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Who we are

Canadian Health&Care Mall is a resonant name when it comes down to e-pharmacy business. With such universally appreciated principles as safety, quality and affordability integrated in our work, we are the Western World’s most essential mediator in pharmacy shopping. Our website was designed as a crossroads where a multitude of shopping paths meet, bringing you the crème de la crème offers from the entire Internet. Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy is thus your solid and reliable advisor in the matters of choosing your pharmaceutical products wisely.

who we are

A toast of veteran online shoppers, our resource fits the bill of suggesting you a ready-made index of trustworthy discount drug suppliers, shortlisted for the most of the hard-to-please customers. Here you can familiarize yourself with the price range for any drug that there is, as well as read a brief summary of the drug’s applications and effects. The moment you have this feeling like you are no longer left to your own devices, but guided by well-versed consultants, is priceless. Speaking of the price: did you know that our service is most effective in finding the best discount deals for quality meds? Yes, we are well aware of the fact that name-brand preparations are mostly meant to be consumed by proponents of an upended living, since their cost is unattainable if it is not included in your health insurance. Canadian Health And Care Mall will help you recalibrate your pharmacy expenditures. So without further ado, let us get to the part where we explain how exactly we make this happen for you, and in what other ways we can be of service.

What we can do for you

Ask yourself: what makes you put up with the prices that you currently pay for your meds? Is that the power of inertia, or are you understandably cautious and shying away from the murky deals that the cousin of your neighbour got stuck up with on the Internet? We totally feel you. The web is riddled with rogue websites that are not worthwhile and even unsafe to deal with. This is why you will want professional guidance that will grant you access to high quality medicines at much less expensive prices. And this is exactly what we majored in.

What we can do for you

Canadian Health&Care Mall will maximise the results yielded by your every single shopping spree, so that you could ditch the discomfort of both the actual pharmacies’ high costs and the uncertainty of e-drugstores’ uncharted realms. The short and the long of it is that we are a comprehensive pharmacy price aggregator; we review thousands of pharmacy domains monthly to then refer you to the best ones. In the process we rely on many criteria, the principal of them being quality and safety of offered products and an affordable cost. With the help of our service you will be able to find the drug that you need with the price up to 80% less expensive than those quoted by your local pharmacy.

It is not easy to get shortlisted for our registry of online pharmacies. We carefully consider the candidates, check their reliability, reputation and make test orders. If everything is fine, we prepare the information in a standard format and publish it on our website for you to see. As a result, you will be able to choose the price for a product that meets your expectations and smoothly glide to the vendor’s site, where you will have an option of finalizing the order. To sum it up, we take the guesswork out of it so that you will always know for a fact that you are dealing with a reliable e-drugstore each time you shop with a retailer that we hand-picked for you.

Our history

Canadian Health&Care Mall is a well-established brand name that became known far beyond the country’s boundaries thanks to the positive feedback generated by happy customers. Right now it takes some stretch of imagination to relate this virtual service that assists shoppers internationally to a little whole in the wall in Ontario, a tiny local pharmacy that we once used to be. That’s right, in the early aughts Canadian Health&Care Mall was all about bricks, not clicks.

Our background in actual pharmacy retailing business gives us a head start on a deeper understanding of customers’ needs. For us, it is all about the good old tradition to provide personalized, bespoke services to everyone ringing our (virtual now!) doorbell. At Canadian Health&Care Mall, every customer is first of all a person with unique needs that we are happy to meet. Your health and wellbeing comes first at all times, it is our principal concern. Everything we do, we do with our visitors’ best interest at heart.

A professional team you can trust

When it comes down to recruiting, Canadian Health&Care Mall puts its stakes with trained, experienced and enthusiastic specialists. We only hire professional druggists who are licensed in the U.S. They see to it that the drugstores we refer our customers to have quality products that meet international safety standards. They will also be able to help you with free online consulting. Every healthcare professional that works for us continues his or her education, since it is essentially important that they evolve with the latest developments in pharmacology and medicine.

