Tips and Recommendations for Better Health by Canadian Health&Care Mall Group

The pharmaceutical market has almost reached its peak: most diseases can be treated or cured, even the severest symptoms can be relieved and any health complication can be managed. Yet almost is the key word. There are many serious diseases that can be cured with no modern pill. And the only question that a sufferer asks after the illness is diagnosed sounds like, ‘Why didn’t I notice a thing earlier?’

We believe that most mild or severe diseases can be prevented. However, the preventive measures are never easy and many lifestyle changes must be contributed. Pills are the last resort to be used. Why?

There are three core reasons:

  • They can be helpful in one condition and ruining for other body systems;
  • They interact with other medications and lead to severe side effects;
  • They are mostly expensive, thus not everyone can afford using them regularly.

Are you ready to change your life and refuse from a drug therapy to forget of health issues if not for good than till you get really old? Then you’ve come to the right place. We are here to answer all questions, share professional recommendations, trustworthy information and helpful tips that will make any changes easier and life longer.

We insist on going in for sports, having yoga classes, learning relaxation techniques, choosing healthy food and drinks and eliminating stress from your everyday life.

Choose the section that you are interested in the most and make use of Canadian Health&Care Mall recommendations for:

  • Sport and fitness;
  • Food and nutrition;
  • Diet and weight loss;
  • Sex and relationships;
  • Every day health;
  • Health and balance.

We are your source of free information that can improve the quality of your life, sex and work. Leave your comments and questions, get professional answers and tips. Share information with your partners, family and friends. Make the most of what we give daily!

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Basic HealthCare

Food & Nootrition

Dependable Products for the Maintenance of Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular system disorders are the problem of each 3rd person in the world. There are ways to prevent the appearance of hypertension and hypotension with the help of healthy foods.

What organ is called “the engine of the organism”? Definitely, it is our heart. It has utterly essential function, because it spreads blood throughout the entire organism. Just imagine how huge its role is and how difficult it is.

Nevertheless, there are multiple illnesses of cardiovascular system, which worsen our health conditions and harden the work of the heart. We have to do all that is possible to sustain our heart, because great percentage of all diseases is connected with cardiovascular ailments and disorders. Without this powerful engine, our life is simply impossible. Continue Reading...

What Delicious and Fatty Foods Can Be Eaten During a Diet?

They say that eating fatty foods  will make you fat. In fact, it is not quite correct. Canadian Health&Care Mall specialists can prove this wrong since there are foods that are full with natural fats and that can help to burn unnatural fat in your body instead of adding to eat. Check the following list to make sure that your diet can be not only useful but also very delicious and healthy:

  1. Grass-fed beef. This is a bit pricey but still very healthy way to diet without limiting the level of deliciousness of your meals. The recent study published in Nutrition Journal revealed that grass-fed beef contains high levels of mega-3 fatty acids that can actually reduce the risk of heart diseases. Also such type of beef is much leaner and has a small number of calories than any other meat.
  2. Olive oil can be safely consumed during any diet. Olive oil is very rich with cancer-protecting polyphenol and heart-improving monounsaturated fats. Use olive oil instead of your regular salad dressings and you will start lose weight naturally.
  1. Dark chocolate is the best dietary solution for sweet tooth people. In fact the natural fats in pure dark chocolate can reduce the belly fat. Only dark chocolate includes pure cocoa butter that is an all-natural source of stearic acid lowering the process of digestion and making you feel less hunger cravings.
  2. Wild salmon brings good news for everyone who likes fish dishes. It is a scientifically proved fact that only a filet of this fish added to your diet menu 2-3 times per week will get the enough amount of the above mentioned omega-3 fatty acids that will protect your heart from arrhythmia and high blood pressure.

8 Ideas to Improve Your Digestion

Digestion is very important for anyone. Due to the usage of inappropriate products, we weaken our stomach. In order to maintain your digestive system, you can undertake certain measures.

  1. Stay Hydrated. Water is the source of life and helps every system of the organism. When it lacks water, the digestion runs slower and this leads to health complications. Therefore, you should drink plenty of water each day.
  2. Keep moving. An active way of life is important for everyone. Physical activity maintains digestion, enhances the blood inflows to all organs and reinforces muscles of the entire digestive system.
  3. Restrict fats. You should watch your ration and exclude products, which are rich in fats. They are too heavy for your stomach.
  4. Consume more fiber. It is of great importance to eat fiber each day. It helps all the foods and other substances to move smoothly through the intestines. If you lack it, there may occur constipation and some discomfort.
  5. Healthy weight. You have to keep an eye on your weight. Excess weight is always harmful to Of corse, the influence upon the digestive system is the most crucial.
  6. Do not haste. You have to understand that your digestive system requires enough time for digestion. There will be no good in swallowing great parts of food. It damages your stomach, as it is too heavy for it. Eat without haste, bit by bit.
  7. Try probi These “good bacteria”, which normalize different processes in the bowel and the gastrointestinal tract. Take them for about 2 weeks and you will notice positive changes.
  8. Bloating 101. Definite bacteria in our gut produces gas, which makes out stomach look like a balloon. You have to escape consuming sodium, artificial food and starches.

Following these smart tips, you will improve your digestion for many a time.

Healthy Menu for an Energy Boost

At times, we feel uncommonly weak and get tired very quickly. This means that we lack energy. Conventionally, the main problem is concluded within inappropriate nutrition. You have to check your ration. Probably, your diet is missing energy boosters.

If you wish to have enough energy for a proper and active way of life, you may try a unique, but simple diet. This diet includes products that provide the body with energy, is rich in protein, fiber and other necessary elements.

  1. This is a nice snack, which contains important nutrients (magnesium, vitamins of the B group and so on). Intake 1 ounce of almonds each day.
  2. Air-Popped Popcorn. This tasty snack is full with carbohydrates, which add power to the body. The presence of fiber prevents the crashes of blood-sugar. Besides, it is easy to prepare this tasty food.
  3. Peanut Butter. This is another delicious adding to your daily ration. With its help, you will be able to add some energy to your system. Two tablespoons per day will be enough.
  4. It is also known under the name “brain food”. Thanks to its ingredients, your memory will be improved and depression reduced. It gives sufficient amounts of energy for your mood and brain.
  5. Fiber, B vitamins, and potassium are perfect nutrients for your energy levels. You can take bananas with some milk.
  6. Add kale as the base ingredient of your salad and you will feel fine energy support.
  7. Definitely, any nutritionist will advise you taking oatmeal for breakfast. It will give you the feeling of satiety and will provide with lasting energy.

These foods can be found in any market. In addition, you can add to your daily energy-ration some other healthy products, which will maintain your system. There is nothing healthier and easier.

A Proper Nutrition for Wound Healing

If not eating healthy food, the process of healing wounds will take a too long way to ending. That is why the consumption of proper foods is crucial for your body. Following a healthy ration, you can shorten this period for many a time.

So, what exactly one should consume to quicken healing of the wounds? What is to be considered?

