One of the most frequent and annoying disorders of any person is a shift in sleeping regimen. This is a mental disorder, which has different kinds and states of severity. The major disorder is called insomnia or inability to fall asleep. It may take much time to fall asleep for some individualities. The others cannot sleep at all. As the result, people get sleepy in the daytime. It is obvious that such huge shift disturbs the providing of common way of life.

There are other kinds of sleep violations. These are early awakening with the following inability to fall asleep again, as well frequent awakenings throughout the night.

Sleep problemsWhat are the reasons for sleep shifts? There are specific natural chemicals in our cerebrum. They are also called neurotransmitters. In occasion, their balance is violated there take place different mental deviations from the norm. The human behavior becomes more unconventional and even dangerous. Their violation depresses cognitive functions, which leads to dangerous events. One of such deviations is disorder of sleeping regimen.

In order to overcome such disorder, physicians recommend using special medical remedies. They are targeted at bringing the balance of natural chemicals to the norm.

Here below is the list of very efficacious sleeping pills of high dependability.


This is probably the most famous preparation of this specific series. It is of high quality and effectiveness. It has multiple successful reports among customers throughout the world.

Its main active component is called Zolpidem. It influences certain nerve centers of our brain normalizing sleeping regimen. It possesses sedative and hypnotic effects. Therefore, it can also release examinees from nerve tension.

It has two layers. The first one quickly dissolves, securing immediate sleep. The second one gets dissolved slower. It provides strong, deep and prolonged slumber, preventing awakenings at night. The cure guarantees about 7-8 hours of healthy slumber without awakenings.

It is efficacious against insomnia, frequent and early awakenings.


Sleeping-pillsThis is another sought-after preparation designed to eliminate problems with sleep. It possesses multiple positive effects. Amongst them are hypnotic, tranquilizing, sedative and anticonvulsant effects. Consequently, safe restoring of common sleep, it also releases from possible muscle tension. In such way, one can get rid of pains in muscles too.

Its major ingredient is called Zopiclone. It is rapidly absorbed by the organism and penetrates into the organs and tissues. The major metabolism occurs in the liver. It enhances the quality of sleep, reduces the frequency of awakenings during the night and greatly decreases the time required for falling asleep. The drug gets excreted through the intestine and kidneys.

The preparation sufficiently decreases asthma attacks throughout night, their duration and intensity. It is also prescribed for individualities who suffer from chronic, transient or situational insomnia.


This is a proven preparation, which is based upon a hormone that has the same name – Melatonin. It is utterly efficacious in occasions of inability to fall asleep, frequent awakenings and some other sleep disturbances. It possesses adaptogenic and sedative effects.

The drug normalizes proper dream and entire cycle sleep-wakefulness. In addition, it normalizes and sustains biological rhythms. Its sedative effects also help examinees who are suffering from emotional disorders. The drug stabilizes mental state and improves mood. It strengthens immune system and helps to adopt to rapid time changes. This is a beneficial preparation for people who frequently travel though different time zones. Besides, this preparation also slows down the aging of cells.


The major ingredient of this remedy is known as Doxylamine succinate. This is a resourceful sleeping remedy, which is prescribed for individualities suffering from sleeplessness or partial sleep disorders. It possesses sedative and hypnotic effects. This very preparation is a blocker of H1-histamine receptors deriving from the group of ethanolamines. It sufficiently increases the duration of proper slumber with any complications. One can have a lasting slumber up to 8 hours. It is easily digested and absorbed by the organism.


This is another renowned medical cure with a major constituent Melatonin. It is a resourceful hormone that is capable to eliminate shifts in sleeping regimen. The cure rapidly acts and normalizes biological rhythms. It balances neurotransmitters, which helps to have a proper sleep. The slumber will be deep and healthy, so that there occurred no awakenings. In addition, it reduces dizziness and headaches. Using this cure, one can easily adapt to frequent time zone changes. This cure is also capable to improve emotional state, as it synthesizes dopamine, serotonin and GABA.

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You have to remember that each of these preparations has powerful impact upon the organism. Therefore, the period of the treatment is not lasting. You have to strongly follow all the instructions of your supervisor to escape overdosing.