Canadian Health&Care Mall Sets New Quality Standards

Canadian Health&Care Mall is a licensed service that is catering to customers beyond Canadian borders. Providing customers only with high quality prescription drugs has always been the prime object of Canadian Health and Care Mall. We believe that this approach will open new possibilities and give new chances to people with different health issues. At the same time we do understand that your financial health should not ruin the physical one.

Quality Medications Are the Top Priority

Here at Canadian Health&Care Mall we strongly believe that regardless of age, employment, income and health conditions everyone should have an easy access to the needed medications 24/7. This is why we made our service the most comfortable, prices the most affordable and drugs the most quality and definitely the safest. Admit it, when all these features are combined, chances for health improvement and successful cure are always high!

Our Philosophy

We believe in the role of the online service and our pharmacists on the medications and their use. Team members’ knowledge must be effectively used to enhance the care of patients on a regular basis. Whatever medication is ordered and whatever question is asked, we provide best pharmacists and physicians, who work with customers, collaborate with their regular health care providers and ensure a better healthcare outcome.

5 Main Principles

Safety & Security

Our website offers the highest levels of encryption as well as security possible: any communication, ordering process and your personal data are private and secure. To learn more check the Privacy Policy.

Accessible Customer Service

It is a high level service available 24/7/365. It makes easy contacts between customers and our team members possible. If there’s any question, remark, recommendation, complaint or whatsoever, our qualified operators will listen to you, answer and take suggestions into account for further service improvement.


It has always been one of the main principles that we rely on in our work. As for today, we have saved thousands of customers’ money on popular quality prescription medications. Aside from affordable prices, we also guarantee regular discounts and special offers, coupons and bonuses to those, who want to save more. Contact us and you will surely get a reduction.

Easy Ordering

Money is not the only thing people want to save while buying online. Another aspect that bothers them a lot is whether online ordering will take much time. Making orders with Canadian Health and Care Mall is fast and easy. Our service allows different ordering and shipping options. You can order online, via email or give us a call. After ordering the needed medication, you can track its way to you.

Guarantees on Shipping

Canadian Health and Care Mall guarantees risk-free, safe and fast shipping without delays. We provide an excellent customer support for all those, who have questions before and during the delivery procedure. If there’s a delay for any reason, we will set the new waiting time and inform you of details.

With Canadian Health Care Mall there is always an alternative both to very expensive and poor quality medications. We offer quality drugs, simple ways of cash and time saving, an easy-to-understand interface and a 24/7 support – everything you need to feel safe, secured, comfortable and healthy.