  • The phase of catabolism. You may not know this, but even a small wound can violate your metabolism. For the creation of new nutrients, you will require many essential elements. Any slowdown of the catabolic phase delays the wound healing.
  • This element plays the most important role in rebuilding body’s tissues. Consequently, it should always be present in your ration in proper amounts. You will need at least 2-3 portions per day.
  • Fats are also necessary for the repair of the organism. Consuming dairy foods, cooking oils and meats will bring you the needed sources of fats.
  • This element is a great source of energy, which is required for the maintenance of the body. Besides, your body will not use too much of protein for the support with energy.
  • Vitamin C. This is an essential antioxidant. It adds strength to the organism, creates novel blood vessels and quickens the absorption of iron. This all contributes to a quicker recovery of the entire body.
  • Vitamin A. This is another essential antioxidant. It eliminates different infections and inflammatory processes. This all helps to heal the wounds faster. It can be found in fish, eggs, veggies and other products.
  • This vital element synthesizes proteins and develops collagen. This is essential in wound healing. It also contributes to better circulation and detoxification.

Make allowances of all these elements and include them to your daily ration. Thus, your wound will heal much faster.

The Best Nutrition Tips for Athletes at Canadian Health and Care Mall

It is difficult for any athlete to remain strong and recover fast after intensive workouts. That is the point where a proper nutrition may resolve this issue. There are five guidelines, which can hugely help any athlete.

  1. Consume carbohydrates. This is the main “fuel” of all athletes. Carbohydrates will be turned by your body into glucose. While physical workouts, glycogen in your muscles will be turned into energy. After too lasting and intensive workouts, you should eat more products that contain carbs. Thus, you will regain the lost energy levels. Of course, it is essential to eat other important elements.
  2. Eat proteins. This nutrient is the main element, which provides muscle maintenance. It gives strength and prolongs performance. Therefore, it is much needed. However, it should not be consumed in too great amounts. 1-2 grams per pound would be enough. Greater doses will not be accepted by the organism and they will be simply wasted.
  • Gain fats. The fat is needed for any athlete because our body turns all fat stores into a great energy. This contributes to better results in gym and competitions. Therefore, do not be afraid of putting definite amounts of fats. They will greatly assist you in future. Do not forget that you should avoid taking any fatty foods on the day of competitions as they can upset your stomach.
  1. Consume more liquid. You should remain hydrated all the time. Fluids are essential for our organism. They help to function all the systems in a proper way.
  2. Replace the lost electrolytes. You may lose sufficient amounts of electrocutes while sweating. You should replenish them with the help of sports drinks and water.

Stick to these simple idioms but essential and you will easily sustain your body in a healthy way.

Appropriate Nutrition for the Beginners in Bodybuilding

A proper nutrition is essential for any humankind. Nevertheless, when you are trying your skills in bodybuilding, this will be your most important thing to follow. You should make allowances of your nutrition before and after the workouts, as well as during them.

  • Nutrition before your workout.

Carbohydrates. These supplements are very necessary and arguable. They may make you fat and there so many types of them. Nevertheless, they are a tremendous source of energy, which is always needed while workouts. Consequently, before undertaking any workout, any athlete should intake carbohydrates.

Fast-absorbing protein. Proteins give a lot of energy and help to bind and create novel muscles. Therefore, you should take them before any training.

Creatine monohydrate. This is an incredible and healthy source of energy support. Its usage will increase your performance for many a time.

Beta alanine. This supplement adds energy and strength to your muscles. Using it, you will also get additional and powerful support for your workout.

  • Nutrition while your workout.

While any workout, we lose energy and our body gets tired. Therefore, we should intake products that will regain our energy stores. You can use BCAA and carbohydrate cocktail.

  • Nutrition after your workout.

Protein. You should definitely “repair” your organism after the loss of energy and breaking of muscles. Therefore, proteins should be administrated again.

BCAAS. This is a nice fuel for the body and you should take the amounts that are proper for your body mass and the intensity of your training.

Fast carbs (optional). After any training, the levels of blood sugar and glycogen are low. To regain the balance, you should take fast carbs.

These recommendations are not the only option for you. They are only one of the multiple possibilities.

Health & Balance

Do Omega-3 Fatty Acids Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack?

According to the statistics, every year 785,000 citizens of the USA have their first heart attack. There are 470,000 Americans with a history of at least one heart attack. In the USA, heart diseases are the reasons of death in about 25%. That is why reduction of heart attacks risks is such an important issue. Omega-3 fatty acids seem to occupy a significant place in solving this problem. Are these acids really effective and is it really that important to consume them? Continue Reading...

Menopause and Depression: Things You Just Have to Be Aware of

It is not proven that menopause can cause depression. However, the statistics show that the chances a woman will have depression increase by 300% if she is at the age of 45-55. Some studies show that up to one-third of women have felt depressed going through menopause. It is not yet known why that happens, but it might be due to the decrease of estrogen level. The hormone levels go down during perimenopause slowly but steadily, a period of about a year before the actual menopause that makes women feel something like constant PMS. And, of course, psychological reasons have to do a lot with depression: menopause is the time when women's lives change irreversibly, and not all women want to deal with it. Continue Reading...

4 Tips on How to Keep Your Liver Healthy

The liver plays a significant role in proper functioning of the body. There is a range of factors that may lead to worsening of its condition and cause a range of health problems. In order to prevent harmful damages and maintain your liver in a good condition, it is important to know what can be harmful and how it is possible to support the organ, so that it could work normally. Continue Reading...

How to Calm Your Nerves Quickly and Reach Psychological Balance?

When you worry and you need to quickly calm down, you can perform very simple psychotherapeutic exercises described below. The best sedative that is always with you –  imagination. Below you will find two very helpful stress-relieving techniques that will instantly help calm your nervous breakdown or a panic attack.

  1. White Shower

Imagine that you are standing in a shower stall. Light pleasant water stream is falling on you, imagine like water washes all your body. “Hear” the sound of running water.

Now imagine that the water turns into white color. White color pours on you, washes you, “sings” to you and cleans you from within.

Then take a deep slow breath, white color penetrates inside as you exhale. Make a deep breath, now you are filled with white color, calming and tranquil. Exhale.

Another deep breath. You calm down. Tension and excitement subside. Exhale….

Breathe. Calm and peace fill you with the white light. Exhale….

Breathe. You are calm and confident. Exhale….

Breathe. You keep this fullness of white light, tranquility, peace ... Exhale.

Breathe. Whenever you need to calm down, you'll remember this shower of white light. Exhale…. Breathe. And it will quickly and efficiently will calm you down. Exhale.

Perform 20-30 of breaths, imagine how with each breath you are more and more filled with white color. Feel the fullness of life.  When inhaling you can pronounce some phrases that are necessary for you at this moment. For example, if you are worried because of your children, say to yourself: "Everything is alright, my children are safe and sound”.

  1. Square breathing

This technique helps to cope with anxiety and excitement, it is easy to go from negative to neutral, calm state. The technique of square breathing can be used if you feel very nervous before meetings, important negotiations, public speaking, exams. The exercise is very simple and requires no special training.

Inhale and at the same time start to count without speaking “one thousand and one, one thousand and two, one  thousand and three, one thousand and four ..."

Make a breath holding the air inside at the expense of one thousand and one, one thousand and two, one thousand and three, one thousand and four...”

Now exhale at the expense of one thousand and one, one thousand and two, one thousand and three, one thousand and four...”

Now again, hold your breath, counting to “one thousand and one, one thousand and two, one thousand and three, one thousand and four ...”

