If one in the couple suffers from erectile dysfunction (ED), as a partner you are not just ‘affected’ sexually as well. Erectile dysfunction is usually a symptom of other causes - organic or psychological. Even if your partner's erectile dysfunction is ‘not that bad’ for you, it may look quite different in your partner's mind. Canadian Health&Care Mall sexologists prepared this survey of top solution for a couple affected by sexual problems of different nature alongside with expert tips from couple therapists.

Sexual Problems In The Couple

Sexual Problems: Enlisting Help Of Therapist, Pharmacologist & Partner

Many men still associate sexual potency with masculinity. Erectile dysfunction is therefore often associated with a range of difficult emotions for the affected man. These include feeling like a loser, shame about no longer sexually satisfying your partner, fear of abandonment, and the fear of becoming familiar with the problem and the danger of becoming a subject of ridicule and mockery. After all, a man is only a man if he is able to perform sexually - no wonder that the self-confidence of the man under social and self-generated pressure can suffer a break.

The same concerns other sexual problems in men, with the next issue on the list being premature ejaculation (PE). This condition prevents couple from having a fulfilling and satisfactory relationship, often making the female partner feel inadequate and left out.

Under these negative emotions self-esteem of both partners suffers massively, a transmission of the building up negativity naturally also results from the partnership. Not infrequently, other social contacts and even the ability to work suffer. The affected man withdraws from the partner, avoids talks and the exchange of caresses no longer takes place. Here in the man's head a process takes place, which is still widespread: The sexual satisfaction of the partner is solely in his responsibility and problems man alone must solve. Therefore, only about 20 percent of men affected by an erectile dysfunction go to the doctor.

Due to your partner's refusal to talk, you yourself face a problem that you cannot classify. This often leads to uncertainty and self-doubt. Affected women often ask themselves whether their partner still finds them attractive, perhaps another woman is at stake, that she has made a mistake or that love has gone out of his sight. This is grueling and burdens the partnership even further.

When it comes to potency agents, it is usually thought of as being affected by men. But many women consider whether a sexual enhancer like Viagra cannot have an effect on them. The background here is not an erectile dysfunction, which a woman naturally cannot have, but an increase in pleasure during intercourse. A woman may not have erectile problems or impotence, but a lack of libido or a sexual disorder is at least as prevalent in women as it is in men. If you are affected by this, we provide below information about the effect of sexual enhancers in women and what opportunities women have to increase their own desire.

Top Solutions For A Couple

Today, there are a number of treatment options for erectile dysfunction. In any case, a visit to a doctor is appropriate if an erectile dysfunction occurs, because a serious health risk can be the reason behind it. Find out here about possible causes. But even without successful treatment, both partners can find sexual fulfillment despite erectile dysfunction. The varieties of sexuality are versatile, creativity knows no boundaries.

But for a real solution, a dialogue between the partners is essential. Taboo must not exist in a healthy partnership, even if the topic is uncomfortable for one or both partners. If the couple discusses their mutual wishes, needs and expectations, this is often the first big step towards a solution.

In order to reduce the resistance to a conversation with your partner, you can also actively do something. In order to be able to have a good conversation, you should be clear about the situation and inform yourself about erectile dysfunction. The latter can be found for example on our pages on the causes and treatment options of erectile dysfunction.

For a successful conversation we have a few tips:

  • Find out about the topic.
  • Make your own wishes and expectations about sexuality clear.
  • Ask your partner for the interview and signal that you are looking for a common solution.
  • Choose a place and a time when they both feel comfortable. Avoid pressure situations.
  • Tell us about your feelings from your point of view (‘I need ...’). - Use examples, not generalizations.
  • Show understanding and concern. Point out that erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of a disease (see also ‘The penis as an early warning system’).
  • No urge, no calming down, no dominating the conversation.

Despite these tips, a conversation can fail. In that case you can try a second attempt or take another route, for example with a letter. Even if that does not lead to a conversation, professional help could lead to success. Even one-on-one counseling could help you deal better with the situation and maybe get your partner talking later.

5 Pharmaceutical Solutions At Canadian Health&Care Mall

When a diagnosis is established, one can successfully engage the use of pharmacological products applicable within a couple. Some of them you can buy as a single package, but others are available as a combo couple pack solution at a special price at Canadian Health&Care Mall.

5 Pharmaceutical Solutions At Canadian Health&Care Mall

1. ED drugs and their generics. PDE5 inhibitors administered orally help to restore erectile function for the period of time that lasts from 4 to 36 hours.

2. Priligy. The first oral treatment for PE based on SSRI antidepressant substance called dapoxetine, taken before planned sexual activity to prolong sexual act and increase control over ejaculation.

3. Viagra Female. Sildenafil pill available in special edition for women. Taken before sexual activity, the drug increases blood circulation in genitals to increase sexual desire and pleasure.

4. ED Pack. A combination of the most popular ED drugs with a reduced price. Choose among a variety of packs containing various combinations’ of legendary sex pills.

5. Couple Pack. A special package restoring sexual harmony in a couple: Viagra and Viagra Female, Cialis and Cialis Female, with a dramatic reduction in per-pill price.