Talking to a healthcare provider is never easy. And it doesn’t matter much whether he’s a nurse, assistant, doctor, etc. There’s a chance to make things easier only if you deal with a professional. How to choose one? Whom can you trust today? Canadian Health&Care Mall team knows a few secrets and is ready to reveal them all. But first things first…

What Are the Warning Signs of Incompetence?

Warning Signs of Incompetence

When your health or life is in hands of a physician, he must function at a very high level of competency. Before choosing a reliable provider, ask yourself four main questions. Answers to them will allow making the right choice:

Question 1: Is he in your team?

A good doctor never says there’s no or only one way out! He is looking for various options, discusses them with you, finds out which of them are the most appropriate and can be the most working. He explains why the suggested treatments are the best. Here at Canadian Health Care Mall we highly recommend to stay away from the so-called specialists, who have no time to answer your questions and explain their choices.

Question 2:  Does he keep developing?

It is not enough to know basic traditional things and methods to be a good doctor. As long as the medical industry keeps growing day by day a physician should grow and develop along with it. He studies the latest technologies and reads medical journals. He works with information and shares different opinions.

Question 3: Is he sociable and open?

Physicians don’t only listen to and prescribe drugs. They talk, explain, suggest and ask. It means that they are involved into the process. A professional reviews your file before your appointment and not during it. He knows your medical history and is ready to discuss what bothers or may bother you now.

Question 4: Is he attentive?

Though you aren’t a professional, watch his body language: if he nods, maintains eye contact and looks up frequently, he isn’t indifferent. This is the person you can rely on.

What Type of Healthcare Providers Is Surely a Great Choice?

We’d like to start with a primary care doctor (internist or a family medicine doctor). He usually becomes a reliable partner and a close family friend. He helps in coordinating care even if you are seeing by other specialists because of different health problems.


A board-certified physician is a good choice for most modern families. When it comes to children or teenagers, look either for a family medicine doctor or a broad-certified pediatrician. They all are knowledgeable enough about various health concerns.

And finally, women should take special care of their health. It’s better to have a gynecologist as your primary care doctor, if you’re a woman. They specialize in female reproductive system and help preventing serious conditions as well as curing those they occur from time to time.

! Are mid-level providers good? They may be. These are typically nurse practitioners and physician assistants. They diagnose and treat most basic issues, though they work in team with a doctor.

4 Main Qualities of a Qualified Specialist

  • Emotional Stability

Any personal problems and troubles are left behind the office door. When a doctor talks to you, he is emotionally stable. His job is always stressful. Not all patients are calm and keep their emotions under control. During a long day at work a healthcare provider witnesses different things and traumatic situations, yet he must be able to work will all other patients without a sign of stress, depression or anger. Does your doc do that?

  • Focusing on Details

A professional physician is a details-oriented person. Why details? He knows that the smallest fact can either save or ruin patient’s life. All previous and future medications and procedures, assessments and documents provide specific info that helps prevent errors and complications.

  • Adaptability

A doctor that one can rely on is a professional, who adapts to circumstances tens of times every day. His work is full of unexpected and unpredictable situations. A typical workday won’t ruin him, because he knows how to deal with each case and adapt to new facts.

  • Empathy

Unfortunately, not all medical cases have successful endings. Others may require much time and pain to be cured for good. A competent professional provides high quality care and emphasizes the physical and emotional pain of others.

Finding a Provider You Could Trust: A Few Tips You’ll Need

Smaller Offices – Better Services. The statement is disputable. Yet many people suggest avoid really large companies and private hospitals. And Canadian Health&Care Mall supports this idea. Why? The duration of an appointment is limited, there’s no time for chat and discussions, alternative treatment options, etc. They usually offer a typical and standard approach, work with protocols rather than patients and offer the pills from manufacturers they have contacts with.

! Privately-owned but small offices are a much better choice. They combine popular treatments with alternative therapies and aren’t greatly restricted as to the use of methods or the time they can spend with a single patient.

Make a Call to Ask about Appointment Duration. A reliable physician won’t be able to answer this question. Why? He can’t say the exact time as cases are different. Some patients need more time than others. Some cases are more severe and require more attention than others.

! If there’s no exact time, a provider isn’t in a hurry. He’s calm, confident and attentive.

Are Pills Suggested or Sold? Reliable doctors give prescriptions and offer different kinds of pills and their manufacturers to pick from. Unreliable ones give the exact list and suggest buying medications from them as they are cheaper and are always in stock. In most cases it means that they work not to treat your health issue, but to sell more pills manufactured by companies that they have contacts with.

! Normally, frauds are seen at once: there are posters with so-called magic medications around, smocks, pens and writing pads with logos.

Ask for Recommendations and Read Feedback. This is what Canadian Health and Care Mall suggests doing all the time. The Internet allows using different sources of information, so before making an appointment do a small online research.

! You are free to ask your friends, co-workers or trainers and other people, who know reliable providers. This will allow saving time, energy and health.

Look for the indicators of professionalism and care. We know that it may be pretty hard at times, but even today, when frauds and lies seem to be everywhere, there’s a chance to entrust your health to a reliable physician.