Despite the beginning of a new planetary year, our plans remain the same: to provide online patients with top-quality medications and pharmaceutical miscellany at the lowest rates possible. Safeguarding public health, Canadian Health & Care Mall stands firm to its principles: every person deserves to be healthy without paying much.

Plans For 2019  

Passionately serving this mission, in 2019, Canadian Health & Care Mall continues to pamper its clientele with:

  • Highly affordable prices on both prescribed medications and over-the-counter preparations from top-tier pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Impeccable quality of all medicines which are sold at the virtual shelves of CHCM.
  • The largest selection of prescription drugs and products for body care and wellness over the Internet.
  • Special offers for sought-after ED medications and not just that.
  • Immense discounts and lucrative promo campaigns from our partners and suppliers.
  • A coupon mania, which will make your online drug shopping with us even more rewarding and pleasurable!
  • Free sample drugs and complimentary gifts, which are included in every parcel we send.
  • Free drug delivery within Canadian borders and unpaid international shipping for heavy orders.
  • Extra swift package delivery within several days no matter how far you escaped from civilization.
  • A generous cash back service allowing you to earn points with CHCM and get a hefty discount on future purchases.
  • Individual approach and sympathy to every customer. Tell us your medical story, and we will give you a personal discount.

In 2019, Canadian HealthCare Mall is not going to stop providing users with prompt and competent online aid. Knowledgeable and courteous assistants can be accessed 24/7 via different communication channels, including hotline and social networks.

We also will not change the way how we allow you to buy drugs online: comparing the offers of different online pharmacies and picking the best one. Each item has a very detailed instruction, informing about the remedy’s active ingredient, indications, posology, administration, warnings, and precautions. And if something is still unclear to you, our online consultants will explain everything in a friendly and simple manner.

We will also continue our struggle against pharmaceutical illiteracy of our users and promise to publish the results on the latest scientific research, interesting news, and useful articles about drugs and healthcare products. CHCM wants every customer to make a weighted, fact-driven decision prior to buying this or that drug!

Canadian Health&Care Mall guarantees the high quality of all the goods we offer, because we cooperate only with official suppliers and always follow all requirements concerning the storage and transportation of medicines. Drugs and products available at CHCM have all necessary documents, instructions, licenses, and certificates. When you choose Canadian Health & Care Mall to order pharmaceutical or wellbeing solutions, you can be confident in their supreme quality and legal origin.