About Canadian Health&Care Mall

Canadian Health&Care Mall canadahealthcaremall.com – is a reputable online-pharmacy delivering medications all over Canada, the USA and other countries.

Our approach to E-pharmacy business encompasses three T’s:

  • Trusted suppliers;
  • Transparency and quality guarantees;
  • Top products at reasonable prices;

Our main goal is to make medications available by proving high-quality generics along with world-renown brand names for our customers to choose the most appropriate option. Canadian Health&Care Mall is your professional guide in the pharmaceutical industry, we can guarantee full customer satisfaction due to our extensive experience in this field.

Calculate your expenses at a local brick-and-mortar pharmacy and compare with prices you can find at this website: you can shop and save up to 80%!

Our trained staff consists of professional druggists - all of them obtained a U.S. license. They provide free advice online and take care of the medications you order. Healthcare providers we employ get additional training and receive new certificates on a regular basis. Canadian Health&Care Mall policy includes a very important point about ongoing staff education as a crucial aspect for company success.

Highly Committed Teams

Our Medication Suppliers

We carefully choose drug manufacturers suppliers to work with.

This choice is based on comprehensive market research and document analysis; therefore, we can guarantee:

  1. The content of medications fully corresponds to those listed on the package;
  2. The quality of the ingredients and their safety are thoroughly checked;
  3. The drugs we sell are effective (as listed in their instructions);
  4. We consider every single customer feedback message;
  5. The prices listed on the website are honest and competitive.

Purchase Safety and Privacy Policy

Canadian Health&Care Mall ensures confidentiality of the information you enter. We keep prescriptions, orders and payment data under professional protection. This information is not disclosed to third-parties. This becomes possible due to 256-bit SSL encryption technology working on the website, so you can be sure your personal data including credit card information is under protection.

Best Prices, Special Offers and Free Pills

On CHCM website you can find special offers and best prices almost for any product. We sell most popular drugs at bargain prices and that’s the main advantage of our online pharmacy you can benefit from! For large packages we offer additional pills for free! More on discounts, bonuses and exclusive offers you can find at this page.

Range of Medications We Sell

There are various categories of drugs for sale online, including:

  • painkillers,
  • antibiotics,
  • antiviral drugs,
  • vitamins,
  • antidepressants,
  • antidiabetic drugs,
  • birth control and women’s health pills,
  • medications for people with heart, stomach and mental diseases,
  • pills for weight loss,
  • medications for pets and many other.

You can forget about expensive shopping at local drugstores, because you can order everything online at reasonable prices with delivery to your city or country. One of the most popular section at Canadian Health&Care Mall website is Men’s Health.

Here you can find a wide range of popular medications for:

  • erectile dysfunction treatment,
  • premature ejaculation treatment;
  • hair loss prevention;
  • male power enhancement;
  • penis enlargement,
  • benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) treatment;
  • testosterone level increase;
  • sperm quality increase.

We offer both branded and generic drugs, for example:

  • Viagra (and Sildenafil-based generics);
  • Cialis (and Tadalafil-based generics);
  • Levitra (and Vardenafil-based generics);
  • Propecia – against hair loss;
  • VPXL – for penis enlargement;
  • Tribulus Plus – for testosterone level increase;
  • Herbal Viagra, other herbal medications; etc.

Are generics as good as branded drugs?

Generic medications are winning more and more customers all over the world, because they are sold at more attractive prices, can easily be ordered at online pharmacies and feature the same quality as brand analogues do. After the expiration of exclusive patents for manufacturing drugs under one brand-name, many pharmaceutical companies get an opportunity to manufacture and sell generics.

The pharmaceutical market is characterized by tough competition; therefore, companies fight for every single customer by providing revolutionary drug forms, larger packs and better prices. Do not be misled by low prices of generics: they have excellent price-to-quality ratio. You can get all the benefits of traditional branded drugs much cheaper. Besides, new pharmaceutical forms provide faster and longer effect of many drugs, and this fact is laboratory-tested. By ordering at Canadian Health&Care Mall, you can be sure you make a good bargain. You can compare prices from different retailers in no time, however, always pay attention to website reputation.

