Canadian Health&Care Mall is an e-commerce player whose popularity has been a raging success for more than a decade now. It is still linked to certain controversy. Today, we have decided to have an open chat with the managing representatives of the company and ask some questions that have been piling for all this time. Hope you will find reading this review worthwhile and useful.


Canadian Health&Care Mall: Subpar Reviews

Customers looking for peer reviews and shoppers’ feedback for Canadian Health&Care Mall services often come across, to their utter dismay, a great deal of negative feedback. You can imagine the sad surprise of subscribers to the e-pharmacy who, placing regular orders at the platform, suddenly start having second-thoughts about the source they trust. Many discontinue their story with Canadian Health&Care Mall, rationalizing that it is best to be safe than sorry, and start looking for a new pharmacy they can depend on. As we all know, this can be a lot of a challenge.

Be this as it may, we have tried to reach to the root of the issue with Andreas Zanetakos, executive manager of Canadian Health&Care Mall who is also in charge of PR department.

‘We are of course aware of everything people say about our company,’ – says Mr. Zanetakos. ‘Well, not every single review that hits the Web – that would be humanly impossible to detect, even given the technologies that we now have at our command, but we monitor the general trends and statistically, we manage to react to as many as to 96% of customer feedback. Trust us, this is a high index, especially compared to 2015 when the percentage of what we could trace and get back to was as low as 87%.

‘The importance of these statistical data is impossible to underestimate: today, we can detect the smallest discomfort in customer perception of our services and fix it within several hours or even minutes, and we are getting better at it every day.

‘The problem with negative feedback is virtually non-existent. I mean, we are not happy to have unsatisfied customers: what business would be? But we are happy to be able to get in touch with them, and to address what we in the professional circles call the ‘sore points’. For instance, when, for some reason, a customer chooses not to contact us directly, but shares a negative review on a platform dedicated for it, our customer support representatives detect them using a number of tools and algorithms. We then contact the customers who were not happy with the quality of our services and make the necessary amendments, compensating for our bads.

But we have discovered that not all customers want to be contacted. In fact, there are customers who are actually as fake as they claim our pharmacy to be! In a moment you will see my point. There is a pattern that can be clearly traced from one review from another. I am now talking about paid-for reviews that blacken the name of Canadian Health&Care Mall and then suggest that people shop elsewhere, offering them to follow the link to that or other online store. Needles to point out that heeding such advice might be a dangerous practice, as such unchecked links as often as not lead to rogue drugstores. As a matter of fact, no trustworthy company would consider such unethical customer soliciting practices, so I would suggest bouncing off pages containing such reviews and links contained therein.

‘I will give you an example of such review. After a short description of Canadian Health&Care Mall and its popularity among customers gained over the years, the reviewer, in a rather slipshod way, starts enumerating the company’s alleged disadvantages, and draws a comes to a conclusion that Canadian Health&Care Mall is best avoided. The author then gives a link to a company with a supposedly excellent reputation but whose Web address – astonishingly! – reads exactly like that of our company, on the banner! is our old domain that we had to change due to a number of technical reasons, but which continues to function so that our old-time customers could find us there and make orders. When you follow the link, the address changes to something else though, but the design of the web page copies that of our web site to the minutest detail. Here is a print screen of what it looks like:

This goes to show that the scammers use our design, copying it in fullest, in order to direct our customers to their own shops and get them buy products of dubious quality there. Actually, it is a tried and true practice that black marketing companies resort to: they use the attributes (web design, logos, other copyright features and even bits of text) in order to attract loyal customers, whereas in fact the site the customers end up on may even not be related to the original company. So don’t be too surprised if you find yourself on a clone of our website with our company’s design copied by scammers, but the site being some totally different company.



‘This is just one of the patterns according to which the loyal customers of Canadian Health&Care Mall get scammed. They pick a pharmacy, blacken its name and, by contrast, suggest using the services of their own drugstore – or simply steal the identity of a popular e-store, or both, as we have seen from the above case. We are working on detecting and rendering harmless other scams that involve the name our company out there. For now, we call upon our customers’ vigilance and ask them to double-check suspicious shutouts, alerts, offers and reviews coming from unverified sources. We are always there to answer your questions, complaints and help you solve the problems you might have with our products or services.’

Canadian Pharmacy And Spam Complaints

Here we come closer to yet another big ‘sore spot’ that customers of Canadian Health&Care Mall seem to have. Like any other brand of this size and, Canadian Pharmacy is an easy target for imitation and identity theft, as we have seen from above. And though it is mainly the image and the reputation of the company that suffers most of all, customers experience some major inconvenience, too. Other companies use the name of Canadian Health&Care Mall and even its design in order to get customers trusting the company’s name click the link… and lend at some totally other place, again, as we have witnessed from the example above.

The only working strategy that the customer support of Canadian Pharmacy suggests at this point is to completely ignore junk emails coming from unverified addresses that you have not added to the approved contacts list. Remember that any link you follow is a trap that seals your destiny as a subscriber to an avalanche of more unwanted emails, even if a link is marked as ‘unsubscribe’.

Canadian Health&Care Mall NEVER sends spam emails to its customers. When you receive a junk email containing the company’s design, name or other things that point to Canadian Health&Care Mall, check the web site address in the address line and notify the customer support, communicating the details of your complaint.

This said, we feel the need to add that there are customers of our own company who leave negative feedback and leave our company feeling frustrated for some or other reason. Unfortunately, no company out there is insured against such cases: it is for such instances that there is a function of feedback and customer support, to diagnose the sore spots and to apply the necessary measures to fix them and avoid them in our future work. Such feedback, as a rule, is left by customers who have had partially unsatisfactory experience, but if we compare their quantity to the general quantity of customers ordering from our pharmacy, they will be by far outnumbered.

Canadian Health&Care Mall Benefits

We remind you how Canadian Health&Care Mall won its customers in the first case: it was by being true to their promises of low cost and high quality. The company has a range of drugs that starts from simple cough syrups and hygiene products and extends to cancer medicines, thyroid care drugs, cholesterol control pills and more. Of course, the name of Canadian Pharmacy is firmly associated now with the name of Viagra, since it was the first e-drugstore to have introduced the affordable generic Viagra that is now on everybody’s lips – no pun intended.

You can count on 10% off any purchase at Canadian Health&Care Mall, any day. But this is not all to the system of discount at the pharmacy. A totally unparalleled offer is that you can ask for an individual discount starting for orders as bulky as $300,00 and above – an offer that you are not likely to find anywhere else.

We have asked Andreas Zanetakos to comment on other money-saving opportunities with Canadian Pharmacy, and he mentioned bonus pills that come with every order, free shipping and shipping insurance – and offer valid for orders starting from $150,00 and accumulating bigger orders in general, which will automatically translate in larger discounts and more money saved on shipping fees.

Disclaimer: The information included in such article was included solely for instructive purposes. The article's contents in no way, shape or form should incite the possibility of self-treatment. Only qualified healthcare specialists can analyze and give the rules on the treatment, including the individual parameters of a specific patient.