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I will not be mistaken to say that there is no category of men in the world that has not experienced problems with potency at least once in the lifetime. There are so many circumstances in which masculine dignity can give a "misfire". In some cases, the absence or weakening of erection is temporary and will go away on its own, sometimes, however, it is a fully formed erectile dysfunction which needs proper attention and care.

There are types of impotence based on its origin such as: organic and psychogenic.

Impotence and its Types


There are types of impotence, which are presented in two major categories: organic and psychological.

  1. Erectile dysfunction of organic kind is a state of impotence in men, which over time tends to increase due to reasons of exclusively physiological nature. For example, problems with the vessels. Symptoms of impotence of organic origin: a complete lack of erection, the erection is very sluggish. The most stand-out feature of the organic type of impotence is the disappearance of "spontaneous" morning and nocturnal erections (normally takes up to twenty-four per cent of the rest periods at night)
  2. Erectile dysfunction of psychological kind, in principle, does not eliminate the existence of a "spontaneous" morning and nocturnal erections, but when performing sexual intercourse, erection is either non-existent, or disappears after a short period of time.

Impotence and its Symptoms

The primary symptoms are as follows:

  • When there is no natural erection during sexual arousal and spontaneous erections in the morning or at night. If spontaneous erections do not disappear, but natural erections do not occur, of course, this erectile dysfunction is related to the psychological origin;
  • Weak erection. It is worth noting that the decrease in the number of erections within 24 hours, as well as the loss of the penis elasticity during sexual intercourse, can confirm the fact of occurrence of organic impotence, which was due to reasons of physical nature;
  • Premature ejaculation. If the semen ejaculation takes place before the introduction of the penis into the vagina, some blood vessel mishappening takes place. In this case, a condom with anesthetic could prevent it from happening.

Symptoms of Psychogenic Impotence

Sometimes erection goes away due to internal non-physical factors. It doesn’t matter what aspect of psychological life cause erectile dysfunction (anxiety, fear, depression, the emergence of conflicts, psychological barriers and so on), the output of such a state in the presence of psychogenic impotence is unexpected and short-lived. After the elimination of the main reason, potency problems disappear and everything is normalized.

In this case, you a man will experience spontaneous erections in the morning and at night.

Symptoms of Impotence of Organic Nature

A completely different situation occurs when the disease or condition of the physiological plan, such as alcoholism, is the cause of the problems with potency. In this case, "sluggish" erection will not be a surprise to you, as a disorder of sexual function tends to be repeated regularly. It starts gradually, the weakening of erection and the inability to perform a sexual act will come time after time until it disappears completely.

The penis does not ejaculate spontaneously at night or in the morning in these cases.

If your partner or masturbation does not help the erection, these are final signs that medical help must be provided immediately.

Myths and Facts about Impotence

Myth: Every man reaches the age when getting impotence is inevitable.

It is not true. ​​Men’s activity in the sexual aspect fades away gradually with age, but it does not necessarily mean that such men become completely powerless. Of course elderly men naturally most of the time need help in obtaining erection, or may need to use more physical effort. This age group is at increased risk of gaining diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, which can trigger the occurrence of impotence.

Fact: Active smoking can cause erectile dysfunction.

We'll have to disappoint smokers, it is not fiction. In the course of research conducted by physicians, it has been proven that smoking inevitably entails impotence, significantly slowing down the movement of blood going to the penis. Alkaloid nicotine tends to be addictive, and it limits the ingress of blood into the penis and thus blocks the arteries which are key.

Myth: Once a man has impotence, a sexual partner will leave him anyway.

Erectile dysfunction can affect the course of your relationship with sexual partners, but at the moment there is a lot of healing techniques, readily available nowadays. Reports have shown that couples who have suffered these exercises, know the significant improvement in the quality of their relationships.

How to Cope with Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction

The sexual energy has a natural property to fade over the years in men.  However, this does not mean that any man being in old age becomes impotent. There are males who have no problems with erection even at 70. However, one shouldn’t be depressed if he faces ED after 35. This happens as our life is full of factors that have a bad influence on our health:  poor ecology, lots of various medications taken during the lifetime (for instance, antibiotics), bad habits, stresses and so on. The best recommendation is to take care of your health (sports, healthy eating habits, rest and sleep enough) from early age. Don’t wait for the first signs of ED.

If you suspect impotence or ED, it is recommended to immediately contact a qualified medical specialist. No matter what kind of erectile dysfunction can be expected to be in you, the main thing is that it should be treated. Your chances of successful treatment will depend on the timely visit to the doctor or you can choose one of ED meds (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra) in Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy Service