What can be better than spending money yet standing to gain? Since health care expenses make a must-have item on every household budget, knowing how to cut corners on pharmaceutical miscellany can't hurt. Canadian Health&Care Mall canadahealthcaremall.com introduces 5 money-saving tips, which you should follow without a doubt every time you decide to buy drugs through the Internet.

5 Money-Saving Tips on Drug Online Shopping

1. Play a trick on dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing is a trap you are most likely to get in while shopping for medications online. It is a marketing strategy e-drugstores often follow. Its essence is to show different prices to different online shoppers. The price will be determined by such factors as your computer’s (say, yours) location, your browsing history, buying behavior in the Internet, and demand of the particular drug/product. Have you ever noticed that some products and services are way more expensive on the threshold of grand occasions like Christmas and get much cheaper when the rush is over? That is dynamic pricing, at its finest. Your browser is a perfect way to know everything about you, and online retailers have a full view of you as a customer. If you are a regular online buyer, get ready that online pharmacies will show you higher prices on most products compared to somebody else paying less in online stores.

To get an adequate, unbiased price, make sure to do the following before plunging into drug online shopping:

  • Delete your browser history, files saved on cash, and cookies;
  • Log out of most of your accounts on social media sites;
  • Go to your browser settings and switch it to the incognito mode. Another variant is to opt for anonymous browsers;
  • If a website asks you to provide your home country/location, always point a third-world country to be offered lower prices – it really works!

2. Know the day

Another life hack to save significantly while shopping for drugs online is choosing a right day for it. OK, we know that you have some free time only on weekends, and virtual drugstores know this, too. The matter is that most of the merchants roll out their hefty discounts/promotion coupons/special offers on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Monday and Tuesday are not only the most difficult days of a week but the most expensive as well because business is done on exactly these days (such as appointments are made, tickets are booked, drugs are prescribed – when do you usually visit your doctor? We bet, after a weekend!). So, have a look at the calendar before cashing out on pharmaceuticals in the World Wide Web.

3. Let your cart help you

Saving big bucks is not a rocket science if you can outwit greedy online pharmacies with their own methods. Digital shops in general and drugstores in particular hate started but unclosed deals most of all. Take advantage of this fact! Such as when shopping online for some remedies, do add items to your cart/wish list but do not complete the purchase. Instead, leave these items in your cart or wish list for a couple of days. Firstly, this will help you avoid impulse buying. Secondly, it will desperately irritate the vendor, and they will do virtually anything to make you come back and place an order. Online drug merchants will persistently send you emails with huge coupons and impressive personal discounts trying to retain you. Isn’t it what you want? Just do not forget to create an account on a pharmacy’s website or provide them with your email address before applying to such a trick.

Let your cart help you

By the way, if an online drugstore invites you to subscribe to their newsletter, you will be the nuts not to make most of it! You definitely should subscribe. And then clear your browser history (or open their website in another browser) and sign up to their newsletter once again with a different email address (provided, you have several email-boxes). Repeat such a trick as many times a quantity of your email addresses allows. By doing so, you will accumulate much more juicy coupons! Because three (five, seven, whatsoever) discount codes are better than only one.

4. Do not underestimate reward programs

There are numerous drugstores throughout the Internet offering you to earn money-saving bonuses for performing some actions, including:

  • Participating in their online surveys
  • Watching promo-videos
  • Bringing your referrals to their website
  • Liking/sharing/commenting their brand on social media

Here let us add a few words how to make social media help you save considerably while hunting for drugs online. Social media sites (good old Facebook, Twitter, and others of their kind) are not only a good way to keep up with your schoolmates. You can follow a pharmacy on social networks to score deals and be among the first to grab heavy discounts. From time to time, all e-pharmacies post promo-codes on social media for their followers. Just make sure to follow your favorite brand on social networks to be aware of upcoming special offers and promotions and you will never miss a good bargain.

So, reward programs allow you to earn points and exchange them to useful bonuses like a hefty discount on the most sought-after (say, expensive) drugs, free delivery, access to flash sales, drug samples, products for free, and other bounties. Such as, Canadian Health&Care Mall is a generous special offer provider. They welcome everyone who sends them a message with a query for a personal discount on especially bulky orders. This helps customers cut drug expenses up to 40%! The service goes even further and adds free bonus pills of your choice to every parcel that will go to you. But what really sets this virtual drugstore apart from the competition is that they are ready to negotiate better terms with their drug suppliers, exclusively for their subscribed customers! With such a wide array of bonuses, your online drug shopping is set to be cost-effective. See our discounts on this page: canadahealthcaremall.com/discounts-coupons-canadian-healthcare-mall.

5. Don’t be afraid of paying by a credit card

Perhaps, you are not among those who are in love with their credit cards. What is more, you are, probably, often advised to thrown your credit card away due to its uselessness (penalty chargers, high-interest rate, fraud, and God knows what else is often attributed to those pieces of plastic). Think progressively. Today most credit cards come with cash back/reward features allowing you to benefit from literally every purchase. Credit cards usually offer you better deals than debit ones. The cash back ration on credit cards is also higher than in a case with debit cards. If you pay for your e-ordered drugs through a credit card, the bank will return you at least 1% (often much more) for every transaction.

If you do not have a credit card yet or have thrown it on the recommendation of your best friend, you still have a way to get your money back after buying pharmaceutical goods online. Yes, it is all about cash-back sites. Such virtual platforms partner with different retailers including drugstores to pay their customers a percentage of their spending back in a form of cash. You may call it a discount, too. Anytime you shop your Viagra or any other drug via such site, cash-back points are automatically added to your account (yes, you need to register with a site first to grab their perks). Then you can withdraw your money using one of their payout methods (a check, PayPal, credit/debit card, and more). If you are a steady drug buyer, you can get several hundred dollars back each year, thus maximizing your savings.

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