A professional team you can trust

Apart from pharmacists, we have website managing personnel; those are the people who connect our healthcare staff with you. We choose from candidates that are dependable and quick on the uptake, fast and effective thinkers, outgoing and assistive when it comes to dealing with customers. This is what makes our service so personal. All of our specialists are thoughtful and careful, with a lot of attention on the detail. It is thanks to our staff members that you will always feel taken care of when using our services at all times.

We refer only to the best and the safest products

It is our task as a pharmacy to help you become healthier, and we never for a single moment lose the view of this objective. We appreciate the fact that you’ve entrusted us with inarguably the most important matter in your life, your health. Let us assure you that we will not let you down. Each medicine selected to be offered to your attention is thoughtfully hand-picked.

The principal parameters based on which we choose drug suppliers are as follows:

  • The content of the pills and the origin of the ingredients;
  • The safety of the medicines;
  • The efficiency of the drugs offered;
  • The feedback from pharmacy’s customers;
  • The prices quoted by the pharmacy.

With this said, you can be certain that we have taken care of the quality of meds we refer you to. The only thing left for you to tackle is choosing the most attractive price. And make no mistake, this one is going to be the best from the best.

Privacy and safety of purchase

Another important thing that you can only get when shopping online is the privacy of your purchasing. Walking in into an actual pharmacy and discussing the matters of your health in public does not sound too confidential, now does it? Imagine now the highest standard of personal information protection that can only be offered by an e-vendor. You get the picture now. None of your data will be a subject to fraud, disclosure, third-party sharing, phishing or any other illegal or unethical activity.

Privacy and safety of purchase

In order to ensure that your private information stays safe, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which guarantees that every transaction between you and the website will remain integral and 100% confidential. Moreover, we make a point of dealing solely with the pharmacies that have an SSL Certificate (a key indicating that the site is under SSL protection), so that you could be certain in the security of your personal information whenever you pick an e-tailer from our list. Once you get transferred to the checkout page, a 256-bit SSL protection encryption, the strongest one there is, will be there to take good care of the safety of your bank card information.

Low prices, great deals and bonuses

One of the most important points that using the services of Canadian Health&Care Mall gives to you is an access to unbeatable deals on about any drug, you name it. Holidays may be time to splurge, but save your hard-earned cash for something that’s more fun that your pharmacy needs. The essentials can be bought at a bargain price with the help of our resource. We will help you find great offers of Canadian Viagra or Priligy, Pepcid or Xanax, Lovegra or Aspirin – the only thing left for you to do is to click the right drug and the right amount. We can even help you with finding a totally tailored discount deal from a reliable online pharmacy. Online shopping doesn’t get any easier and cheaper than that!

The advantages of choosing your meds with Canadian Health&Care Mall are so follows:

  • You are certain you buy best quality cheapest, at all times;
  • You can choose from several competitively low price offers;
  • You don’t get to bounce from site to site in search of a better price;
  • You get free access to discount coupons, promo codes, savings and markdowns;
  • You can negotiate a bargain price;
  • We will find the best deals with bonuses and free shipping for you.

Not convinced? Read on!

Customer services

In terms of customer assistance, Canadian Health & Care Mall is everything you can expect from a pharmacy service giant. Mail-order services, free refill reminders, professional assistance with finding the best deals are all part and parcel of Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy experience. Connect with us via email whenever you feel at a loss about ordering, paying, shipping, the use of drugs, the prices or practically any other question related to online pharmacy shopping. We do our best to get back to you as fast as we possibly can.

Customer services

As a part of our service pack, you can ask for a discount that is perfectly custom-made and personalized. To do so, simply accumulate an order and let us know what’s on your wish list – we will help you crush it with minimal amount of money spent. Having difficulties finding a drug or a good deal on a drug? Let us know so that we could work this out for you, all free of charge. Whatever is your today’s errand in pharmacy shopping online, we will be happy to oblige!

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