In the past impotence was regarded as a physiological problem only. Now it’s obvious that it can be provoked by factors that are different in nature. And neurological is one of them. A so-called neurological ED is a quite young condition, yet unfortunately, it has already made many males suffer.

The neurological causes are problems related to the nervous system. They occur mainly because of the damage to the penis or penile area or due to the trauma or surgery. The statistics is such that such factors are responsible for nearly 5% of ED incidents and doctors agree that it’s not the limit.

Nerve Disorders as ED Triggers

Neurological Erectile Dysfunction

Physicians tell of several neurological disorders that always increase risks for male impotence. They affect the ability of male’s brain to communicate with the reproductive system. These disorders always disrupt the signals between the brain and penis, thus triggering impotence at any age.

The neurological disorders that are frequently associated with impotence are:

  1. Stroke;
  2. Brain tumors;
  3. Spine tumors;
  4. Alzheimer’s disease;
  5. Multiple sclerosis;
  6. Temporal lobe epilepsy;
  7. Parkinson’s disease.

If a male has undergone the prostate gland surgery, he can experience the damage of the penile area nerves, too. Eventually, he’ll suffer from impotence as well.

Nerve-Related Issues as ED Contributors

Some of the nerve-related issues that are known for contributing to erectile dysfunction will be a real surprise for you, so get ready. Knowing them allows preventing complications or eliminating their influence, if prevention is no longer possible:

  • Long distance bicycle riding

Do you have a standard bicycle seat? If you do, be very careful as it may lead to a permanent or temporary injury of the significant pudendal nerve responsible for carrying signals to initiate erections and maintain them. This negative impact is proven by multiple researches. A really expansive one showed that a no-seat use protected bicycle riders, who rode several hours during a week due to their job (police officers mainly). The condition is usually temporary and is triggered by a repeated pressure on the genitals and buttocks.

  • Spinal traumas

They are widely referred as the damage/impair of the sacral plexus nerves. These nerves are responsible for transmitting erectile signals to the penile region. The severest conditions of impotence are also related to spinal injuries. Yet still, certain professional researches and trials proved that PDE-5 inhibitors can improve the condition, if prescribed and used in correct doses. If a male undergoes the required treatment and turns to healthy foods, his ED condition can vanish for good.

  • Non-diabetic neuropathy

This condition is associated with male impotence quite often. And age has little to do with the level and severity of risks. The studies prove that if a male applies at least some efforts to protect his nervous system, he contributes to a healthy sexual life and strong penile region arteries.

Links between Neuropathy, Diabetes and Impotence

Males, who suffer from kidney failure or diabetes, poor nutrition or HIV, cancer or any other serious health conditions, always develop a serious disease called neuropathy. It is responsible for damaging the nerves of our nervous system. Along with experienced muscle numbness and weakness, tingling sensations and even severe pain, the condition damages penile area nerves.

When the nerves are damaged, they either diminish the erection process or stop it altogether. As long as the male’s brain uses neurotransmitters to send signals to the penis when to become rigid, the damaged nerves prevent this kind of communication (signals are either improper or absent), thus no erection is possible.

What’s the link between diabetes and neuropathy? The matter is that around 50% of people with diabetes have neuropathy, too. Nearly 21.000.000 males are diagnosed with diabetes in the USA (7% of the population). And around 3.5% of males have neuropathy as a side effect. You may believe that the figures aren’t that high, but they are.

Can neuropathy be treated to escape ED complications? Today successful treatment is quite possible. There exist many various treatment options for ED triggered by nerves damage. Drug treatment options are the most popular due to their efficacy. However, it is also essential not to neglect the importance of lifestyle changes. Consult your healthcare professional about the possibilities of additional nerve-related treatments that may be effective during the course of male’s strength restoration.

Do you want to fight your neurological impotence? You need to be very active, follow your doctor’s recommendations and switch from bad habits to good ones.