One of the causes of impotence can be an unhealthy lifestyle. Do you eat too much fat and are you overweight? Change your eating habits immediately and follow a diet before ruining your couple's pleasure!

It is very difficult to estimate the incidence of erectile dysfunction due to the reticence on the part of men to tackle this topic and for the ease with which today it is possible to resort to self-medication or to certain improbable natural remedies such as the consumption of garlic and onion. Impotence can affect every man at some point in his life and causes depression and frustration.

Obesity, smoking, but also the excesses of alcohol are the result of a lack of education that can lead to problems with erection. The use of some drugs such as diuretics and psychotropic drugs can also be a cause of impotence. The same applies to a sedentary lifestyle: leading a life that is not very active is not good for health or for sex! Practicing sport regularly is one of the best remedies to combat impotence! Try different kinds of sports, yoga and healthier lifestyles to improve your sex life.

Sports, sex and male wellness

Sports, sex and male wellness

The mechanism that links sport to sex and male well-being is identical to that which links motor activity to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. Erectile dysfunction and heart disease, in fact, both depend on a reduced blood supply to the penis and the heart. Physical exercise, fighting the formation of lipid plaques in the arteries, helps to counteract the appearance of diseases of the blood vessels, responsible for the insufficient spraying of the organ. Moreover, the physical commitment is able to free endorphins, particular neurotransmitters that positively influence the maintenance of a satisfying sex life.

When the man exceeds 50, the main enemies of male vitality begin to make their way, such as erectile dysfunction, low urinary tract problems (classic urgent and sudden runs in the bathroom) and discomfort related to benign prostatic hyperplasia, i.e. enlargement of the prostate that, with the progress of age, affect about 21 million Americans. According to Canadian Health&Care Mall data, recent scientific discoveries have highlighted the link between erectile dysfunction and urinary symptoms (Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms, LUTS) and the mechanisms common to the two conditions that can coexist even in 70% of older patients. Choosing the right sport can provide benefits in combating all these common dysfunctions.

Sports after 50 to prevent and alleviate ED

The experts and several studies conducted at international level suggest to practice sports, or otherwise keep active by climbing stairs, walking away from the car, avoiding being seated in front of the TV or PC, to also maintain sexual activity and reduce the severity of urinary symptoms among those who already suffer from it, due to the enlargement of the prostate typical of age.

Physical activity is fundamental for the physical and mental well-being of the man over 50 - the urologists points out - but also for his sexual and urinary apparatus, provided he chooses the right activity, comment the specialists of Canadian Health&Care Mall. An interview with the specialist will help to identify the right mix of ingredients to fight erectile dysfunction and urinary symptoms at the same time by taking a daily pharmaceutical therapy indicated for both conditions, such as tadalafil, correct lifestyles and a physical activity program suitable for your age.

Sports activities to choose and to avoid for a better sexual function

Sports activities to choose and to avoid for a better sexual function

Among the most suitable sports activities for those with erection problems or suffering from prostatic diseases, there are:

  1. Jogging and trekking which, if practiced in moderation, being aerobic activities allow to favor the best functioning of the heart and of the respiratory system;
  2. Swimming, which significantly improves resistance to stress, heart rate and rhythm of breathing;
  3. Working out at the gym, alternating sessions dedicated to the performance of the heart and lungs (aerobic activities), stretching and relaxation exercises, with activities aimed at strengthening the muscles, preferring tools such as treadmill, rowing machine, rope jump, and excluding the exercise bike.
  4. Golf, an aerobic activity that does not require particularly intense and concentrated physical efforts, has no particular contraindications, except for the annoyance for those who already suffer from prostate problems of having to urinate often and run to the bathroom that can hinder the peaceful running of a competition.

Red light is on for cycling and mountain biking that, both for the position that is assumed on the saddle, and for the jolts especially on rough roads, can have negative repercussions on male wellbeing to become a potential risk factor for erectile dysfunction. The same applies to riding for continuous microtraumas that are repeated in the perineum area.

