Most online patients, browsing the shelves of Canadian Health and Care Mall, ask us for providing individual discount coupons and promo codes so that they can buy the desired drugs at a reduced cost. Since “No” is not what our customers expect to hear in response, CHCM developed a flexible system of personal discounts and coupons, which allows for saving more on pharmaceutical expenditures.

Taking advantage of coupons from Canadian Health & Care Mall

There are several types of coupons provided by our pharmacy, and they vary by the discount size, validity time, and application. For instance, our month coupons grant you a 5-10% discount on a certain category of medicinal goods. You may think, it is not so large but when it comes to buying expensive branded medications (like original Viagra), even a 10% price off makes a good difference. During seasonal offers, we offer special coupons for certain groups of products which are popular in this time of a year.

Individual coupons are sent by the request of a client. Just contact our customer support center and receive a discount which you need. Other online pharmacies call it nonsense, but we at Canadian Health Care Mall prefer to name it an ability to know the pains of each customer.

What is a Coupon?

A coupon is a guaranteed discount on a particular item or a group of products which are sold at Canadian Health Care Mall. We distribute coupons in two ways: by sending emails to our subscribers and by posting promo codes on our web pages.

There are, at least, two advantages of using our coupons:

  • The real economy of your money. E-coupons allow you to buy necessary pharmaceutical miscellany at a significant price reduction.
  • Along with saving money, you save a lot of time, too, when purchasing a drug or a wellness product from the comfort of your home.

An online promo coupon is essentially a set of letters and digits (sometimes a word or a phrase) which you should copy and paste in the special field when confirming an order at our service. A coupon can give you a % off from the total order cost or a discount for the second purchase. Oftentimes, our coupons allow users to receive a complimentary gift while purchasing through the platform, to enjoy zero-pay shipping services, or even to grab some items absolutely for free!

All coupons which we email to you or publish on our website have a validity period, meaning they lose their discount power once the stated period is over. All coupons/promo codes are unique and cannot be activated twice.

If you receive a discount coupon from Canadian Health&Care Mall, you will also be explained about how and when it can be used along with other essential information – it is our mission to arm our buyers with knowledge and facts!

Being a subscriber of our service is very rewarding: you are not timely notified about impending promotions and specials, but also receive a personal ticket to this fair of generosity so that you can buy more while spending less!