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Hello, dear visitors and subscribers! Are you looking for someone to talk to about the way things are managed at Canada Health&Care Mall, having questions about products, services or anything in between? This is the page that contains the key to whichever enigma our company holds for you. The only thing you actually have to do is to help us choose the medium through which you would like to contact our omniscient oracles… Step right in into that parlor!


Contacting us by email is easy as a piece of cake, and about as enjoyable – and totally calorie-free! There is a form that you can use for a simple and efficient sending of your piece of correspondence. In order for us to process your query soonest, be good and state the issue at hand in the Subject field. Leave your own email address and name for us to get back to you, and we will do just that shortly! It usually takes no longer than 48 hours for one of our customer support reps to take care of your query; but at times there is an overwhelming amount of emails, especially during sales seasons. And did you know that you can request an individual discount by contacting us via email? No matter how swamped with work we get, we still do our best to treat emails from each and every one of you as a VIP.


“Forgot to mention one little thing – a ring!” And we mean on the phone – for some issues, it is really more convenient to contact our highly trained and motivated assistants in a personal conversation. Be ready to give as many details about your query as you possibly can – this will speed up the process of us solving your problem, whatever it might be. For instance, if your question concerns your order, you should have its ID close at hand, and it is a great idea to know the exact names of drugs ordered and the quantities of the order placed, just in case. And by all means, give the customer support representative the date of placing and shipping the order, as well as the payment and shipping methods used. If you have previously contacted us regarding this order, give us details about that, too.


A lot of things can be taken care of within a few seconds of chatting, trust us! This is why the latest addition to the tools of communication at Canada Health Care Mall is just that – instant online chat with our customer support reps who are always online and readily available during working hours. A big thing or a small, we are there to answer your questions and assist with issues in real time. The obvious benefit of chatting is that it gives you some space to collect the required information at your pace leafing through your ordering history, as well as come up with more questions that may come to your mind in the process of communication. Besides, you can save the history to your computer for future reference – just how handy is that?


Yep, you can do that, too. As long as it is convenient for you to send us your questions or any additional documents and files via fax, our landline phone works in this regime, too. Here is the number for you to use in order to fax us anything at any time:


The cherry on that pie is that we are as of recently incredibly social and a whole deal network-y! Subscribing to our Facebook page newsfeed or simply dropping by will result in quite a handful of nice surprises: you will be able to tap into a great number of useful tips, expert advice and fun materials about health, healthcare and health-related products. And of course, you can contact us there through messenger or comments – with the prospect of being answered almost directly!

Nota bene

The bottom line is this: no matter what your agenda and the nature of your question / issue is, we are there to do whatever it takes to have it answered / solved. From our experience, we know that the majority of customers contact us to a) help us locate their order when it is being delayed by courier service; b) asking for an individual discount; c) seeking assistance to help them deal with spamming by impostor services stealing our identity; d) inquiring about deals and prices. All other queries fall into the blurred category of “other”. We encourage you to study our elaborately written FAQ section to make sure that your question has not been answered there. If you fail to have it answered in that section, we will gladly help you with about anything!

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