Living here and now may be tougher than it used to be years ago, yet regarding impotence treatment the 21st century opens up more perspectives and potentials. Nearly 28 years ago things weren’t as simple as they are today. There wasn’t a magic pill that could solve the severest impotence issues within 40 minutes and allow having intercourses regardless of physical or mental issues.

What about today? Canadian Health&Care Mall knows many treatment methods offered and used worldwide. Some of them are treated skeptically, while others are regarded as magic ones. And though there is no one unique option for everyone, there’s always a chance to try something else, more innovative and effective.

What’s the Physiology of Normal Erections?

There are five body systems that participate in successful penile erection occurrence:

  1. neuronal;
  2. vascular;
  3. psychological;
  4. hormonal;
  5. cavernous smooth muscle.

When any of them is damaged or goes out of order for a definite reason, four others can’t cope on their own. This is when ED occurs. The longer the condition is left neglected, the lower the chances for complete cure become. As a matter of fact, most physicians agree that the chances for 100% cure are low and rare. Everything a regular man can count on is a temporary relief, yet it wasn’t always so.

Let’s make a short tour and get back into the Medieval Age and then to 1990s to track the development of erectile dysfunction treatment variants, their success and failures.

The Way It Was Then: No Hope and No Cure

Canadian Health&Care Mall Speaks about the Past and Future of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The very first attempts to treat the condition were made in the medieval Islamic world. At that time the Muslim pharmacists and physicians prescribed different medications for the problem: the medications were the parts of either a single drug therapy or they were supposed to work in combination with other drugs and diet routines.

When in 1800’s testosterone treatments firstly appeared they were regarded as a new revolutionary method. Sheep testis extract was treated as a source of testosterone. So it was injected for impotence treatment. This medication was used for more than a hundred years till the purified testosterone appeared in 1940s.

It's erroneous to assume that vacuum pumps and implants came after magic drugs. As the matter of fact, they appeared long before Viagra did. In 1960 scientists invented a so-called youth equivalent device that is now used as a pump. And in 1970’s doctors started providing first implants.

In 1980’s researchers made their first attempts to create a revolutionary pill that could fix impotence once and for all. Only on the eve of the 21st century they managed to succeed, yet only to some extent: they did create the magic blue pill, yet today it treats and does not cure.

The Way It Is Now: a Wide Range of Options and Possibilities

Since the first Viagra pills came into men’s lives, many things have changed greatly. Today Erectile Dysfunction is treated in all corners of the world and the issue is solved by methods and techniques that suit specific conditions and their causes.

All options are divided into two categories:

  1. non-surgical;
  2. surgical


The commonest of them are medications like Generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and their derivatives. They affect the penile area muscles making them relax and allow a sufficient blood flow to the reproductive organ. Unfortunately, the effects aren’t permanent, from 4 to 6 hours. Cialis pills offer more effect duration – up to 36 hours. Those, who like spontaneous and not planned sex, choose these yellow pills.

! Side effects are present. They are various and men experience either their severe or mild forms like flushing, nasal congestion, indigestion, headache, visual disturbance.

When pills don’t work, men try injections. Frankly speaking, the procedure is very painful, yet always effective: the medication is injected directly into the erection chamber of the penis. Whatever ED cause is, an injection is able to cope with it within minutes. Adverse reactions aren’t rare: penile scarring and pain. Men with vascular and cerebral disease, as well as severe forms of cardiovascular diseases, can hardly tolerate the high blood pressure and dizziness that occurs after every injection.

Vacuum pumps are in the list of modern devices, too. They are cylinders placed over penises. When the air is pumped out, the blood is drawn into the penile area and there’s erection. Pumps are used in most cases of ED, but not in all of them. Besides, they require time to be used and cause discomfort.

And finally, hormones. The therapy is prescribed to men with really low testosterone levels. Testosterone use is FDA approved as it assists in increasing hormone levels to the norm and treating ED in men of any age.


Surgeries are regarded as the last resort. They are risky procedures, yet this fact doesn’t stop men from turning to them. After the prosthesis is implanted, it enables a man to have erections whenever he wishes. Its use preserves sensation, orgasms as well as ejaculation.

What makes the implant so effective? This device has a pair of cylinders that are implanted into chambers. The cylinders are connected to:

  • a fluid reservoir under the lower abdominal muscle;
  • a pump located in the scrotal sac.

A penis becomes erect after a man compresses the pump making it transfer the fluid from the reservoir via the tubes to the cylinders. The penis becomes thick and stiff as in case with a natural erection. Today about 95% of surgeries are successful. But no implant serves forever. And if it goes out of order, most men are eager to undergo the procedure one more time to achieve the same great results.

Canadian Health and Care Mall suggests only medication treatment options. We offer the best quality drugs along with support and care. We believe that a therapy that combines effective ED medications, lifestyle changes, dieting, sexual education and communication can affect patient’s concerns and issues in the most effective and fastest way. While dealing with impotence a man should realize that this is the problem of both partners: along with sexual inability there comes anxiety and lack of self-confidence, and the two latter issues are hard to cure with pills only.