Moreover, the duration of breaths can be chosen individually, it may be 4 seconds or 6-8 seconds or less, the main thing that you feel comfortable during this breathing exercise.

How to Get Skinny?

Many people, especially women wish to put off weight and become slender and even skinny. To achieve that, you may make allowances of the next tips.

  • Define the body type and choose an appropriate model.
  • Watch your normal fat amounts. You should not burn too much fat, for it may be dangers for your health. Everything should be reasonable. Find your healthy percentage of fat stores.
  • Define your perfect weight depending on your body type and try to reach it. Do not put off than it is needed.
  • Create a calorie deficit. The decrease should be 15-20% lower than your needs.
  • Alter your calories ever few days. Thus, your body will not get used to the same amounts of calories.
  • Eat frequently and in small amounts. Divide your food consumption in 5-6 of smaller meals in the course of the day. The portions should be equal.
  • Cardiovascular exercise. You should provide active physical life. This will lower your calories and will give your body a perfect shape. This will also improve your metabolic processes, as well as general health conditions.
  • Put to the usage resistance trainings. This will enhance your metabolic processes, your skin will be healthy and you will be in a great shape.
  • Running is very beneficial for those people who really wish to become skinny and fit. You will need any beginners program. It will do for you.
  • Create your visual impact. You should design your perfect appearance and constantly remind yourself about your main goal. Especially when you feel that you are about to give up.
  • Implement intensive training of high grade. It should last for 20 minutes only, 5 days per week. This will sufficiently increase your metabolism.

Do not forget to consult a professional nutritionist to be sure that your diet and program will not harm your health. afterward, you can freely us it.

Why can it be Difficult to Gain Weight?

Commonly, people wish to get rid of unattractive fats. Nevertheless, there are cases when due to different reasons, people need to gain more fats. However, this process may be complicated. There are several factors, which do allow gaining fats. These are as follows:

  • An inappropriate nutrition. The very first thing you should consider is to check your diet. You may use unhealthy foods, products that lack energy capacity and fats. You may simply not eat enough. You also stop eating while stressing situations or even swallow foods without a proper chewing. An increased physical activity or a demanding job, which requires a sufficient energy waste also contribute to the complicated mass gain. You should consider all these probabilities and review your calorie amounts per day.
  • An increased metabolism. Some types of people have a very fast metabolism and consequently, they require a greater calorie support. They lack stamina are weak and tiresome. You should intake more foods to replenish all energy losses.
  • An “adaptive” metabolism. Other individuals cannot obtain fat stores due to a fat adaptation of their metabolism. It adopts any changes in your diet. Nevertheless, having a strong health and a persistent desire, you will be able to slow down your metabolic processes and finally gain fats you need.
  • There are definite diseases that slow down and completely block the gaining of fat stores. Under such conditions, you should turn for help to a professional nutritionist. The expert will determine the measures needed for overcoming these deviations.

These are the main factors of this abnormality. Probably, there are some other factors that make it impossible to gain fat mass. At any rate, you should consult a specialist in this field.

How to Improve the Quality of Your Teeth

Amongst many possible health problems of men, weak tooth enamel is one of the most unpleasant and annoying. When your teeth ache, you cannot hide from this pain. The only way out is to immediately turn for an assistance of a dentist.

Nevertheless, you can avoid such unneeded visits if following definite recommendations at Canadian Health&Care Mall

  • Consider what you consume. If you do not want to weaken your tooth enamel, you should exclude from your ration sugars, different unhealthy nutrients and the drinks, which can create the bacteria that negatively affects your teeth. It can develop an increased sensuality, discoloration and roughen of the teeth.
  • Maintain your nutritional consumption. You should provide your enamel with all necessary nutrients and minerals. They can be found in dairy products, foods rich in protein and so on. It is also advised drinking water and exclude juices of fruits and soda.
  • Include fluoride. This element can greatly strengthen the walls of your enamel. You can find it special water and of course, any toothpaste.
  • Get sugar-free gums. Sugar gums promote the production of saliva that destroys You should avoid them and chew only sugar-free gums. They improve the quality of your teeth and your breath.
  • Add mineralizing methods. There are special gels that contain calcium and fluoride. They can sufficiently sustain your teeth and avoid their damage.
  • Ask an expert. You should obligatory check at a specialist. It should be done at least once per six months. Thus, you will know the state of your teeth. An expert will advise you how to maintain them in some other ways.

Try to follow these recommendations. With their implementation, you will visit a dentist only for the regular checks up. Make your teeth stronger every day and forget about any complications.

Sport & Fitness

What Are The Best Fitness Techniques for Beginners?

For right choice of starting fitness programs you should be guided by the principle "do no harm" and to choose the fitness exercise plan in accordance with your physical abilities. If you have a personal fitness trainer, training will take place more efficiently and the risk of undue stress and errors will be reduced to minimum. But you can also start a fitness program at home by following some useful tips from the specialists at Canadian Health&Care Mall:

  1. First and foremost, you must to remember that fitness is not a hobby, but regular, full-fledged classes. Skipping a workout due to poor mood or elementary laziness - it means to inhibit your own progress.
  2. During your first lessons do not show excessive zeal - overtraining will not allow a body fully recovering in between days of fitness, so your productivity during training will decrease.
  3. Fitness without dieting is the wasted time. Also observe the drinking regime - your body must fully recover all lost during trainings liquid.
  4. Reward yourself for each passed stage in the training process.

There are some simple fitness techniques for beginners that you can perform at home on your own:

  • Training for Cardiovascular (aerobic exercise) - walking, jogging on the spot;
  • Strength training for the development of specific muscle groups (start with small weights);
  • Activities for the development of flexibility - choose slow, static exercises and do not overdo it: ligament damage can be done very easily;
  • Before classes it is necessary to warm up a body and improve the blood supply to your muscles: it will reduce the risk of injury.

Effectual Methods for Women to Put off Weight and Remain Toned

It is beyond all doubts that each woman wish to look attractive. To achieve that, women undergo different diets nad physical exercise. Some even intake special appetite suppressants to curb hunger and reduce fat stores. Nonetheless, it would be enough to follow some smart tips. They will help to remain in tone and put off unattractive fats.

This issue requires a multifaceted approach. You have to keep an eye on your servings, as well as on the things you are doing. You can follow a simple and very beneficial plan.

  • Fat busters. The experts advise undergoing aerobic activity for not less than 150 minutes for each week. This makes 30 minutes for five days. When increasing this amount, you will easily reach your goal in burning fats. You have to include to your weekly program cardiovascular exercises. These should be running, walking and swimming. However, you can also ride a bike or something of the kind. It is advised monitoring your outdoor activity. Set a definite goal and try to reach. Afterward, reach new heights. This will also maintain your will.
  • Strong workout. You can become a real rock if strengthening the major groups of your For that, you need only two days per week. You have to pick up an appropriate program, which would be targeted at strengthening your body.
  • Remain flexible. You should undertake different stretches, maintenance exercises, which will make you fast and flexible. This will secure you from various sorts of injuries and traumas. There are many helpful and effectual methods.
  • The core of the matter. It is essential to maintain correct posture while all the activities you undertake. Thus, you will avoid muscular disharmony and will strengthen muscles in the weakest areas of the body. It is also important for women who have had children.

Try to follow these rules and you will greatly ease your life.

