Canadian Health&Care Mall Trifecta Of Safety, Anonymity, Confidentiality

Your confidentiality is our first priority - we pay close attention to every detail of your visit to maintain convenient and confidential experience. We never share your personal information with 3rd party companies and require our partners to maintain proven confidentiality practices as well. Whether you are looking for assistance with finding a rare drug or online consultation with a specialist, you can be confident that your data is thoroughly guarded.

Canadian Health&Care Mall is neither involved in sales, nor in any payment operations - when you place an order you enter into the contract with an online pharmacy (not Canadian Health&Care Mall platform). However, we do have a compliance checklist requiring the drugstore partners to conduct all the transactions at a payment merchant’s servers. The companies that have been found violating the requirements are penalized - as a rule, the partnership agreement is revoked; so far, there was no single fact of violation. ConfidentialityWhat does it all mean for you? Let’s say you are buying some product via credit card, and the transaction is made not at the drugstore’s site, but at merchant’s server, such as American Express. Our Terms & Conditions do not allow using direct money transfers (like Moneygram or Western Union) and payments to 3rd party companies not associated with the licensed drugstore. These approaches mean that sensitive data is processed safely, through banking-level security mechanisms, reducing the risks of fraud to nothing. At our own website we take advantage of 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe and protected from unauthorized access.

We require all the companies to maintain the best confidentiality practices. Thus, when you purchase some product, it is delivered to your door in a discreet package with no evidence of what’s inside the parcel. All the orders are packed at the partners’ warehouses, so even the delivery service personnel doesn’t have an idea of the contents.