Creams for Erectile Dysfunction Boost vs Tablets

For a man, erectile dysfunction is a nightmare which may come true any moment. Sexual system is a highly-fine-tuned mechanism influenced by a great variety of factors. Aging is one of them resulting in endocrine profile change. There are also diseases and wrong lifeway consequences as well as everyday stress.

Erectile dysfunction requires considerate and long-term treatment, and many medications take up this struggle. In case of emergency men resort to such magic tablets, as Viagra. The fact is that it takes more than 30 minutes between the tablet intake and noticeable effect. This is really too much time especially when it comes to sexual intercourse. Nowadays, creams for erection boost became extremely popular. Their key advantage is high-speed performance. They pose a decent alternative of a tableted form. These remedies are quite effective and easy-to-use. Their action is strictly localized and there is no risk of their components influence on the overall organism. And it should be mentioned that since these medicines are applied locally, they do not have any restrictions in regards to their combined use with alcohol or food.

Creams for Erectile Dysfunction Boost vs TabletsCreams may be applied right on sexual organs in accordance with the instruction. The most brilliant advantage of the creams is their fast performance taking action within 10-15 minutes after application. So, preliminary planning of coitus is not so vital any more. Sexual intercourse may be absolutely extemporaneous. Usage of condom doesn’t affect cream’s action.

Nevertheless, medications of this kind do not have long duration of effect. In average, it takes around three hours. And they cannot be used in the capacity of an independent medicine to treat erectile dysfunction, but just as a part of complex therapy.

Key Advantages of Creams for Erectile Dysfunction

  • The main distinguishing feature of given pharmaceutical drugs is their fast effect. The efficiency of the medicine starts in several minutes. So, it may be used just before the sexual intercourse.
  • They may be applied as a part of prophylactic therapy.
  • They have a characteristic pleasant smell and may moisturize sensitive skin in intimate area.
  • Creams may prolong sexual intercourse for hours and even enlarge penis. In comparison with peroral medications, creams have almost no side-effects.
  • The distinguishing feature of creams for potency improvement is their positive action on sensitivity experienced by a woman during sexual intercourse. When cream appears on female sexual organs and affects the nerve endings, it increases sexual drive and promotes orgasm achievement.

Erectile Dysfunction Creams Usage

Creams are to be used locally. Sexual organs must be washed thoroughly with soap. The indicated amount of remedy must be applied on them as per instruction. Application of the cream is not compatible with condoms.

ED creams are used in the following cases:

  • ED treatment along with complex therapy;
  • Absence of pleasant feeling during sexual intercourse;
  • Unsatisfactory duration of coitus;
  • Premature ejaculation.

Like any other pharmaceutical remedy, the cream has its counter-indications in the form of idiosyncrasy to its components or damaged skin in genital area. Very rarely, a cream may provoke allergy but if it takes place, it is better to consult a specialist.

Vitaros Description

Vitaros creamGreat Britain became the first country where cream, Vitaros able to substitute Viagra hit the market. It was developed by Strategic Science and Technologies and contains increased quantity of sildenafil and alprostadil which is not less popular for ED treatment. It is to be recalled that earlier alprostadil was introduced to penis by means of syringe. So, because of this unpleasant procedure alprostadil popularity as an erectile dysfunction remedy went to naught. Vitaros main function is erectile dysfunction treatment. Vitaros is considered to be a leading-edge remedy for potency boost. According to manufacturers, the cream causes erection in 5 minutes after application.

How Does It Work?

As an alprostadil-containing drug, Vitaros belongs to prostaglandin E. It improves microcirculation and peripheric blood circulation and has an angioprotecive action. Systematic application of Vitaros causes relaxation of unstriated tissues, takes a vasodilatory action, decreases peripheral resistance, and reduces arterial blood pressure. It blocks adrenergic receptors in penis tissues, relaxes unstriated muscles of cavernous bodies, contributes to blood flow increase and microcirculation improvement. Vasodilation of cavernous arteries and of trabecular smooth muscles of cavernous bodies leads to fast increase of blood supply and dilation of lacunar network in cavernous bodies. Venous outflux through vessels located under albugineous coat is restricted which stimulates erection development.

Vitaros Indications

Treatment of erection disorders of neurogenic, vascular, psychogenic or mixed etiology. Carrying out of pharmaceutical analysis in complex with diagnostic tests in case of erectile dysfunction.

Vitaros Advantages

  • The key advantage of this remedy is minimal quantity of side-effects.
  • Medical experts from pharmaceutical companies in the USA and Europe note that Vitaros is indeed very easy-to-apply. It is moistened and rubbed in penis within several seconds.
  • Vitaros is distinguished by its high-speed performance: the erection will be provided within 5-30 minutes.
  • Vitaros allows avoiding side-effects, since it is applied locally and not perorally. Tablets may cause undesired effects among one person in three. That is why pills are counter-indicative to patients suffering from angina and cardio-vascular diseases.

Safety Note

In the meantime, this cream containing sildenafil and alprostadil has some disadvantages:

  • Possible allergy;
  • Underlying risk of idiosyncrasy to alprostadil;
  • Possibility that it will prove ineffective in impotency treatment. Patients for whom Vitaros appeared to be efficient note that they had an initial stage of erectile dysfunction. At the same time patients suffering from advanced stage of this disease will unlikely feel the effect of this remedy.

To sum up, if you have serious problems in sexual sphere, it is better to consult a specialist in order to get an adequate therapy with the use of efficient medications for erectile dysfunction, such as Viagra, Cialis Levitra and others.

Vitaros is sold by prescription and is allowed for persons over 18 years of age. The prescribed amount of cream is applied on glans penis. It is quickly absorbed in skin providing erection in 5-30 minutes.

Possible Side-Effects

The following side-effects may be avoided if Vitaros is used along with condoms.

From the part of digestive apparatus: nausea, vomit.

From the part of CNS and peripheral nervous system: headache.

Allergic reactions: rash, itching.

Other: possible occurrence of hyperthermia, redness of skin, sweating, accumulation of liquid in penis.

Vitaros Counter-Indications

The list of Vitaros contraindications runs as follows:

  • High sensitivity to alprostadil or sildenafil;
  • Pregnancy, lactation;
  • Avoid driving and controlling machinery within two hours of creams action;
  • Age under 18 years.

Storage Requirements

Keep out of reach of children. If the bags are not opened, they may be kept in refrigerator at 3-8°C. Keep the bags out of the refrigerator below 25°C not more than 3 days before sexual intercourse. Use Vitaros right after opening. The remaining cream should be disposed of. Do not store Vitaros in freezer. Do not use it upon expiry period indicated on the package.

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