Smart Tips to Gain One Pound per Week

Most men wish to be strong and look good. For this, they visit gyms and plan special daily ration. This guide contains some helpful tips on how to put on about one pound of muscle mass each week.

  • Increase the building of your muscles. The synthesis of protein is of great importance for any athlete. Consequently, you should store it in great amounts. The more protein you consume, the greater results in your muscle mass gain you will receive.
  • Eat more meat. You should consume about 1 gram of protein for each pound of your body mass. In this particular case, you can eat chicken breast, cottage cheese, roast beef and other meats rich in this essential element. You can eat it with milk and eggs. Try to eat a lot of healthy food to obtain necessary calories.
  • Train the biggest muscles. The very first advice for all beginners is to concentrate on the training of the biggest groups of muscles. However, even experienced athletes always work on them. You should always complete basic exercises for all large muscles.
  • Have a stiff drink. Multiple studies prove that drinking special shakes that contain amino acids, carbohydrates and so on greatly increases the synthesis of protein. This results in the greater workouts, endurance, muscle growth and strength.
  • Be reasonable. You should not overexercise. After every day of intensive workout should be a day of rest.
  • Do not miss your carbs. While the period of rest, you should intake This will help to rebuild the damaged muscles.
  • Eat food every 3 hours. The experts recommend eating six times a day to support the body with all necessary elements for healthy growth.

These are only some of the most efficacious things you can do to add muscle mass, strength and maintain your body. Try them and you will see great results.

Wise Tips on How to Gain More Weight

Some people experience difficulties when gaining muscle mass. This can be induced by multiple reasons. Nevertheless, everything can be corrected if doing the right things.

  • A lot of calories. The very first rule you have to memorize is to consume more calories than you burn. If burning more than you have eaten, you may forget about gaining muscles. You will only lose your weight. Consequently, get prepared for a lot of cooking and eating. Monitor your daily ration and intake appropriate amounts of food.
  • A method of gaining There is a simple rule and anybody can follow it. You should eat 18-20 calories for every pound of your weight. You should know precisely how much you weigh. Afterward, you have to include to your ration carbohydrates - 55%, protein - 25%, fats - 20% of the total amounts of the consumed foods. Under the condition, you cannot gain weight, try to add 500 calories more.
  • How to eat? You should eat 3 big meals and additional 2-3 small ones. You have to find the healthiest recipes, which would include all necessary elements to build muscles and sustain your body.
  • Never miss breakfasts! This is the most important mealtime and you should always eat in the morning. We will not advise you any certain diet for this period of time. There are different types and you can choose the most acceptable. Do not stick to any diet for too long. This is not your guideline for the whole life.
  • Proper supplements. You do not have to waste your costs for expensive supplements. Common vitamins and minerals that are sold in every local drugstore may do for you. Your main goal is to give your organism all the necessary elements that may be wasted while intensive workouts.

Now, you have the basics to start healthy and reliable muscle gain. You have to undertake the further steps.

Build Muscle Mass and Be Strong

In order to build muscle mass and become stronger, you should find an efficacious program. There exist thousands of them. This article will give you 5 main recommendations about how to do that properly.

  1. Consume enough calories. The main key for gaining muscle and increasing strength is consumption of appropriate amounts of calories. Though you will put on some weight, you will burn it while your workouts. You should find out your optimal calorie amounts per day in regard to your body mass and body type. It is advised dividing your food consumption into 6 small meals.
  2. The concentration of protein. This is the most important nutrient in the process of mass blinding. The experts recommend consuming 2 grams of protein per pound of your body weight. It will help to grow muscles quite quickly. Do not take more that it is recommended. Only 15-20 grams are absorbed by our body per each intake of protein. All other grams will be rejected.
  • Eat after your workout. You will surely lose energy while your workouts and your muscles will be damaged. To regain power and recover broken tissues, which will turn into novel muscles, you should properly eat. Do it in some hour after the workout.
  1. Be hydrated. Water is essential for any organism and it is very important for the athletes. You should drink while your training so that there were no spasms and your heart did not overwork. Drink not less than 3-4 liters per day.
  2. An individual approach. You should pick up the most suitable program for you. Each exercise may give different results. You should seek and find yours. A lot will depend on your size and health conditions.

Of course, you should consult a professional and experienced trainer to find out the most acceptable program for you. However, any athlete should take these recommendations into account.

How to Become Stronger?

At times, people who are exercising in the gym cannot understand why their progress stops and they cannot gain muscle mass and become stronger. Probably, the main difficulty lies in the constant repetitions. Probably, the time has come to implement some changes.

You can use the following strategy:

  • Challenge yourself. Your workouts must be really difficult. No easy strolls! Your training should be intensive, which will cause a strong stress to your muscles. This will make them grow. Try to push very hard at the end of each workout. Nevertheless, do not overdo!
  • Add more weight and repetitions within time. Never work for too long with the same weight and do not repeat your workouts each time the same. As soon as you fell that you can easily push the weight, add more pounds and do an additional repetition every next training. However, do not cross the line! Do not add too much weight for you can harm your body.
  • Do overwork on cardio. Do not spend too much time on your cardio exercises as it will take too much of your strength.
  • Train all muscles. In order to build strong and beautiful body, you should train each group of muscles in the equal amounts. Never train all groups of your muscles the same day. Devote each group a separate training. Thus, your body will be proportional and attractive.
  • Have a rest. It is of great importance to have adequate rest between each workout. In such way, you will give your body time to recover and be ready to work again. Start the next rest as soon as you feel that you are in order and ready to push. On the “off” days, you may go running, swimming or riding a bike. Do not undertake very hard physical activity.

Following these simple, but vital tips, you will be able to train your body in a proper manner and reach high results. You will sufficiently strengthen your body.

Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices

In order to remain fit and be able to provide appropriate training, you should make the right healthy choices. In sports, as well as in other matters, a proper nutrition means very much. You should know what to eat to be healthy and avoid health complications.

Try the next tips:

  • Consume many calories. Every athlete requires strong muscles and a lot of energy. You can receive energy support and muscle growth thanks to the consumption of many calories. Of course, you should it nourishing and healthy foods. You should also avoid overeating.
  • Eat all food groups. You should obligatory include to your daily ration the most important products, such as vegetables, eggs, fish, fruits, lean meat, poultry, whole grains, oils, fats and nuts.
  • Plan your meals. You can eat either 5-6 small meals or 3 big and 3 snacks in between the big the ones.
  • Exclude unhealthy foods. You should avoid eating salty and fried foods, those containing a lot of sugar, processed flours, preservatives and those that have in their formula toxins.
  • Be hydrated. You should keep your body hydrated and you should drink not less than 10 glasses of water per day. Remember that water is always better than any energy drink.
  • Add creatine supplements. Creatine is one of the most popular supplements amongst sportsmen. It is effectual, safe and natural. It does not induce any adverse effects and adds great strength to the muscles. In addition, it recovers muscle tone much faster.
  • A proper sleep. A healthy sleep is of great importance for anyone. The athletes should keep a regime so that the body could rest and be able to work again. You should sleep at least 7-8 hours each day.

You make a great advantage of these tips and help yourself to live a healthy lifestyle. They are not difficult to follow and complete.

Sex & Relationships

5 Ways of Caring About Your Partner During The First Sex

No matter who is your sexual partner during the first intimate date you may need to follow advices of making your first time not a disaster but a pleasant memory that may grow into something more serious and long-lasting.