Reputable websites, including canadahealthcaremall.com, are in top Google search results, have a lot of customer feedback and extensive experience on the market. There are a lot of newly founded online pharmacies offering low-quality meds from no-name suppliers. Evaluate the price-quality ratio and buy generics from trusted vendors online!

How to order from Canadian Health&Care Mall?

We did our best to make the communication with Canadian Health&Care Mall online drugstore smooth and seamless; and your customer experience comfortable and easy.

Here is quick step-by-step instruction on how to order medications from our website with delivery:

  • Start from selecting the necessary product and click ‘Order now’ button
  • Select the desired package. Make sure you learn about free bonus pills shipped with your order.
  • Go to your shopping cart and check you order. You can either choose to ‘Continue Shopping’ or move to the ‘Checkout’.
  • At the checkout you can choose the preferred delivery method and enter your payment data. All the information is encrypted before being sent to the server. Again, we never disclose information about our customers to third parties.
  • Click ‘Submit’ to confirm the order. After the payment is carried out you receive a confirmation email.
  • You can check the status of your parcel by clicking ‘Get order status!”
  • After your order is dispatched, you receive another notification email about it.
  • Receive your items and benefit from the combination of their excellent quality and bargain price!

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

We receive dozens of excellent customer testimonials weekly. You can leave a testimonial or read those from other users here: canadahealthcaremall.com/reviews-and-testimonials. Use the search bar to look for reviews on a particular product you are interested in.

Professional Advice

If you have any questions on medications, their interactions, contraindications and precautions, you can go to our website Help Center and fill out the form. Our medical advisors are online 24/7 ready to render assistance in choosing the appropriate medication, its pharmaceutical form, dosage or package. Due to increased number of requests, it may take up to several hours for you to get a respond. You will receive a notification per email specified in the form.


Our consultants (more about our team: canadahealthcaremall.com/our-team)are well-trained, they have diplomas and certificates about medical education and additional training. You can be sure your question will be answered by a competent healthcare provider. Medical advice we provide cannot fully replace doctor appointment, diagnostics and individual analysis of your case. Canadian Health&Care Mall is an online pharmacy and can consult on medications, their instructions, forms. Our Help Center is not intended to provide comprehensive medical recommendations or prescribe drugs. Both diagnostics and treatment course prescription should be carried out by your healthcare provider upon your visit.


In this website section (canadahealthcaremall.com/news) you can find relevant research, surprising facts about medications and medical advice. Articles by professional healthcare specialist will answer many of your questions on men’s health, including erectile dysfunction treatment, medications and their characteristics. The section contains a lot of information about Viagra and its main ingredient Sildenafil Citrate, Levitra, Spendra, Cialis and so on. Also, you can find interesting facts on other disease treatment and prevention, women’s health care and birth control, weight loss and antidepressants. Make sure you visit the News section often enough not to miss top medical news for consumers and hottest trends!

Shop now!

If you visit Canadian Health&Care Mall for the first time, you have a high chance to add this online pharmacy to your favorite places and become a loyal customer of CHCM. We care of every single question asked, every single order placed, and every single parcel dispatched. We work hard to deliver superior drug quality to all the regions of the county and beyond its boundaries. A lot of our customers are from the USA, therefore, if you are one of them - we guarantee impeccable service quality and fast delivery to your state.

There is no need to worry that some sensitive information appears on the package. Nobody can find out what is inside. Our logistics specialists specify a very general item category, so you can feel free to order erectile dysfunction pills, for example, without informing anyone about it. In addition, our online pharmacy provides great terms for free shipping: buy for $150 and get your medications shipped free of charge!

The future of generic medications starts here, at Canadian Health&Care Mall. Look for medications you are interested in and buy now!