Are you sure that all medications you keep at home are safe and helpful? FYI, the most common prescription drugs kill over 100 thousand people yearly, not speaking of over-the-counter medications. Lethal outcomes are results not of drug misuse only. There are a lot more other reasons and drug-related problems. Let’s check what dangerous pills you have, use and keep buying. Canadian Health&Care Mall knows them all and knows how to protect you.

Top Dangerous Prescription Medications That You Trust So Much

Top Dangerous Prescription Medications
  • Prozac

Patients know that Prozac is prescribed for the regulation of serotonin levels in one’s brain. As long as serotonin affects patient’s sleep, his mood and anxiety, this type of medication is much needed. High levels of serotonin lead to agitation, while low ones – to depression. Neither of conditions is healthy. Yet Prozac isn’t always safe. It can lead to the health condition called constant agitation that goes hand in hand with violent behavior as well as suicidal thoughts. Do you still believe pills are 100% safe?

  • Prednisone

This medication is usually a short-term drug, yet even a non-durable intake can lead to severe complications. Prednisone is prescribed for various ailments. It may lead to health disorders, namely:

  1. osteoporosis;
  2. hypertension;
  3. diabetes;
  4. peptic ulcers;
  5. cataracts;
  6. intestinal bleeding, etc.

If it is taken longer than prescribed, one will need much time to stop taking it, as simple refusal is never enough.

  • Pain Killers

There’s no doubt that prescribed painkillers are highly effective. Yet the main problem with them is the fact they are addictive. Misuse and high dosages lead to life threatening medical conditions. There are common cases of hinder breathing and also slow heart rate that lead to death. Some pills trigger excessive heart palpitations, so they are dangerous when mixed with alcohol.

  • Diabetes Drugs

No diabetes sufferer can do without them. Recent studies have proved that most oral medications for diabetes increase risks for heart attacks in patients of different age. They can stimulate metabolic imbalances and other complications.

This fact made physicians worldwide use different medical approaches to keep their patients healthy and protected from side effects. Today modern therapies are combinations of oral drugs and a therapeutic regimen, prescribed exercises, appropriate dieting, consuming required supplements, etc.

  • Blood Thinners

They are called blood thinning agents which seem to be effective for cases of heart attacks or strokes prevention. BUT patients, who take them regularly, use extreme caution: even a small scratch or cut leads to a very severe bleeding. Excessive blood loss leads to lethal outcomes. Whenever there’s a minor injury, one on blood thinners should address his doctor.

  • Beta Blockers

It is a special class of medications for blood pressure lowering. Aside from positive influences, they all have side effects. The usual ones are fatigue or loss of libido and even impotence. And though the latter one can be overcome with Generic Viagra pills from Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy, when there’s a chance, one should try to prevent a possible health issue. The most severe cases are when beta blockers affect the heart functioning: they relax the blood vessels and work weakening the heart.

  • ADD Medications

As it’s obvious from the name, they treat ADD cases. As well as many other prescription pills, they come with side effects. Though they never trigger addiction on a physical level, it always occurs on the psychological one. Hostility, anxiety and insomnia come in pack too.

  • Chemotherapy Pills

These are always poisonous. They do kill cancer cells. However, they also affect and eliminate healthy ones. Their agents lead to several health-associated risks and the main ones are congenital abnormalities and lung disease, fetal death and liver toxicity, sometimes even suppressed immune system.

  • Cholesterol Lowering Medications

They may work, yet not in all cases. They are fast, but also dangerous. Why? In 85% of patients they increase risks for strokes.

  • Arthritis Drugs

Arthritis pain relief may be durable, if correct drugs are picked. However, such drugs also trigger a series of side effects like stomach upset, kidney or liver damage as well as gastrointestinal bleeding.

What Are the Most dangerous Drug Combinations?

There are five of them:

  1. pain killers and anti-anxiety;
  2. pain killers and antidepressants;
  3. antihistamines and cough drugs;
  4. aspirin and anticoagulants;
  5. opioids and acetaminophen.

Pain killers + anti-anxiety drugs: they both act as antidepressants. When combined, they work increasing toxicity levels and lower heart rate and breathing of a patient. There are lethal outcomes.

Pain killers + antidepressants: they should never be taken together! Otherwise one’s health will be put in danger. They work increasing risks for stomach bleeding, gastrointestinal bleeding, serotonin levels lowering, agitation, rapid heartbeat and high body temperature.

Antihistamines + cough medications: they often contain very similar, if not identical, elements. When combined, they create an excess dose. The effects are hardly predictable. The combination is not health-risky, but it should be avoided by people working with heavy machinery and drivers.

Aspirin + anticoagulants: when taken separately, they are highly effective and beneficial for one’s health, but when combined they turn into excellent blood thinners and increase patient’s chances for external and internal bleeding.

Opioids (learn more) + acetaminophen: their effects are not negative, they are deadly. When the medications are combined, they damage one’s liver.

Don’t Even Think of Taking Expired Drugs!

There’s a common notion of shelf life for every medication. Whenever it comes to its end, a patient should get rid of it. Do we always do it? Hardly! And the result is more than serious. Think over four main characteristics of expired pills:

  1. toxicity;
  2. effectiveness;
  3. time;
  4. safety.

Expired pills – expired chemicals. Expired chemicals – toxic chemicals. After the expiration day pills turn into something extremely poisonous, so they worsen the condition instead of treating it. Such drugs are never effective! They aren’t able to fight the disease. So, forget about the sense of security which usual pills provide.

Common cold, cough, fever, headache, diarrhea, acidity (get more information) – all these health conditions aren’t life threatening and we truly believe that we can treat them with regular pills we have somewhere in a drawer. I most cases we can. But whenever it comes to serious health complications, it’s better to forget about self-treatment and follow prescription rules and instructions. Otherwise, you will get worse instead of getting better.