Erectile dysfunction is a term used to describe the inability of a man to develop an erection that is firm enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse. ED can be caused by two groups of factors: psychological and physiological. The former includes stress, bad experiences or associations, relationship problems, etc. Physiological reasons are a lot more varied, as there are many systems involved in developing and maintaining an erection.

The most common medical conditions that contribute to erectile dysfunction are:

  • cardiovascular diseases
  • neurological disorders
  • hormonal problems

ED treatment has become more effective and less unpleasant over the years, and nowadays, everyone can obtain Generic Viagra or similar pills to address erectile difficulties. Viagra is known to work in approximately 75% of men with ED. The less fortunate quarter of patients likely cannot benefit from the drug due to permanent neurological damage done by certain types of surgery or diabetes.

However, it is possible to take a further step towards resolving ED by making healthier lifestyle choices. Apart from working out or doing sports, many people also choose to adopt a healthy diet. However, there is one more way to prevent erectile dysfunction or relieve its symptoms: yoga.Man doing yoga

What Can a Man with Erectile Dysfunction Expect from Yoga?

According to medical practitioners, it is important for a man to be relaxed when he’s trying to achieve an erection. This allows blood to be freely distributed all over the body so that it can flow to the penis when necessary. Otherwise, the brain will keep the body in fight-or-flight mode, which is typical for people who are stressed out. In this state, the body is prepared to take action if necessary, so the blood is directed to the arms and legs and forced to stay there. Consequently, it won’t flow to the penis, even if a man is sexually stimulated because signals of dangers are perceived prior to those of sexual arousal.

Now we’re getting to the point, as yoga is known to be one of the best relaxation techniques. It can help a man relieve stress and achieve a certain kind of physical and mental balance, which contributes to healthy erections. It has been observed in numerous studies that people who take up yoga become significantly less anxious about various problems and stressful situations. Thus, yoga can be a really great way to address erectile dysfunction.

Nevertheless, you have to understand that yoga won’t cure ED in everyone. It is a powerful prevention tool, and it can certainly make things better for the majority of patients, but it delivers the fullest effect only in patients who suffer from psychological erectile dysfunction. If your ED is caused by physiological issues, do not expect yoga to restore your sexual ability in a couple of months. You can practice it alongside your treatment, and you’re likely to see some improvements, as yoga has more benefits than just help you relax.

Physiological erectile dysfunction is often caused by diseases or lifestyle choices that affect blood flow, such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, hypertension, smoking, and obesity. Yoga is an effective way of dealing with these conditions so that the patient addresses not only the main issue but also ED as its consequence. Numerous studies have shown that people who take up yoga tend to lose weight, develop their cardiovascular function, and have lower cholesterol levels in the long run. Doctors have also observed that yoga can be helpful in treating high blood pressure and diabetes.

No studies have been conducted yet which prove that yoga can directly affect male sexual function. However, most healthcare providers believe that it is an effective way to address ED because yoga helps improve the condition of the cardiovascular system as well as make you calmer and more focused, both of which are crucial to a firm erection. Furthermore, sexual health specialists often recommend that couples practice yoga together, as it is not only a great way to improve sexual fitness for both partners, but also an activity that strengthens the connection between them, which leads to greater intimacy, mutual trust, and improved sexual satisfaction.

What Yoga Poses Are the Best for an ED Patient?

Yoga can be rather complicated, and it is probably best if you join a yoga class, so that you can be instructed by a person who has experience in yoga and who will help you avoid mistakes and possible traumas. However, if it is inconvenient for you or you are unwilling to do that for other reasons, you can practice at home.

If you expect yoga to improve your sexual function, focus your attention on the following techniques:

  • Pranayama (or yoga breathing). This a special breathing technique that is capable of freeing your body from toxins and filling it with oxygen, thus improving your overall health. Some people even claim that pranayama can assist in treating serious diseases such as cancer. However, as for now, these claims remain unconfirmed. The simplest pranayama exercise is just breathing slowly, focusing on the process. Inhale, keep the air inside for several seconds, then slowly exhale. Repeat this for at least nine minutes as a beginner’s exercise. It will build up the foundation for further, more complicated exercises. Get more info here:
  • Bhujangasana (or snake/cobra pose). To assume it, you should lie face down on your yoga mat, with your body in contact with the mat, including your feet. Place your arms on your sides and slowly get up, lifting your upper body, up to your abdominal area, above the floor. Lift your head up and remain in this position for 30-60 seconds. Then, go back to a resting position and repeat this at least three times a day, but you can do more if you like.
  • Kandasana (or knotted root pose). This exercise is thought to be especially beneficial for male sexual health due to its ability to stimulate the reproductive system. Squat on your mat, then lift your feet to your chest, so that their soles touch it. Remain in this position for 30-60 seconds; then you can repeat the exercise. Get to know more on this website:
  • Pawanmuktasana (or wind relieving pose). Much like the previous asana, this one is aimed at stimulating the reproductive system. First, lie down flat on your back. Raise your head and neck from the floor, while bringing your bent knees towards your face. Hug your feet and try to touch your knees with your nose. Stay like that for 30-60 seconds, then return to the original position and repeat.

Obviously, these are not all of the yoga poses that can bring improvement to your sexual health. For instance, you might also want to try Surya namaskara, which is known as the Sun Salutation Pose. This is a combination of twelve different poses which are relatively easy to perform and is believed to be highly beneficial for overall health, as well as some specific aspects of it. It is recommended to perform this pose at the beginning of the day, preferably at sunset (which can be assumed from the pose’s name).

You can do a bit of research online to find out more about various poses, and choose the ones that suit you best. Remember that they have different levels of difficulty, so you might not be able to perform all poses right from the start. Be careful when you try new challenging asana and enjoy your foray into the world of yoga!

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