Amid a great variety of different ailments, disorders and health abnormalities, erectile dysfunction is arguably one of the most discussed ones. It is a severe male disease and millions of men from different parts of the world face it. In others words, it is called impotence and is clinically manifested as an inability to achieve or maintain a strong erection for a proper period of time.

Undoubtedly, such a sickness should be cured. Thanks to amazing development of modern medicine, science and technologies, world markets are full of different medical preparations that are capable to remove the issue of ED. The most renowned of them are such preparations as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and many others. They all contain powerful ingredients that derive from the family of PDE5 inhibitors. These substances support the areas of pelvic organs with powerful blood streaming, which enables healthy and lasting erection.Doctor and patient

There are also many debates about some possible problems with other body systems induced by erectile dysfunction. It has tremendous influence on a man’s psyche. ED can be a reason for the development of depression, anxiety, panic disorder and so on. Nevertheless, it may be associated with physiological sicknesses, too. One of the acutest problems that might be connected with impotence is a risk for heart attacks. The scientists know that the whole process of erection is made possible with the help of our central nervous system, blood vessels and cardiovascular apparatus. Therefore, there were many who drew the conclusion that in case of impotence, men should await an upcoming heart attack. To find out the truth, the scholars have conducted multiple researches.

The Link between ED and Heart Diseases

Our heart is known as a powerful “engine”, which pumps blood and transports it throughout the whole organism and all of its systems. Insufficiency of blood leads to different health illnesses. One of them is ED. However, erectile dysfunction may be a sign for problems from the side of cardiovascular system. There are some hidden risk factors. A recent Canadian Pharmacy research has proved that among men with heart ailments who are aged 45 years, about 50% had problems with their erection functions. As the severity of impotence grows, the complicity of heart ailments increases as well. Moreover, the specialists say that it is even more dangerous than cardiovascular disease in history. Nevertheless, not all links between these two health illnesses are defined for sure. It is known that with age, our organism gradually gives up and there appear various health problems. Mostly, problems with potency develop in older age. Heart diseases take place in later phases of life, too. However, Dr. Emily Banks does not have complete confidence that heart complications surely happen due to troubles with ED. There is a strong connection of two systems and such examinees are to be strictly supervised to prevent undesired complications. The physician supervised men aged 70 years and over. She observed moderate or severe problems with erection in 60% of all men. Each of such examinees also had troubles with heart. Other researches, too, detected this unfortunate and hazardous tendency. A novel research was targeted to find out more details about the influence of ED on human heart. There were 95,000 men aged 45 and more who participated in this study. The study took into account bad habits and some other health conditions. More than 60% were predisposed for receiving complications with cardiovascular system. Half of this figure might receive utterly dangerous disease, which would lead to death. The tendency is really threatening. More than half of all people who suffer from heart ailments have ED. This is a true proof that there is a strong connection, which ought to be properly tended. Beyond all doubts, impotence is a sign of heart diseases. Of course, some men may have no problems with their heart when having ED. Nonetheless, the experts strongly advise checking the conditions of cardiovascular apparatus to escape possible problems.

Possible Treatment with Generic Viagra

Viagra pillAs it has been already mentioned previously, generic Viagra is one of the most popular and effectual cures that eliminate difficulties with impotence. Some specialists think that it can help to reduce the risks with heart diseases too.

Its main constituent is called sildenafil. At first, it was created to overcome problems with hypertension. In the end, it turned out that this inhibitor has better influence upon the reproductive system. Nonetheless, it had some positive affection upon heart as well. Accordingly, scientists believe that usage of Generic Viagra can help in this case as well (click to read more about Generic Viagra).

Still, there is no certainty that this cure can reduce possible risks. The data concerning this issue is not enough and further tests and trials should find out all details. It is only known that it would hardly suit examinees who already have severe heart ailments. In fact, it is contraindicated for such category of examinees. Therefore, the jury is still out on this one.

Methods for Prevention of ED and Heart Diseases

In order to secure your own health, it is better to undertake special measures aimed at reducing possible sicknesses. There is no point in starting the treatment after the disease strikes. You can have a head start and take some preventive measures. Heart and potency diseases are connected and factors that induce them are quite similar. Consequently, prevention measurements are similar as well.

You have to:

  • maintain healthy lifestyle;
  • exclude bad habits (alcohol and drug consumption, smoking etc.);
  • consume healthy products;
  • undergo physical exercises and be more active;
  • intake special safe supplements that can sustain your body;
  • check your health state (at least once in six months);

These steps are pretty simple and you will not have to suffer from taking them. You can escape most health complications by adopting a healthier lifestyle.