Specific exercises recommended by Canadian Health&Care Mall against ED

Functional containment and pelvic floor support: these are simple movements that everyone can perform. A single precaution: to be able not to activate the abdominal muscles that act as 'expulsors' during the execution. That said, some assumptions valid for all the exercises we are going to propose. Before starting to empty the bladder, breathe deeply and slowly, check with your hands that the abdominal muscles are effectively relaxed while performing the various movements.

Exercises should be done regularly throughout the day.

Standing or sitting, contract the perineum using the pelvic floor muscles, as if you were holding back a strong urge to urinate. In this way, train and tone the muscles so as to close the urinary duct. Repeat the exercise for 15 times a day, without interrupting normal daily activities.

  1. During each urination you repeatedly stop the flow of urine voluntarily.
  2. Exercises for the pelvic floor: each exercise must be performed daily for 5 minutes with rest breaks between one movement and another.
  3. Positioned on your back with a pillow under your head, arms stretched along your hips and legs bent to knees together, slowly raise the pelvis, tightening the perineal muscles, and exhaling, return to the starting position releasing muscles.
  4. Positioned on your back legs apart with knees bent and a ball placed in contact with the inside of the thighs, try to close the knees by winning the resistance of the ball.
  5. In an upright position, feet rotated externally, a ball placed between the ankles, try to approach the ankles by winning the resistance of the ball.

Lifestyle to boost the effects of fitness on ED cure and prevention

Lifestyle also plays an important role in the prevention of erectile deficits: this is what clearly emerges from the new guidelines for sexual medicine on sexual dysfunction and cardiac risk, which collect numerous scientific studies on the subject.

In particular, according to a Dutch study conducted on 1700 men between 50 and 75 years, the Body Mass Index (learn), the mathematical calculation (obtained by dividing the weight in kilograms by the square of the height expressed in meters) can establish if a person is normal weight, overweight or obese, it is a predictor of impotence, whether considered alone or associated with other factors such as hypertension and diabetes. Basically, therefore, obesity promotes erectile dysfunction. According to another study, physical activity is also very important: practicing physical activity frequently can reduce the risk of impotence by 30%.

Obesity and lack of exercise are playing a significant role both in a predictive and protective key, and in a therapeutic key, explain urologists and andrologists of Canadian Health&Care Mall. Even those who already suffer from ED, in fact, should pay attention to their lifestyle: according to numerous studies, the pharmacological therapy against erectile dysfunction combined with sporting activity has a positive synergistic effect.

Although there is no specific diet to combat impotence, the diet model based on the Mediterranean diet can help because it involves in the long term an intake of substances such as anthocyanins (blueberries, strawberries, berries, blood oranges, red radicchio, grapes) and flavonoids (oranges, garlic apples, onion, chocolate) which, by improving microcirculation, perform an important preventive action, preserving the functionality of the mechanisms that lead to a regular erection.

The supposed aphrodisiac effects of some foods such as oysters, champagne and avocado are purely anecdotal. Some scientific basis can be found for the pepper (contains capsaicin, which could play the dual role of stimulating the nerve fibers and producing a vasodilating effect) and chocolate, tea and coffee (due to the presence of xanthine substances that they act on penile vasodilation in the same way as drugs that are routinely used for impotence).

First of all, you should contact your doctor to assess what the likely causes and the tools to eliminate the factors that cause impotence may be. If organic or psychological causes are identified, we must try to remove them and, finally, there are numerous drugs today that can help those suffering from erectile dysfunction, for which the advice is always necessary with the attending physician or specialist.

The medical advice for men, especially after age 50, is therefore to follow a healthy lifestyle, which includes proper nutrition and a regular physical activity, for example jogging, walking or cycling. a swim, 30 minutes per session, for at least 3 days a week, conclude our specialists.

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