What if you have any doubts about choosing a certain medication? How to get a medicine that you urgently need less than in day? What to do if you have a skin rash? All these answers can be given by a doctor or pharmacist online, just right on this website.

All visitors of Canadian HealthCare Mall may get a free online consultation by professional pharmacists. Our free consultation service is open 24/7 via the system of tickets and online chats. Just ask your question in a chat box in the lower left corner. All customers may write a question and leave your contact information (phone or email). The pharmacist will answer your request or question as soon as possible.

Pros of a free online consulting at our serice:

  • Quick responses — you spend 3 minutes to ask a question, and less than 10 minutes to get an answer.
  • Conveniency — there is no need to go anywhere or go. A free consultation takes place on the site;
  • Professionalism — consultations are provided by experienced pharmacists with great experience.

When the customers of Canadian Health Care Mall need a free online consultation?

When the customers of Canadian Health Care Pharmacy Store need a free online consultation

  • You do not have the opportunity or time to make an appointment with a doctor in a local hospital and ask him a question;
  • You forgot to specify the dosage of the drug and want a professional advice;
  • You are worried about contraindications and side effects related to a certain medication. Of course, there are instructions, but still, I want to hear the opinion of a specialist;
  • The doctor prescribed a medicine, but it was not cheap. You need a quality generic with the same effect;
  • Your problem is too delicate or seems insignificant for a personal visit.

These are just a few cases when you may need a free online consultation at Canadian Health Care & Mall pharmacy.

Any person who decides to purchase something on the Internet faces a small problem: the choice of resources that offer their services is so vast that it’s hard to make a real choice. There is the same situation with online pharmacies — there is a huge list of online pharmacies with various titles. However, only Canadian Health Care Pharmacy Store may offer the best customer services with free online chats offered by pharmacists.

How to understand that online pharmacies have expert consultants?

A decent online pharmacy on the site must have permission to conduct pharmaceutical activities, the address of the store, as well as a contact phone number to call in case of any problems. It is better to trust proven pharmacy services like canadahealthcaremall.com.

If you managed to find an online pharmacy that is convenient from the point of view of the search for drugs and complies with safety standards, the next step you will have to face is delivery design: here too there are some subtleties.

After getting a free consultation you may order one inexpensive medicine, you have to overpay for its delivery or buy additional unnecessary funds in order to reach the minimum order amount. Although even in this case, the medicine can do much cheaper than a pharmacy near the house. The only negative — virtual pharmacies are not suitable for urgent delivery of drugs. During the day, deliver only the goods that were ordered in the morning. All the rest are automatically transferred the next day and further — depending on your place of living.

Except a free online consulting, Canadian Health Care Mall may offer such exceptional service of top-notch quality:

  • chats and telephone numbers for communication are available 24/7;
  • over-the-counter prescription drugs and their generics;
  • vast catalog of branded medications;
  • regular sales, loyalty programs, big discounts on expensive drugs are regularly updated.

Start your free consultation at our website and never have doubts about the chosen treatment plan.

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Anonymous User

I will order for a year because I need to replenish my asthma meds. I want to thank the staff about explaining to me how the service worked. I would like to get to know more about deals and discounts. Please notify me by email. Live long and prosper, guys, you are awesome )))

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