If you’ve ever visited our website in your search of a particular product or item, you might have noticed that CHCM stands out. There are thousands of medical product-related sites on the web, but Canadian Health&Care Mall is one of the few that provides a safe, customer friendly, and most importantly – inexpensive shopping experience. When you look at the items we feature, you will see prices that are much lower than those offered by pharmacies and stores, and even lower than the prices set by numerous online sellers. The fact that prices are so low might cause you to suspect something, but this article should clear away all doubts and explain just why the products we feature are so affordable.

We would all like to live in a world where all our medical needs would be covered by pills that could obtained from vendors in every city, and which would cost no more than a standard grocery item. Unfortunately, this is not the case, unless you are purchasing vitamins or some other simple drug or supplement. Most of the drugs we have nowadays are truly expensive, and some of the most serious health conditions require treatments that cost thousands of dollars. However, there is never any guarantee that the price of a drug is representative of its value. A new drug requires lots of research, staff, paperwork, and time. Companies often spend millions of dollars developing a new drug, and after it has been approved, they naturally want to set a price that would cover their expenses, the cost of employee salaries, funds for future endeavors, and profit for their success. While some companies are managed by good, ethical people who set reasonable prices, most drug makers just want to get rich by exploiting patients’ lack of choices, and this leads them to set very high prices and bring about the drug affordability problem we are experiencing today. In the past year, the CEO of one pharmaceutical company made headlines by raising the price of a drug by 5,556 percent for personal profit. Although he has become reviled, there are many companies that continue to set the same unfair and exploitive prices for drugs, and customers lack the option or information to choose something else.


Ca has not gone down the popular path of offering drugs at the standard price they are sold at. Instead, it offers a more affordable alternative in the form of generic drugs (Click here for more info about Canadian Health and Care Mall's quality standarts). To understand the concept of generic drugs, we should first look at original drugs. When a company creates a drug and has it approved, it can file for a patent that grants it sole ownership rights. This means that no other company or entity has the right to create or sell the same drug, unless certain conditions are set. Basically, this gives the creator-company freedom to set any price for their products, at least for the first few years. This is the time when a company capitalizes on its investment, but this period is not indefinite. Patents eventually expire, and can also lose their power through court orders, other countries’ legal frameworks, and other quirks. In most cases, this is the very moment generic drugs are introduced. Generic drugs have the same composition, uses, precautions, and side effects as a drug that has lost its rights, but can be produced by any approved company. As soon as more companies gain the right to make a drug, prices quickly fall, and these so-called generics become a thrifty choice for millions of people all over the world.

Canadian Health&Care Mall is proud to feature generic drugs and does not feel the need to hide this fact. Generic drugs are just as good as their original versions, but take a much smaller bite out of a budget than a standard company drug. Male enhancement drugs are an especially popular form of generics because original Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc. are ridiculously overpriced and intended to rob the customer for profit. On the other hand, Canadian Health Mall offer cheaper versions of the same drugs (sometimes with interesting tweaks) for a much more reasonable sum. Unlike pharmacies that rent out buildings and hire dozens of employees, we run a pretty tight ship, keeping our costs low and our productivity high. In this way, the website does not use its customers as a cash cow, and simply keeps up its work by offering the most reasonable choice. Nowadays, more and more people are choosing generic Viagra for different reasons (if you want to learn more about its benefits, visit this page: https://www.canadahealthcaremall.com/canadian-health-and-care-mall-is-always-there-to-help-with-erectile-dysfunction.html).