Generic vs brand medications

Generic vs brand medications

What is special about generic medications?

Generic medications usually are precise replicas of brand-labelled medications. Meaning, generics go with the same dosage and active ingredients as the meds made by the usually well-known brand which was labelled by the company that invented the given med in the first place. Consider Viagra. Viagra’s generic would be sildenafil, originally an active component manufactured and sold under various generic names, while sustaining the formula and efficacy of a branded Viagra pill.

Generics are sold at lower prices while retaining original quality

Generics are way lower in price than their branded counterparts, because the manufacturers of generics do not have to spend on research, developing and extensive and expensive marketing campaigns.

Is a license needed for a generic?

The patent and licensing organizations have the same approach as far as licensing is concerned for any medications manufacturers. That is why many well-known manufacturers feature among their assortments both branded meds and generics. The same active ingredient wrapped in a different coating may be sold both at lower price and at higher price. The difference? One is branded and one is generic.

The consumerist’s psychology is such that a customer, when he desperately needs a med, wouldn’t care about the price, and would go for the branded pill. Around 50 percent of all available generic medications coming to the pharmaceutical online market are developed by the large corporations, such as Bayer, Pfizer, and others, the same conglomerates that throw in branded pills.

Are generics and branded meds differ in effect?

The truth is, generics are identical with the branded meds in all respects, including the onset of the action. The controlling patenting organizations make sure that the branded pill and the generic pill are 100 percent identical, so that a customer wouldn’t be misleaded.

Is there anything different between generics and branded medications?

The difference between generics and branded medications really comes down to how a given pill would look “on the outside”. The color of the coating is different from that of the identical branded pill. For example, in the USA, the trademark-connected regulations don’t allow the pills to be on the market wrapped in the same coating color as original branded pills. Another difference may be a number of unsubstantial components added here and there: flavors, non-active components, etc. The effect of the branded and generic pill, if both are purchased from the trusted provider, shall be the same. Read this article if you want get more information about generics.

TOP 7 reasons to buy in online pharmacies

Why online pharmacies are popular? We list top 7 reasons for that

TOP 7 reasons to buy online

1. Prices online are low

The price on the particular medication or the class of treatments would be way lower at on-line pharmaceutical markets than the price for the exactly the same med or the treatment in a drug-store around the corner.

2. It’s quick!

You will get your med faster with online drug stores. Regular pharmacies take longer to get your med to you, if they don’t have it in the store. Online pharmacy have stably rapid delivering procedures, and are rarely hindered by external factors.

3. No need to go see a doctor

When you go buying meds online, there is no need to visit a doctor before. In case you need a consultation, you can easily get in touch with the medical team on a given online pharmacy

4. It’s prescription free

While you may need a prescription to get a medication from the regular store due to the local regulations, which sometimes do not make any sense at all, it is always prescription-free at an online store. And yes, it is legitimate to purchase a prescription-free med.

5. Psychological comfort

With some health issues, such as erectile dysfunction many men would be shy to open up about it even while talking to a pharmacist or a urologist. Online stores provide psychological comfort while maintaining privacy and anonymity.

6. Money-back guarantee

Most good legitimate online stores provide good refunds/money back policies alas they care about their customers and are less rigid than regular pharmacy stores. If your pill did not work for you, you may rest assured you’ll get your money back.

7. Wider assortment at online pharmacies

There is a much wider choice of the medications in online pharmacies. There are many alternatives there to the established and pricey treatments that work the same way. A legitimate online store can be registered in a country that is different from a country where a customer lives while providing a wider selection. Why? Simple: the medications are easier to patent in the country of the provider, such as India, China, etc.

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What makes Canadian online drugstores superb?

What makes Canadian online drugstores superb

Buying meds at Canadian online stores will cost you less

In Canada, it is customary to supply medications in bulk amounts for the particular region. This is a mechanism that allows pharmaceutical companies to save dramatically on incoming meds. What’s in for the customer there? The Canadian online store can offer a med for a lower price while still having the revenues at decent levels.

