physician can prescribe different drugs and suggest a testosterone supplementation therapy. Lately, psychological counseling has become popular, too.

Sex drive isn’t the same with all patients. It varies greatly among men of different age. At times libido decreases, yet only temporarily because of anxiety and fatigue. And as a man gets older, his libido levels gradually decrease. There are frequent cases of persistently low libido that causes distress to a married couple.

Can low libido become a life-long problem? It surely can. The condition may result from childhood sexual experiences, suppression of sexual thoughts, etc. But it also develops after years of normal sexual desire. In such cases even sexual stimulation and foreplay don’t work.

Can a Regular Man Overcome Libido Loss?

The answer is always YES. Treatment starts with counseling and testosterone supplementation or other therapeutic courses. When the triggers are psychological, many different therapies can be used. The most popular are behavioral ones as they are easy and effective in helping men realize the role of stress and depression as well as its effects on the physical functions.

When testosterone levels are the causes, supplemental testosterone is given in the form of gel or a patch applied to the skin or injected. The treatment is risky and it can increase heart attack risks in those, who have a history of them.

In any case, there’s a chance to be treated whenever the low libido issue occurs. BUT we at Canadian Health & Care Mall believe that any treatment course is successful only when there’s a desire to change sexual life and performance in bed. No desire – no cure.