Payment Options


Here at Canadian Health&Care Mall we offer four different payment options for our customers to choose the most appropriate:

Visa /American Express

Whatever credit card type you hold, we are ready to accept it. All transactions on the website are SSL protected. They also run through the fraud screening service. It helps ensure both service security and customers’ protection. The payment gateway is security scanned on a daily basis for any potential issues.


It’s possible to use MasterCard whenever a purchase should be made. While buying online in person, it’s significant to be informed of the card balance. In case the medication cost is a bit greater than the card balance, be sure that the transaction won’t be confirmed. For assistance you can contact Canadian Pharmacy service and learn how to make a fast and easy transaction.


This payment instrument is chosen because of its ability to combine speed, security and effective processing of any electronic transactions. This is one of popular electronic mechanisms in the USA, so those American customers, who choose drugs from Canadian Health&Care Mall, can make high-value payments.

We don’t accept:

  • Flexible Spending cards;
  • Discover cards;
  • Health Savings cards.

They aren’t accepted because of the processing fees that are too great. Because of these extra fees, it is not economically feasible to accept such payments.

Note: some credit card companies do charge an international service fee, if you are ordering medications outside your home country. In order to find out whether it applies to your case, try to contact the credit card company.

Here at Canadian Health&Care Mall we take your right to privacy and confidentiality very seriously. The provided data is secured and protected from any sort of unauthorized access and third parties.