The problems with erection are of great importance. Millions of men around the globe have them. Due to this dangerous figure, it is so frequently discussed. Yearly, different scientists, physicians and pharmaceutical enterprises develop different ways for combating this severe ailment.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the inability to hold lasting and firm erection. At times, men are not capable to achieve it at all. Thanks to the tremendous progress and constant advancement of modern medicine and science, almost in all cases erectile dysfunction can be cured.Impotence

There exist multiple medical remedies that can prevent its worsening and are capable to improve the quality of erection and sexual intercourses. Nevertheless, there are occasions, when preparations aimed at overcoming ED are helpless.

Such occasions take place when there appear some mental illnesses or deviations. The presence of mental factor has actually great influence. It involves different spheres of life and affects all of our systems. Very frequently, mental state is the main reason for the happening of problematic erection.

Under such conditions, curing with medical preparations against ED will not help. You will surely require the help of psychologist. One of the most serious mental deviations is depression.

This state induces different problems in social occupation of the examinee. Nevertheless, it reflects on abnormalities in physical aspect. One of the possible problems is the inability to have proper erection. It becomes either weak, or it does not come at all.

Causes of Depression

Commonly, depression occurs due to external circumstances and stress situations. This is a response to psychological traumas of various origin. Men do not show too much of their emotions. Nevertheless, it is utterly difficult to withstand this state.

One of the most conventional reasons for depression is unsatisfying results at work, when a man cannot reach the desired goals and has no promotion. Problems in business, confrontation at home, financial problems, misfortunes in private relations and other similar factors induce depression in men.

Another possible cause of depression is imbalance of hormones. The greatest troubles appear when there is a lack of testosterone. Within age, such tendency only increases. This leads to other difficulties of physical character. One of them is impotence.

In addition, depression can happen as the result of severe diseases – neuroses, pathology of the cerebrum vessels, diabetes, cancer, abnormal consumption of drugs and/or alcohol.

The Consequences of Depression

The state of depression has negative and only negative reflection in all spheres of life. It has powerful impact upon the levels of testosterone. Men that have depression, live through sufficient loss of this vital hormone. This is manifested at worsened abilities to work, such men are less successful and definitely, they have troubles with erection.

The scholars have found the link between this mental deviation and testosterone. The percentage of this hormone in men who are depressed is sufficiently lowered. Accordingly, there is no surprise that it induces problems with gaining proper erection.

There is a connection of heart ailments and impotence. When a man is depressed, he is less active and does not make his body work properly. This all reflects on general conditions of the heart and leads to various ailments. In their turn, these ailments lower the levels of libido.

There is also another interesting fact about depression and ED. Each of them can be the reason for the occurrence of another one. When a man suffers from depression, his libido lowers and he loses interest in sex. Thus, there starts erectile dysfunction. However, if ED is induced by other factors, it can develop depression as well, because this is a hard strike for any man. One of the studies has shown that 90% of men suffering from impotence were depressed. Such figure is unbelievable, but it is truth.

This mental deviation affects incredibly hard our cerebrum. It violates the concentration of neurotransmitters, which regulate our common behavior. In addition, it destroys neurons. The destruction of cerebrum cells is utterly dangerous. Such state induces multiple psychic complications, which can be hard to overcome. This increases the development of various mental abnormalities as anxiety, increased aggressiveness, shifted sleep regimen, paranoiac behavior, continuous feeling of panic and many others.Depressed man

Mind that depression leads to physical ailments as well. For instance, when the neurons die, the levels of cortisol enhance and this may induce diabetes and/or accelerate the process of aging. Consequently, the state of depression must be taken under control within the shortest terms. The tricks with our cerebrum are not funny at all.

One of the most essential questions is the period when depression induces ED. One of the dependable researches has determined that this period lies between 40s and early 50s. As you can see, this is probably the most difficult period for any man and it is quite reasonable. It is high time to look back and reflect all deeds and achievements. If something has gone wrong, it will reflect on the emotional state.

What to Do?

Obviously, such state ought to be cured effectively and very quickly. The longer you linger, the heavier consequences will be. Depression is a mental ailment and must be cured with the help of professional psychologist. Nevertheless, each expert would surely prescribe special antidepressant preparation, which would be capable to remove this dangerous state.

You should not skip the possibility of simultaneous treatment with remedies against impotence. Multiple studies have proven that the implementation of such remedies improves erection. Such improvements positively reflect upon emotional state of the examinees and depression gets cured as well.

Of course, the mix of such powerful preparations must be supervised by an expert and administrated with great caution. However, this is a very effective method of conquering both ailments.

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