The patent regulations are not that rigid in Canada

Canada has a much more friendly patenting policy than the United States or most European countries. A range of popular medications can be patented in Canada. That entails a higher competition. At the end, everybody wins. Online stores can legally sell a range of great meds; customers can get these meds legally at lower prices.

Pricing comparison: Canada vs US

In Canada, when they calculate the price range of a class of a particular medication, they consider medications that are used as the same treatments. These are obtained by the evaluations of the teams of researchers focusing on a particular class of a medication. In the United States, it is not the case. Another factor in keeping the prices lower, now for the whole class of medications.

There is an insurance policy in Canada that covers lots of popular treatments

One of the advantages of the Canadian medical insurance plans (official source: is that they can usually un-coverable diseases, like, famously, erectile dysfunction and related ones.

Usually these are still not covered by the general health insurance, but when it comes to the single payer program, they are often included. If you want to get your pills for free, talk to your urologist to make it appear for the insurance company like you have a disease. Erectile dysfunction is a complicated health problem that may cause a range of other diseases, so this whole insurance coverage makes total sense. Same goes for other diseases usually not covered by plans elsewhere.

It is easier to sell medications from other countries in Canada

While the United States patenting & licensing is mоre flexible when it comes to the meds made in the USA , the Canadian licensing is more universal. Canadian licensing process makes it easier for obtaining a license for medications incoming from all over the world. That results in a much wider choice of options of treatments of the particular kind in the online pharmacies in Canada.

Consider Canadian Health&Care Mall

Consider Canadian HealthCare Mall

Canadian Health&Care Mall takes care of you

Canadian Health&Care Mall has gained reputation for its special approach to customers seeking treatments for a wide range of conditions. We take pride in our individual approach to each case. We have a team of medical specialists available for a professional recommendation. You can rest assured you will be treated with a professional advice.

We provide you only with time-proven products

The professionals in Canadian Health&Care Mall’s team are approving all generic medications for safety and standards. All generic meds we sell via on-line phаrmacy originate from manufacturers with approved licenses. We weed out suspicious/unreliable providers. Owing to the tens of years of experience and professional expertise, we have created partnership and mutual trust both with the manufacturers of generics and our custоmers.

Your privacy is guarded at Canadian Health&Care Mall

Canadian Health&Care Mall utilizes the most advanced encryption technology in order to prоtect personal information such as names, physical addresses, credit card info. A subscription is optioned only if you personally consent to it. Due to our strict information protection policy, third parties are not able to obtain your email address.

We provide only the most efficient medications

We are aware that a treatment of a particular disease may become costly. This is why we sell generic replicas of popular branded drugs. With a help of our On-line Pharmacy, customers are treated with the same medications for a lower price.

Flexibility of dosages

Generic mediations sold in Canadian Health&Care Mall are provided in flexible dosages, so you can be satisfied with the amount you need. For each specific dosage you pick, there is a special direction available. While for example Viagra (sildenafil) is sold normally in 25,50, 100mg dosages, we are providing you with other dosages options. Make sure to contact our professional team to get an advice on the dosage you may need for your specific treatment.

Discounts and Coupons are waiting for you

Regardless of the generic medication you need to buy right now, make sure you browse our deals/ discounts section, offers numerous discount programs, coupons, and other options to get a reduction in price.

Our support team is available in case you need a special discount. We are ready to negotiate with you. Make sure to contact us, if you cannot find a special price for the particular treatment you seek.

Canadian Health&Care Mall is here to help you

If you have any worries regarding treatments you want to purchase at our online store but still in doubt, we are readily available to give you an unbiased advice 24/7. You can either contact us via phone, send us an email, or simply go to our online chat established to help you with any concern you may have. If your question is with your medical history, we will redirect you to one of our medical specialists.

We care about you and are willing to help all our current and potential valuable customers any time.