After all, no matter what they say, sex doesn’t take the last place at healthy relationship. If something goes wrong during the first sexual act together, then it is likely that the second time will not happen every again and you will not have another chance to fix the situation even if you really want this. Follow the advices from Canadian Health&Care Mall’s sexologists and psychologists and your first time will go very smoothly:

  1. You do not need to experiment during your first time

Unless your partner is rather frivolous or kinky you don’t need to rush the events and experiment during your first sexual date.  It is better to avoid the use of sex toys and new poses. The same applies to public sex. Imagine what would happen when excitement from the first time together and excitement from the risk of being caught will blend together. Under such circumstances, none will be able to relax.

  1. Start slowly

Even when being overflowed with emotions and you just start to rip off the clothes you need to remember about being as delicate and slow as possible. Light kissing of the entire body of your partner will help to relax and set the right tune that everything goes as great and comfortable as possible.

  1. Forget about all your insecurities

Do not let your inner voice doubt in your physical beauty like small breasts/penis, fat on your stomach or butt. If during your first sex you will not think about how to have pleasure and deliver it to your partner, but instead will try to hide some body part, nothing good from this will happen. Remember that your partner has already chose you and he/she likes you for what you are, including your body.

  1. You do not need to imitate anything during the first time

There is nothing wrong if you suddenly want to cheer your partner during the first sexual intercourse, by uttering loud groans. But in this case it is very important not to overdo your excitement. If you want to scream then scream, if you want to be quiet then be quiet. The most important is to be sincere. Sex reveals your true self and you won’t be able to hide it.

  1. Do not focus on some failures

You can’t do everything perfectly. But you can react perfectly even to the most embarrassing situations. It is almost impossible to avoid embarrassment during the first sex with a new partner – in fact it is natural. So if you suddenly bumped foreheads or squeezed each other too hard, then just laugh about it and go on.

Strong and Healthy Sex Relationships: What Should You Know?

It is essential to create strong and reliable relationships. Nevertheless, the path to it is long and very complicated. It is of great importance to undergo compromises, find patience, strength to reveal the true feelings and find ways to resolve all problems together.

Unfortunately, millions of couples around the globe fail to do that and they simply split. A lot depends on sexual life and problems in this sphere of life is a very frequent reason for breaking the relations. Here are recommendations, which you might find to be helpful for you.

If you are deciding when to have sex, you should:

  • feel sure and comfortable about such serious decision,
  • be honest and obligatory tell your partner all that is on your mind. If you are not ready, he or she has to respect this,
  • speak openly and reveal your feelings and fears,
  • do not push on your partner and see not to get under his or her pressure as well.

Why Is it so Difficult?

A lot depends on the things untold! Many people are afraid or shy of their emotions and desires. If not talking to each other, opening souls, there would be no good. You have to learn to communicate. When there appear some inconveniences and hardships in your relations, you should obligatory talk to your second part. You should eliminate any tension.

You should break out of the box. Be real in any life situation. Remain yourself inside and outside. Show your partner that you are a loyal and trustworthy person. Don’t you ever pretend! Be honest. Be real.

Avoid sexual abuse! You should discuss all the things you are doing in the bedroom. Do not do the things you hate. Of course, you should not take advantage and make your partner do some undesired things as well. Otherwise, this will only worsen your relationships.

These are those things people miss in their relations.

The Best Ways to Overcome “Sex Drought”

At times, all of us feel a “dry spell”, which negatively reflects on the relations and your self-esteem. This ay happens to single people, as well as those in relations who cannot get the connection with their second part.

Nevertheless, you should not be desperate. There multiple ways to get back on the track. Many experts give reliable and effectual recommendations to reboot sexual life.

  1. Do not be hasty. It is essential to undergo foreplay. It builds stronger mental, emotional and physical bonding between tow sides. It is especially important for women.
  2. Try to free your mind and be open to passion. Do not overcrowd your mind with worries.
  3. Show more sex. Try to be sexy outside. This will add greater fire to your relations.
  4. Go on traveling. The changing of your environment and occupation greatly reinforces any relations. It adds novel impressions and pleasant feelings.
  5. Go on a date. Going on a date will add romantic motives to your relations, will allow put off some steam and alter your routine.
  6. Be the leader! Men adore when women take the initiative. They get bored and even burdened by constantly pushing on. Trying to be the real man, males make the first steps. However, they would gladly meet the leadership of a woman in sexual
  7. Add some water. One of the best ways to relax and reach harmony in relations is to take from time to time baths together. This will lower tension and make you closer.
  8. Watch stories of love. Another way to add romanticism to your relationships is to simply watch a romantic movie. This may remind you about how your relations have started or what to do next.
  9. Mix it up! in the case, you have sex only in the bedroom, try to make love in other places. This would add more passion and desire to your relationships.

Try these simple things and you will be surely impressed with the outcomes.

The Things You Did not Know about Orgasms

You may be totally sure that you a real master and know all the things about orgasms. Nevertheless, there are some things, which have never occurred on somebody’s minds. Read the list below and tell how many things you did not know. Be honest!

  • Pain relieving function. Sex is a nice method for overcoming headaches, arthritis, pain after an operation or while childbirth. Of course, its action is not lasting. However, it helps for some pleasant minutes of your life.
  • A condom will not disturb. Many women think that usage of condoms lowers sensuality of the orgasms. Nevertheless, multiple studies prove that there is no difference at all.
  • Find your G-Spot. If finding that special nerve ending in the genitalia areas, women can receive much better orgasms. You have to try different ways to find out that very spot.
  • Better with age. Many studies show that women get orgasms easier in older periods of their life. Therefore, you may not worry about the complete lack of them within age. At times, they are even more pleasant than in younger ages.
  • Enhance self-esteem. The experts prove the fact that lack of self-confidence reduces the pleasure from sexual intercourse. Consequently, each woman should be sure in her actions.
  • Mix the things up. women receive better and quicker orgasms when they are engaged in multiple sexual acts. Do not be shy to try some novelties.
  • Take time. Commonly, women require more time for receiving orgasm. Accordingly, you have to discuss this matter with your partner. It is important to tell him that you need additional time for reaching pleasure. Your partner has to respect your natural needs.

Probably, some of the things you have already known. Nevertheless, there are surely some you have missed. Make use of them and implement them in life.

9 Tips for a Hot and Healthy Marriage

Oftentimes, many couples experience difficulties in their interaction due to the lack of “fire” in bed. That is why, many sexologists suggest implementing special methods, which can reignite that fire.

Make allowances of the following tips:

  1. Keep the boundaries. Your private relations should be the first priority. You should devote most of your time to your family, your spouse and not your routine duties.
  2. More touches. There will much profit for your personal relations if using non-sexual physical touching. This will improve sentimental and sensual feelings in your pair. Kisses when greeting, holding hands, sitting or lying together will greatly help you.
  3. More words of love. It is always pleasant to hear that your second half loves you. You should say to one another more gentle and sensual words. Express your true feelings. Thus, you will remind your partner that he or she is still loved.
  4. Provide physical intimacy dates on the regular basis. There should be an intimate connection between both sides. You should have regular sexual intercourse. This will strengthen your relations.
  5. Compliments in front of others. Do not be shy to say how beautiful, wise or humorous your second half is when you are before the public. This will give a feeling that you really care about your beloved one and are proud of him or her.
  6. Give presents or loving gestures. Giving gifts to one another, you show how valuable your partner is and that you wish to make him or her something pleasant.
  7. Vary your sexual contact. Mix your sexual activity, change something in it and add something novel.
  8. Open your eyes. While orgasms, look right in the eyes of your partner to give a feeling that you are satisfied with his/her actions.
  9. Weekly dates. Go for regular dates each week to add romanticism to your relations.

