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Hair Massage – Against Hair Fallout. Dandruff And More Benefits

Hair massage is a technique that can bring many benefits, which seem to have been known already in ancient times. It is said that Julius Caesar, unwilling to embrace his baldness, besides masking, would undergo scalp massage with nettle and chili lotions to try to counteract hair loss. In fact, a regular massage of the

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Natural Aphrodisiacs for Erectile Dysfunction

Here are some of the main plants that ‘do good to love,’ indicating how to draw the greatest benefit: 1. Ginseng It is a root from China and Korea, used in fatigue states, to improve physical and mental endurance. It appears that ginsenosides, active principles of the plant, have estrogen-like activity that stimulates a greater

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Dietary Supplements

What Is the Best for Your Well-Being: Drugs or Dietary Supplements?

Stop taking pills, get charged with supplements, and see what will happen to your body after six months.— That is what they say when promoting supplements as a core of overall well-being. Prescription (and OTC) drugs are scientifically proven, tested and FDA-approved, while supplements lack testing, and there is no scientific evidence that they work.—

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Stomach Gas Problem

Stomach Gas Problem – Which Drugs to Use and What to Avoid

Gas pains and bloating is a common problem for many people. Some of them suffer occasionally but quite a lot of people feel discomfort from the trapped gas on a regular basis. What’s the solution for this type of stomach problem that can be so annoyingly disruptive in our everyday life? Besides, what remedy to

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Value-adding facts about obesity. Comparing Japan, China and USA

Obesity is the number one most dangerous health issue that leads to other chronic diseases and death. However, is governments actively fight with drugs, tobacco and alcohol consume to prevent cancer, AIDS and mental disabilities arising from these dependencies, there are very very few effective initiatives against refined foods and lack of movement. Besides, most

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What Are Stem Cells

High Expectations for Stem Cells in Canada

What Are Stem Cells? Today, many people have heard about stem cells, including the ones far from science. However, not everyone understands what stem cells are, where they come from and where stem cells live. Stem cells are called cells that do not have specialization and are able to divide while turning into any kind

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What to do with a constant headache?

Headache is not just an unpleasant symptom. When the head hurts, the world seems to stop – it becomes impossible to work, study, do household chores, even ordinary rest does not bring pleasure. Why does it happen, how to deal with it and what to do with a headache? Specialist of the Canadian Heath&Care Mall

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Health Tips

The Most Underrated Health Tips

We all want to live happy and long lives so many of us fully realize how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle. We are living in a world of information abundance and today, we can freely access various nutrition and fitness pieces of advice from both experts and average people who maintain and

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Social Comorbidities

Social Comorbidities That affect our health

Social Comorbidities: It’s Not All About The Pills Modern healthcare is mostly centered around quick, easy solutions, and it seems to ignore many aspects that have a huge impact on how people develop illnesses, cope with them, and even receive treatment in the form of the aforementioned quick fixes. Doctors observe a patient, discover a

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15 Things That Help to Keep Your Long-Distance Relationships

When circumstances make you being apart from your partner, at first, you may feel it as a catastrophe but, then, you have to build a strategy on how to maintain the long-distance relationships (which abbreviate LDR) with someone you really need. It can be a challenging task but not impossible. Surprisingly, studies have shown that

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