Safe Drug Ordering: Instructions by Canadian Health&Care Mall

Hello, dear visitor! Canadian Health&Care Mall Team are happy you’ve made it this far. On this page, we will try to explain in clear terms how to place an order with the retailer(s) of your choice at Canadian Health and Care Mall. Bear with us till the end of this page, and if by the end of it you find yourself having further questions or concerns, we will readily answer all of them in an email – send us a query!

Placing an order at Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy Service is intuitive, and very simple – you will see it for yourself as you scroll down. Let us offer you a guiding pictorial.



num1To find the pharmaceutical you need in the vast list of drugs might seem challenging if you go alphabetical. Instead, try searching by category – in this way, you will have an opportunity to check out the offer on alternative products which, who knows, could contain a Holy Grail product you wouldn’t ever learn of! However, in case you need to be extra efficient, type your query into the search tool for a shortcut.


num2Let’s assume you had no problem finding the right drug in the correct dosage. Pay attention that the price might differ depending on pharmacological form and quantity of blisters. An insider tip: for drugs meant to be taken according to a posological schedule, ordering the amount needed for the entire therapy course will significantly help you save some extra. The good old rule of thumb about things being cheaper by dozens is very much applicable here. Now you are ready to hit Order now button.


num3Double-check your cart: is everything in its place? Sure you won’t rush back for an evasive item that keeps slipping your memory? Or maybe a double-click trick has got the best of you, and you are now landed with too much good stuff? Once every item on your shopping list has been ticked off and your shopping cart has been carefully examined, time to move on to checkout page.


num4At checkout page you will be offered several shipping options. We will dwell on those in detail further below; for now, opt for Regular Air Mail that takes up longest 21 days for the order to be delivered, or Express Courier, under condition that you reside in the USA and wish for your order to be delivered within 8-14 working days.


num5As the next step, Canadian Health&Care Mall will ask you to share your personal details for the purposes of order processing and shipping. Mind that personally identifiable information such as full name, physical address, area code, and credit card information are all required for us to provide our services to you. The information you share with us remains confidential and is a subject to reliable protection under our 256-bit security encryption layer. You will find more information about confidentiality and privacy on related pages.


num6Check your inbox after completing the Checkout Page form. Once the payment is accepted and the order goes through, you will receive an incoming message with confirmation of your order and important details related to it. Keep this email until the moment of order delivery and checking for any future reference. In case you might need to contact Customer Service regarding your current order, please present the information contained in order confirmation email for us to effectively identify your order within our database.

Additional Information

A unique ID number will be assigned to every order you place with us. This is done for safety reasons and ultimate protection of our customers from loss, mishandling and errors during shipping stages. Since we at Canadian Health And Care Mall make a point of running online pharmacy shopping services securely, our top priority is to ensure timely and accurate delivery to consumers. On our record, Canadian Health&Care Mall shipping practice has been functioning as a clockwork. Orders dispatched with the help of our service arrive within the stipulated timeframe, their content intact and presentable. However, we always make allowance for unpredictable delays and damages that can result from transportation shortcomings and logistics issues. We employ a number of tools, such as transparent order tracking and shipping insurance, with the purpose of making the entire process smooth, confidential and reliable. This is how Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy achieves the quality of services you can depend on.

And did you know that shipping is an area where we love spoiling our customers most? Starting from free delivery for orders above $300 and free shipping insurance for those totalling $200 and more, and all the way to free delivery coupons to redeem that are dispatched with our newsletters.
Our Customer Support team is regularly rated as one of the most responsive in the industry. Communicate the essence of your concern, and we will get in touch with you, having investigated the matter and ready to answer any questions. Anything you do, you shouldn’t worry about the quality of shipping services. We are always there to assist, explain or reimburse. Let us help you today!

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