Use these tips and you will make your relations alive.

The Things That You Must Do Together

At times, people feel that their relations, no matter how long and happy they were before, are dying. In such occasion, there are two ways left. One of them is to give up. Another one is more complicated but can lead to a real happiness. You may rescue your relations.

How to save the slow dying relationships?

  • Return date night. Going on dates even after many years spent in marriage is vital. This may return those first exciting emotions that you shared with your second part on the first dates. Your relations will become more romantic and sensitive.
  • Forgive the mistakes. Forgiveness greatly benefits any relations. If you forget about old abuses and offends, you should the readiness to move on and strengthen your relations.
  • More laughter together. You should more time in love, joy, and laughter. Laughter always helps in the tensest situations and resolves pressure.
  • Support one another. You should stand as a real rock in any situation that threatens your second half. Give support and develop mutual encouragement and understanding. Listen to all the problems and complaints. Try to find the solution together. Devote more time to each other, find the common hobbies and enjoy life hand in hand.
  • Improve communication. Develop your communicative skills. Do not persuade that you are always right, avoid the imperative voice, share all of your thoughts and fears. Find gentle and accurate ways to one another’s hearts.
  • Express your feelings. Do not be afraid to reveal your true feelings and tell how important your second part is.

Always try to be open. If you have a real desire to keep your relations alive, you will always be able to save them. Follow your heart and use your head. Be honest and improve your communication in the most acceptable manner.

How to Have a Healthy Relationship

At times, relationships turn into something boring and a real chaos. There is no sensuality and love. This means that your relations are dying. Therefore, you should make definite measures to rescue them. You can use one big advice – do the things independently.

  1. Be responsible for your own happiness and joy. You have your own hours of happiness when you totally time to yourself.
  2. Follow your promises. Always do what you said you would. Thus, you will show that you are reliable.
  3. Accept your mistakes. In the occasion, you have done something wrong and abused your partner, you have to be strong to confess that have mistaken.
  4. Be realistic. You should work together with your second part and look at all the issues as a realist. There should be no dreams of how it might be… be solid, determined and practical.
  5. Listen to your beloved one. You have to consider all wishes of your partner and develop a mutual understanding. You can also give an advice when he or she has some problems. Become a real reliance.
  6. Show your affection. You have to continuously remind your partner about how much you love him or her.
  7. Be devoted. You should always put your second part in the first place and devote most of your time to spend it together.
  8. Avoid keeping secrets. Always be honest and tell all the secrets you may have.
  9. Give more breathing space. Each person requires his/her own privacy and freedom. Spend some time separately from your partner.
  10. Reveal your true feelings. Tell your second half about how he or she is important for you. Do not be shy about your true feelings, compliment and encourage your beloved.
  11. Talk sweetly. Gentle, amusing and sweet talks always create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

Following these tips, you may improve your relations. A lot depends on you only.

Diet & Weight Loss

Top 10 Foods for Fast Weight Loss

It is a quite common mistake to believe that weight loss foods are vegetables and fruit only. Most of them aren’t veggies or yoghurts, but products that are rich in good fat and protein, minerals and vitamins. When wisely added to your daily ration, they can bring many benefits. So, what must be eaten, if losing weight has already become your must? Continue Reading...

What Are The Fastest & Healthiest Diets for Weight Loss ?

The dieticians that teamed up for giving the recommendations to Canadian Health&Care Mall community decided to gather 5 most effective and safe diets that will help losing weight very quickly. With any of these diets you will be able to lose from 10 to lbs per week without any harm to your health. However, you can’t use the following diets as your daily diets. Between these fast diets have to be breaks and you can lose weight in other ways – like exercising or use safe diet supplements.

  1. Kefir-based diet for 7 days allows to lose about 10lbs ​​for the entire period. During 7 days you must drink only kefir or fat-free yogurt and a small amount of cottage cheese.
  2. Japanese diet is one of the most popular diets for quick weight loss. You can lose on average up to 15 lbs per 7 days. This is the carbohydrate-free diet, all meals are measured in grams. There are few approaches to Japanese diets – choose any that you like the most.
  3. Buckwheat diet promises great weight loss results - about 2 lbs per day. This cereal should not be boiled before eating but prepared on steam in special way (like tea). WE won’t guide you on this approach since there are also few ways of how to do this.
  4. Juicing or mono-diet can be very unhealthy if you follow it on a regular base but if you follow a balanced grapefruit diet for 4 days at least, you can lose up to 7 lbs per week.
  5. Untitled new diet that was recommended by one of Canadian Health&Care Mall users and then approved in multiple reviews from other users of this community. Let us call it The Special CHCM diet.

With this diet plan you should drink 1 liter of nonfat yogurt and 2.5 liters of plain water per day, eat one potato, 100 grams of cottage cheese, 2 ¼ cucumber and 200 grams of white chicken meat at regular intervals. You can lose 5-6 lbs per week with this diet.

9 Amazing Foods for Daily Ration

There are definite products that are present in any diet. They are very popular and seem to really help. However, most customers miss some other foods, which are also helpful and healthy. Let’s take a closer view on this list.

  1. This is a great source of vitamin C and fiber. It possesses unique properties and helps against the occurrence of cancer.
  2. These fish are very resourceful. They can tremendously fill our body with energy, give a great feeling of satiety. They are rich in vitamin D, B12 and omega-3 fatty acids. It also strengthens our bones.
  3. This product contains protein, calcium and potassium. This is a nice support for the body.
  4. These are quite soft and sweet vegetables that are great antioxidants. They are good for cancer prophylaxis and finely increase the blood support of the cerebrum.
  5. An artichoke can give you approximately 60 calories with almost no fat. It has high levels of fiber and can be cooked in different ways so that it suited your tastes.
  6. This fermented milk contains a very beneficial bacteria, which called probiotic. Its properties help to digest food easier. It also possesses anti-cancer effects and is good for inflammatory processes.
  7. These are also known as dried plums. These are great antioxidants and are rich in fiber. They are beneficial for the digestion.
  8. These are not of such tremendous popularity as beans. Nonetheless, they are healthy as well. They are rich in fiber and protein that finely maintain our organism.
  9. This is a source of a great variety of different vitamins, minerals and fiber. Besides, they are low in fat.

You can get all of these products and easily sustain your health.

The Things You Should Consider when Choosing Weight Loss Program

People all around the world try to keep their body in shape and do for this whatever is possible. Of course, healthy and reasonable diet is one of the main components for reaching the beautiful, attractive and strong body.

Notwithstanding, many people make definite mistakes when choosing their programs against overweight. The main thing is to find that very program, which will suit you. There are definite things you should consider to pick up really the right one!

