How to know it’s time to raise the alarm? What are the early ED symptoms and signs that lead to harsh complications? Let’s face it: erectile dysfunction happens at any age. Of course, it’s more common to elder men than younger ones, but no one is protected. We at Canadian Health&Care Mall know that symptoms occur one by one. They are mild and hardly noticeable, but only at first. When they become more persistent, men complain of their unexpected occurrence, but they aren’t totally frank.

What Are the Three Stages of Early ED Symptoms?

  • Sudden

There is always the exact moment when one understands that achieving an erection is hard. Still he manages to achieve and sustain it, but not for long. A sudden problem is usually linked to an emotional cause. And while some men find it easy to cope with stress of anxiety, for most others an emotional trigger becomes even harder-to-overcome than a physical one.

  • Gradual

Changes can be pretty slow, but always continuing. First they are hardly noticed, yet in time they become more persistent. They are usually results of high blood pressure, heart diseases or narrowing of the arteries. If you have a medical history of any of the conditions, the core reason should be treated along with the impotence issue. Generic Pills from Canadian Health&Care Mall can help.

  • Occasional

Fatty foods or too much alcohol, stress or anxiety can lead to occasional problems between the sheets. Though they are subjects of concern, it is essential not to give them a chance to develop into serious conditions that may require long and serious treatment.

Early Symptoms and Signs: Check Which of Them You Have Already Noticed

Priapism symp

There are several of them. Some are quite easy to deal with, while others are more complicated. If you are knowledgeable about them all, coping with issues is easier.

Lack of Sexual Desire: it is the very first impotence symptom that usually includes the absence of intensive kissing or any other physical contact that is called the foreplay. Ignoring any attempts from the partner indicates a lack of sexual desire.

What’s the reason? Most physicians believe that it happens because of fear of intimacy, moral reasoning or desire to wait till marriage. A serious medical condition may be the cause, too.

Painful Sex: it can hardly be the commonest symptom, yet it is pretty troublesome and severe. Some men experience pain during intercourse (before/during ejaculation). Pain is the sign of erectile dysfunction development. The underlying cause is a medical issue that affects the structures responsible for ejaculation control.

There may appear additional symptoms: pain in the penis and blood in the semen. If left neglected, the symptom always develops into a severe ED condition.

No Erections: are you able to achieve erections? Weak erections or their complete absence make men raise the alarm. During intercourse, the penis of a suffer remains soft and weak and no stimulation can make him feel sexually aroused. This is impotence as large as life. Anger and embarrassment are the feelings that follow the failure. The causes may be either psychological or medical ones. And while dealing with the first ones is tough, special pills from Canadian Pharmacy help overcome the latter.

Priapism: no erection is bad, painful erection is worse. This is what priapism is. Painful and prolonged erections that occur after stimulation usually happen because of the large amounts of blood trapped in the penis. If the condition is not treated immediately, it leads to irreversible dysfunctions.

Whenever the first priapism symptoms occur, they must be checked by a physician for a rapid progression prevention.

Ejaculation Problems: they aren’t always ED signs, but they may be. When ejaculations come soon after arousal or within seconds after entering the vagina, they are impotence related. The psychological causes are the main culprits and their treatment implies durable stress and anxiety relief therapies.

Inability to Maintain Erections: in this ED case a man is able to achieve an erection, but it is always lost before intercourse starts. Physicians are more than sure that this impotence symptom occurs because of a psychological trigger like fear, stress, embarrassment or guilt.

Is There a Chance to Experience all Symptoms?

Impotence Symptoms

There is, but it is usually very rare. Impotence typically occurs in men aged between 40 and 70. However, many young men can be affected as well. Recent studies prove that 1/3 -1/2 of men aged 40-70 experience almost all ED symptoms, whereas young males have one or two signs as their triggers are either psychological or physiological, but rarely both.

In younger males all symptoms are caused by lack of confidence, nervousness and anxiety, drug or alcohol abuse. There is a chance to experience ED because of injuries, but the condition is always treatable and signs are vivid.

FYI, any symptom can be alleviated. The success depends on the erectile dysfunction cause and issue severity. It’s better to start with the treatment of the underlying trigger and only then proceed to ED treatment with Generic Cialis or Generic Viagra. Only after a complete medical check-up physicians can choose proper drugs. And if you have doubts as to the treatment success, remember that any condition is treatable as long as you apply all efforts.