Canadian Health&Care Mall: People Behind The Brand

In Canadian Health&Care Mall we truly believe that success mostly depends on trading tools and personnel. The human element shouldn’t be underestimated even today, when many operations and tasks are performed and fulfilled by machines and computers. We stick to old business traditions and are sure that the fusion of experienced and fresh staff will guarantee a combination of a classic approach and a fresh look on basic principles of service’s work.

Highly Committed Team

chcm team canadaOur team is a multifunctional brigade each member of which is responsible for its department. We have licensed pharmacists and experienced physicians. We work only with highly trained pharmacy technicians. And they all believe that affordable health care must be available to everyone and that’s why we all work hard to ensure customers’ satisfaction. Team’s help and assistance can be used at any time, and it is always free of charge!

How Are We Different?

Canadian Health and Care Mall team differs from others, because it does the impossible: communicates with potential customers and visitors at their convenience, in a confidential & secure environment. Any of your questions will be answered as soon as possible. You are free to discuss your health concerns through a secure account. You can reach us via live chat, email or telephone – whatever variant is the most appropriate.

Our Medical Professionals

At Canadian Health and Care Mall you have a 24/7 access to different medical experts and professionals, who are dedicated to helping patients to live a healthier and longer life. All staff members are highly experienced healthcare providers. We employ trained pharmacy technicians, hire licensed pharmacists, and look for experienced health providers and service representatives. Whenever a health- or medication-related question occurs from a customer, it is addressed by a physician or pharmacist, who provides professional advice customized to one’s individual needs.

Our Principles

Anyone, regardless of age, social status or sex, can rely on the basic principles that we provide:

  • safe & effective pharmacy that serves patients;
  • efficient & affordable service;
  • healthy authority collaboration for health-related needs;
  • flexibility in providing advice or medications;
  • living up to the lofty standards;
  • continuous development in the latest medical technology & pharmacy practice.

Our commitment to high service and value has brought us to the list of top online pharmacies available on the web. We have been one of industry leaders for a decade. While treating any prescriptions with the same thoroughness and care as your family physician does, we provide any drugs you need.

We Provide Discounts and Bonuses

We help customers save money on every prescription drug. There are numerous special offers, discounts and coupons that can be effectively used for cost reduction. Before making an order you can address your customer service and a professional team member will find a chance for you to cut down expenses. Our trained team makes it simple to order. We guarantee the return policy, if there is something that doesn’t satisfy you.

Our Staff Keeps Developing

There is no limit to perfection. Though all the staff members are well-trained professionals, they keep improving their knowledge & skills. We participate it researches and conduct some of them on our own. Drawing on our experience and that of other well-known scientists, we write reviews revealing truth about healthcare, health issues, men’s sexual health and medications that could treat any clinical issue. Changing lifestyle is an important step that contributes to drugs’ effects, so at Canadian Health Care Mall you can find tips on what should be done for life improvement.

Trials, trainings, educational courses and real learning are the processes that we are always engaged in. They help us improve our service as well as its drug and informational stock.

We are proud of being able to provide really courteous, comfortable and prompt services that are tailored to individual needs of customers. There’s no long waiting time or an impersonal call center at Canadian Pharmacy Mall. As your satisfaction is our team’s main goal, all members work really hard to achieve it.