The matter of erectile dysfunction is utterly important, as healthy erection means a lot for any man. When there happen misfortunes, they will induce negative manifestations in all spheres of man’s life.

Erectile dysfunction is an inability for having proper erection. It may be weak, not lasting or may not appear at all. There may be different reasons why it happens. Problems with potency may be induced due to some mental factors or physical diseases. Men of different age may be suffering from this unpleasant ailment. Nevertheless, the greatest part of this category are men of older age group, which is over 60 years.Erectile dysfunction

The life expectancy continues to increase. This all enhances the number of people of old age. In the course of the next 10 years, their number will increase for 2 times more. Besides, the representatives of elderly group grows faster than the younger generations.

Everybody knows that as the time passes, we grow older and our organism gradually gives up. There exist multiple methods, procedures, exercises, special diets, medical and cosmetic cures that remove this process. It is worth mentioning that aging can be removed for many a year. Nonetheless, this is an inevitable process and nobody can escape it.

Due to “wearing-off” of our organism and its systems, people receive various ailments. Elderly examinees aged 60-74 years, experience more severe and frequent health complications than younger ones. Undoubtedly, problems with gaining erection is one of those complications. Multiple studies and trials prove the fact that age plays the most important role for impotence. Most part of men who suffer from ED ranges among years 55 – 65. Therefore, this ailment should be tended in the best way.

The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The Massachusetts study has conducted a special study. There were 1290 men whose age range was from 40 to 70 years. 52% of those were sick with ED with different grade of severity. For 40-yeared men, the amount of sick was 39%. However, amongst 70-yeared the indicator reached 67%. There is a native tendency for the men who will experience problems with their erection in future. The amount of such people constantly grows. The scholars say that by the year 2025 there will be 43 million men with ED in the U.S.A. and Europe. Globally, this amount will reach the point of 322 millions.

The physicians from all over the world struggle hard to combat this disease and reduce the number of sick. For this, they create novel medications, develop more effectual therapies and implement other unique measures. One of the most effective ways of stopping ED is to beat the root of its origin. The scholars advise paying attention to the main reasons why such problem occurs. It is necessary to provide appropriate prophylaxis.

When talking about elderly examinees, the risk factors that induce impotence are:

  • Obesity.
  • Diabetes.
  • Unstable blood pressure levels.
  • Physical passiveness.
  • Metabolic disorders of various character.
  • Smoking.
  • Alcohol consumption.
  • Abuse with medications or usage of the remedies that influence upon erection.
  • Different cardiovascular diseases.
  • Ailments of kidney and liver.

All the possibilities should be taken into account and prevented.

The Methods of Treatment

There are different ways of treating problems with erectile dysfunction. The first thing that is to do is to reconsider the way of life. Probably, examinees consume unhealthy foods or have bad habits that also lead to ED as well as to many other illnesses.

Any physician would recommend quitting smoking and drinking alcohol. It is important to consult an expert concerning medications you may be administrating. Physical activity will be necessary as well. Without proper movement and physical workout, our heart loses its power and does not pump enough amounts of blood. Consequently, the areas of pelvic organs will not receive strong enough blood inflow. In addition, there are special exercises that are targeted at prophylaxis of impotence, which can be done each day right at home.

It is essential to give more heed to mental state of the examinees. Mental factor plays utterly important role for us. Different stressful situations, anxiety, panic disorders and other behavioral deviations lead to inability to achieve erection too. The state of depression is of great importance here. The professionals have proven that it has sufficient impact upon the reproductive system of men. Consequently, such individualities will require assistance of psychologist. Additionally, they will have to administrate antidepressants.

At times, there may be needed surgery. This is the worst way it might go. However, some situations require operations. These may be different traumas and injuries of the penis and testicles, deformations and inflammatory processes.

Another popular and reliable way is to intake special medical remedies.


Amongst other methods of curing ED, one should mention the usage of different medications. Specific remedies that contain PDE5 inhibitors are of tremendous popularity and efficacy. They are widely used due to high dependability of results.

Viagra, Levitra and CialisMost men know the incredible capabilities of Generic Viagra, Levitra or Cialis, even if they do not experience any problems with erection. They are able to remove ED by producing larger amounts of blood that is necessary for the appearance of erection. One of their advantages is large age range. Depending on the manufacturer, the age range is 16-75 years.

Notwithstanding, there arise different complications for the usage. Even young men have to follow certain rules on usage. For elderly men, these rules are even stricter. Due to old age, elderly examinees have to intake such cure with great caution and under supervision of their physicians. A lot depends on age. However, there exist other contraindications.

Besides, the cures of such type can develop adverse reactions. Therefore, each examinee has to obligatory consult a specialist and always follow his advises on dosing.

The matter of elderly people is very delicate due to their age. There should be included different risk factors prior to using methods for the aftercare of erectile dysfunction.

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