At Canadian Health&Care Mall, we receive hundreds of questions from our customers daily. At times questions are so bizarre that we decided to publish them with comments from dedicated health professionals to entertain and to educate our valuable customers.

TOP 5 Bizarre Questions from Our CustomersQuestion: Is it possible to get a woman pregnant while you have erectile dysfunction?


Even a sexual intercourse can’t be a bona-fide guarantee that a woman can become pregnant as a result. What important in conceiving a child is not an erection, but the sperm count. Even if a man can achieve an erection, but has a low sperm count, the chances of a woman getting pregnant are low. On the other hand, a man who suffers from ED yet has a perfect sperm count is able to get a woman impregnated. Some reproductive maneuvers would be required, for sure, but it is achievable.

How to figure out one’s sperm count? A testicular biopsy is used for that, and, if a normal sperm count is discovered, next step would be In vitro fertilization accompanied by collecting sperm. The process includes getting a sperm sample from a male, “crossing” an egg and a sperm sample in a laboratory, and then putting an embryo to the uterus.

Question: Can I Blow Up if I Use Nitroglycerin As a Heart Remedy?


This is one of the funniest inquires in our inbox. The thing is that nitroglycerin is indeed used both in making explosives, as the popular movie “Fight Club” has shown, and as a perfectly working medicine for adjusting heart complications to healthier levels.

As a medication, nitroglycerin results in the increased blood flow to the heart via affected vasodilation, that is, making arteries more efficient carriers of the blood.

A pill of a nitroglycerin cannot blow anything, as a dosage that is used in manufacturing a pill is minuscule compared to the amount used to make even a small explosion. Besides, nitroglycerin in medication is designed as a highly diluted chemical, that is, totally harmless when administered.

Question: Can the Male Penis Break Like a Bone?

Can the Male Penis Break Like a BoneAnswer:

This is a very popular question we receive from the users of erectile dysfunction treatments who are worried about their erection being so strong that it can actually result in the ultimate damage.

The truth is, yes. A male penis can be broken. While the penis has no regular bones like your legs and arms have, it features a thick layer known in biology as tunica albuginea. That is thanks to this layer males can sustain an erected penis.

There are cases, if extremely rare ones, when the tunica albuginea is damaged during the sexual intercourse. There are also unusual situations when a man actually smashes his erected penis with something heavy. What follows? The sponge muscles of the penis are filled with the blood during an erection. The elastic tunica albuginea keeps this blood from overflowing. When the tissues is fractured, the blood leaks out of the sponge muscles causing an immediate hemorrhage, bruising and swelling of the tissues. You should remember that this is an emergency situation that requires an immediate medical attention.

Question: Can Needle-pricking In My Feet Make Me Paralyzed?


The “pins and needles” sensation (known in medicine as paresthesia), can be a symptom of complications with your cardiovascular (circular) system. If you, for example, have been in the “kneeling” position for a significant period of time, the arteries that supply the blood to your leg are getting completely compressed, preventing the healthy blood flow to the area. As a result, the oxygen and glucose that is carried via the bloodstream are not reaching their destination in tissues. Besides, the actual nerve fibers are getting suppressed and the peripheral nervous system responsible for providing the input/ output from your leg to the central nervous system goes completely out of hand. The brain gets mixed unusual signals from the legs and, pretty much like a broken computer, interprets these as “needles and pins.” Should you feel this sensation, you must immediately change your legs position and engage in a brief exercise until the uncomfortable feeling is gone. If you fail to do this, while the sensation of needles and pins keeps bugging you, the arteries can be pressed to such an extent that to cause even permanent damage to the nerve fibers.

Question: I Am Overweight. Is It Easy For Me to Get Pregnant?


Overweight women are found to have an excessive production of hormone estrogen. As a result, their cycle is getting out of hand, at times reaching the point when overweight women do not have an ovulation.

There are other undesired consequences: the studies have found that women who have the weight index of 30 or higher do have lower pregnancy probability as compared to women with indexes in the 20’s range. That is why maintaining healthier weight is of high importance if a woman wants to conceive a child.