Prior to choosing a certain diet, you have to find out the next things:

  • Is your advisor a licensed specialist? Does he or she have a good reputation?
  • What are the food restrictions? Probably, you will be missing too much?
  • Who sets your final target? It should be you because this is your body and health. you are working for yourself.
  • How many successful stories does it have? What percentage of people has completed this program?
  • What is the average loss in weight amongst individuals who completed it?
  • Are there any adverse effects? What are they?
  • Is there a special maintenance program, which would help to avoid putting up weight after you have reduced it?
  • How much would cost your diet for the entire period it should last?
  • Consult with a specialist if you are planning to burn about 15-20 pounds, but have some health complications.
  • Under the condition, you have opted for very low-calorie diet, you must obligatory check in with your physician.

In most occasions, it is advised choosing a weight loss program with which you will burn 1-2 pounds per week. If reducing too much of your weight, this would be a great stress for your system and may lead to some health inconveniences.

Many people really forget about some of these tips. Remember these things and you will escape many complications.

9 Benefits of Green Smoothies

Nowadays, green smoothies have gained a tremendous popularity and they have amazing properties. These properties greatly benefit human life. Right now, you can learn 15 benefits of drinking smoothies.

  • Easy digesting. Drinking blended fruits and vegetables is easily digestible and you will have no problems with your stomach.
  • More nutrients. Blending vegetables and fruits, you organism receives more readily available nutrients. Thus, the process of absorption runs faster. You will receive more vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other vital elements, which may be lost if consuming the products in other ways.
  • A rest to the digestion. Green smoothies are not heavy to your digestion and in such way, you will give your stomach time to repair and heal and detox the organism.
  • More veggies. Through green smoothies and juices, you are consuming more veggies. Thus, you will get more amounts of healthy elements obtained from greens and fruits.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects. These processed foods are rich in fats and sugars. They work against inflammatory processes and different diseases.
  • Great antioxidants. Veggies are powerful antioxidants and they greatly boost our health.
  • Improvement of your appearance. Thanks to their effects, your skin, hair and nails will be improved and will look healthy and attractive.
  • Weight loss. These foods easily maintain our organism with energy and all necessary elements. In addition, they are low in calories and reduce the hunger sensations. Thus, they become incredible assistants of any diet. Drinking them, you will lose weight without complications.
  • Green smoothies provide our organism with additional amounts of energy.

In addition, they can be easily prepared. Consume green smoothies and strengthen your health.

Smaller Meals for Weight Loss

Many professional nutritionists and official clinical trials and experiments prove that smaller meals greatly help to burn fats. Besides, such administration of foods has some other benefits, which are important for us.

  • A quicker metabolism. Your metabolic processes slow down when the organism does not receive food. It converses energy. When consuming frequent but small portions of food, you will not lose energy and your metabolism will work faster. Besides, you will lose fats.
  • Easier reducing of fat stores. Thanks to the increased frequency of food consumption, you will be able to lose weight faster. This will enhance your metabolism. Your sugar levels will be increased and thus, you will not experience great and often hunger. You will feel a great satiety, which will not be fake but real. You will be filled required energy.
  • Lowering of cholesterol. When eating lesser portions, the percentage of cholesterol in the organism lowers for 8-12%. It gets eliminated and does not remain in the organism in so great amounts.
  • Increased energy levels. This method of nutrition helps to compile more amounts of energy. Your blood sugar levels will be maintained and you will feel great energy inflows. Besides, the consumption of small but frequent meals enhances concentration and quickness of exercises.
  • The stability of your mood. There is a specific and very strong connection between human mood and food. More frequent meals change brain chemistry and improve our mood. Thus, it becomes more stable and there no unexpected mood swings. Food consumption is similar to the work of anti-depressants.

As you can see, small meals can easily reduce fat cells as well as bring other positive benefits. Therefore, it is quite reasonable to use this method of food consumption.

How to Eat Frequently and Little to Burn Fats?

One of the most itching problems of millions people around the world is excess weight. It is utterly difficult to keep the mount shut when we feel hungry. People are constantly searching the possibility to eat what they wish and do not put on novel fat stores. One of the dreams is to burn fats and feel that you are satiated. How to do that?

Well, one of the most dependable ways to do that is to eat frequently, but in small amounts. This is an outstanding method to burn unneeded fats. When eating in small amounts and at the same time each day, you will quicken all metabolic processes in your organism and the foods will be processed and utilized faster. In such way, your body will digest most of the food you intake. Due to devouring huge dishes, our digestive system is not able to digest all the foods. Accordingly, it causes some unpleasant health inconveniences, which can develop into serious diseases.

To speed up your metabolism, schedule your ration so that you ate 5 meals throughout the day. Every next meal should be taken not less than in 3 hours after the previous one. Thus, your body will burn the fats and will turn them into energy and muscle mass.

You should make allowances of the mental factor. Eat only when it is really needed. Many people “believe” that they should eat even when they are fully satiated. Keep in your mind that you are satisfied and do not eat food each time you see it.

Of course, you should choose a proper diet. It should include only natural and healthy products that contain all necessary elements. These may be different products. However, they should be easily digestive. Even small amounts of some products can give a great feeling of satiety. Do not forget that each meal that you are taking every 3 hours should be equal. It would be good to consult a nutritionist to opt for a healthy diet.

Every Day Health

Canadian Health&Care Mall: 10 Great Ways to Eat Healthy

Striving to stay healthy, energized, feel fresh and full of life one should follow the workout schedule, lead a healthy lifestyle and, definitely, eat properly. Correct nutrition is a very important component of everyday life. If the organism gets a well-balanced set of necessary vitamins and other supplements, the body will respond in proper functioning. Following the stereotypes, an overwhelming majority of people relate healthy eating with restrictions, rules and limitations. However, the reality differs greatly. You do not have to keep ultimately slim or deprive yourself of favorite foods. Instead, a balanced diet presupposes having an increased energy storage, feeling great, energized and full of life, boosting the outlook and balancing emotional health. Continue Reading...

How to Cease an Asthma Attack Without Meds?

Website of Canadian Health&Care Mall there are many inhalers and oral pills that can help fairly quickly ceasing an asthma attack. For example, Ventolin,  Albuterol, etc. These substances expand the bronchial tubes, reducing their swelling. But sometimes there is no an inhaler at hand and you need to calm your asthma attack all by yourself, at least until the medical help comes. Here is what you can do.

Some breathing exercises can be extremely helpful. If you feel an attack coming, sit straight without leaning back. Make four short, fast and noisy breaths.

Take a stick or rolled up newspaper and attach to your nose. Take a full breath while leaning forward. After that, begin to exhale, slowly straightening up, but not fully. Repeat this exercise as long as you need until an attack will start to fade away.

If you still find it hard to breathe, sit on a chair, lean forward, with your head down and place the elbows on your knees. Note that your back should be in round shape. Now start to sniff, you need to sniff two times. Do a few seconds break between exercises.

The specialists from The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology developed a recommendation for patients to prevent asthma attacks at home:

  • carefully plan your diet, because even the smallest amount of an allergen-filled food can lead to a severe attack;
  • regularly clean your house, wipe dust, use a vacuum cleaner, use light curtains, avoid using carpets, upholstered furniture;
  • Try to limit contact with furry pets;
  • Remove scented candles, plants, air fresheners;
  • Do not kindle the fireplace;
  • Avoid inhalation of cigarette smoke.

How to Guarantee Healthy Living?

It is very important to maintain our way of living as long as we can. Thre exist different programs, methods and clever tips on how to provide a healthy living. In this guide, you will be able to learn some really easy, but smart things on how to keep a healthy lifestyle. For that, you need to follow 8 smart steps.

  1. Take stock. The very first step you should undertake is to create a special to-do list. It should include all your favorite activities. This will make your life happier.
  2. Get rid of bad habits. You have to maintain a healthy living with the help of physical activity, proper nutrition and escaping such habits as smoking, drug usage or alcohol consumption. Treat all the chronic ailments if you have any.
  3. More movement. You have to be active. Set a definite goal and move on to it. Reach the newest heights.
  4. Improve your ration. You have to watch what you are eating. Exclude all unhealthy foods and consume only beneficial products, which are rich in necessary elements for our organism.
  5. Overcome stress. You should develop positive methods for conquering stress. Mental stability means a lot and it can be a cause for even some physical ailments. Overcome mental problems as quickly as you can.
  6. Improve sleep. you have to maintain your slumber. Go to bed and get up in a definite time. If you have any problems with it, you should ask an advice of a specialist.
  7. Advance your relations. It is necessary to have good and positive relationships with other people. This will greatly benefit your wellbeing.
  8. Challenge your mind. You should continuously reinforce your brain activity. Undergo different activities that train our mind and try to involve other people.

These are not really difficult things to do. Try to stick to this list and you will enjoy great success.

The Best Foods to Increase Your Brain Activity

Oftentimes, we lack some extra energies for the more dependable decision, greater productivity and simply clarity of thought. This can be easily resolved if using some unique products, which can boost the brain activity.

  • With the help of caffeine, you can make your brain more alert. It can give you a sufficient wake-up buzz. However, do not forget that the effects are not lasting. Some people abuse with this substance and overdo. This may harm you. Watch the norm!
  • Mind that your mind can be enhanced by sugar. However, this is not table sugar, but glucose. It gives brief enhancement of memory, thinking and mental capabilities. you can drink something sweet at a need.
  • The most important mealtime is breakfast and you should never miss it. Eat dairy products, fruits and all others that are rich in fiber. Do not overeat!
  • Different types of fish can greatly maintain your thinking and add alertness, for instance, sardine. Omega-3 fatty acids are the key components of brain reinforcement.
  • Nuts and chocolate. Your brain requires vitamin E, which is a booster of energy. It increases cognitive functions.
  • Avocados and whole grains. Consuming these products, you will provide a significant blood support of your brain. Besides, these products lower the risk of heart ailments and decrease cholesterol levels.
  • This fruit is a tremendous energy aid for your brain. In addition, it slows down the process of aging.
  • Healthy diet. Your daily ration has to include all needed vitamins, minerals, protein and so on. It has to be balanced. Definitely, you will require the help of an expert in this field. This also improves the work of your brain.

As you can see, you can easily get any of these products and use them with great benefits.

7 Tips to Improve Memory by Canadian Health&Care Mall

There may be different problems with health. Some of them do not seem to actually very dangerous and threaten your life. For instance, problems with memory are not dangerous for life. Nevertheless, it created multiple inconveniences in everyday life. It gets on anyone’s nerves when you cannot remember the things you should do. Therefore, such problem must be resolved. It can be done by following some smart tips.

These are:

  1. Metal activity. You should always keep your brain in shape. Just as the physical activity keeps in shape our body, mental reinforcement helps to organize out thoughts and behavior. Thus, we become more determined and concentrated on what we do. Read an intellectual book or newspapers, resolve crossword puzzles, learn to play musical instruments and so on. This all helps to train our memory.
  2. Social activity. Depression and stress can contribute to the memory loss. That is why the experts recommend spending more time with people with whom you feel help. They can ward off these problems.
  3. Become organized. Organizing your working process, planning your future steps will make your concentrated and focused.
  4. A proper slumber. Sleep helps to recover all systems and functions of our body. One of such is a memory.
  5. Healthy food. There are many memory boosters. Different kinds of food, such as fish, lean meat or poultry can enhance your memory capacity.
  6. Physical exercises. Physical activity is another key to the improvement of your memory. An active way of life helps to improve blood flows to the brain, which positively reflects on the functions of our memory.
  7. Manage chronic conditions. There some ailments that worsen memory. To improve it, you should treat all of them.

These are quite simple tips. Following them, you can significantly improve your memory capacity.

How to Increase Kidney Function

There are many systems and organs in our organism, which are always vital. We should take care of our organism to live long and healthy life. One of the most important organs in our body is kidneys. There some steps, which can significantly sustain their functions. They are pretty simple and effectual.

  • Step 1. Control your body weight. You should determine your body type and avoid the obesity. Otherwise, you are risking to receive severe kidney ailments and disorders. Consume lean meats, veggies, and fruits and so on.
  • Step 2. Physical workout. The proper health conditions of our organism rely on our physical activity. Exercises maintain our organism and prevent premature aging and multiple ailments. One of such is kidney function. Swimming, running, weight training and so on can prevent from all these complications. You should not exercise too much. Some 30 minutes of moderate workouts will do for you.
  • Step 3. Keep under the control your blood pressure. One of the risk factors that induces kidney ailments and disorders is an increased blood pressure or hypertension. You should consume the healthy product and provide prophylaxis of your blood pressure levels.
  • Step 4. Eliminate all the toxins. You should avoid taking any foods, medications, and other substances, which fill your organism with toxins. They contribute to the development of kidney disease.
  • Step 5. Consume protein. Protein is very important for us. Under the condition, kidney’s functions are impaired you will lose a lot of protein. Therefore, you should check its levels and consume additional portions.

These are 5 simple steps, which can be done by anyone. If you wish to strengthen your kidney function, you may follow them. Of course, you should seek other methods to maintain this important organ.

Personal Cardio Exercises for Any Body Type

According to your body type, you can select a healthy and efficacious cardio program, which will significantly improve your heart functions and maintain the organism in general. There are three body types. After the determination of your type, you can opt for a reasonable cardio plan.

Endomorph exercise plan. As for cardiovascular regimes, you can undertake plenty of activities – running, swimming, weight lifting, cycling and so on. Such exercises are vital for this body type because such people lose weight faster and easier. To burn fats more effectually, opt for 45-60 minutes of cardio workout. This should take place 5-6 times per week. The intensity should vary from moderate to high. Do the workouts each day at the same time to enhance your metabolic processes. Change the exercise every 3-4 weeks.

Mesomorph exercise plan. People, who belong to this body type, should control their fat percentage. They are predisposed to lose muscles mass and gain fat stores. This can happen pretty quickly. When talking about males of this type, they should divide their exercises for cardio and resistance training. Thus, they will reduce fat stores and tone their muscles. The females should give more heed to cardio exercises. It is necessary to burn fats in the upper and lower body. There should be not less than 4 sessions per week, which should last 30-60 minutes. The intensity is also moderate and high.

Ectomorph exercise plan. This body type is not so bothered with overweight. Therefore, it can concentrate on cardio training. There should be 3-4 sessions per week, which should last for some 20-30 minutes. They can lose weight and increase stamina with running, swimming, skating and so on.

These methods are not that hard to follow. Try them and make your body slim and attractive.