The quality of our life depends on many factors: health, family, work, ecology, the country of residence, habits, hollowed into us in a childhood. Many are looking for ways to improve their lives; honestly, we all would prefer to have some formula to make sure that everything in life is perfect. Such a universal formula, of course, does not exist, because everyone has his own way in this life and his own story. That's why, instead of giving ready-made solutions for all problems, we suggest that you look at the motion tweeters and choose the direction in which you want to move.

Top 7 Videos on how to improve your life and health

In this article, our editorial team has collected top 7 videos on how to improve your life and health. Here you will see general tips for improving life, useful morning habits, will get acquainted with the views on life of both famous personalities and qualified scientists.

Life hacks to improve your health

Here Facts Verse Channel presents its version on a healthy lifestyle. The name speaks for itself: here you will learn some easy life hacks on how to improve your health as well as how to fit them in the daily routine. The video tells about useful drinking and eating habits as well as how to choose and preserve the healthiest products. It will also mention really cool tips on excessing, quitting smoking, sore throat and pimple treatment. Enjoy!

6 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life

Here, a very charming vlogger, Kalyn Nicolson is sharing her vision on healthy habits. Starting with an inspiring quote, she will guide you through her daily habits that has once changed her life. I fell in love with the way she makes her videos, no wonder she has almost 1.5 million subscribers! Have a look at her channel if you are serious about improving your life – she has videos literally about all spheres of life!

38 Ways To Improve Your Emotional Health

Here some more serious stuff begins. Coach Corey Wayne will talk about 38 different ways you can improve your emotional health so you can improve your emotional and mental outlook on life, and quickly change your state from a negative one into a positive one to keep yourself in a peak emotional state, which will improve the overall quality of your life. The video is a bit long but has a lot of grateful comments.

10 Morning Routine Habits of Successful People

The Practical Psychology Channel presents a nice sum up of good habits to start your day. You might have heard all these before and would like to revise it? That’s your video then. It reminds us about the importance of to-do lists, positive affirmations, visualization, stretching and gratefulness.

Oprah Winfrey's Top 10 Rules For Success (@Oprah)

Out of videos I have watched in order to make this list, this one was probably the most inspiring and thought provoking. The way Oprah Winfrey has made in order to become who she is, has definitely taught her a few valuable lessons, which she is sharing in this video. Her own example and positive energy is rather contagious. If you are ready to make some great changes in your life, go ahead and get an energy boost from this amazing woman.

Nutritional Links to Depression and Mental Illness

We are what we eat. And we are not talking about your perfect weight here. If you really want to know the role food plays in our life, watch this video. Subscribe to the channel and watch other videos telling you amazing stuff of how the right food and vitamins can improve our lives.

To be more specific, Dr. Andrew Saul discusses the link between nutrient deficiencies/dependencies and mental illness, and how simple nutritional supplements can correct these very serious conditions.

7 Ways To Improve YOUR Life!

The last but not the least, this video was rather my number one in terms of good reasoning, high quality and all the tips just made too much sense to ignore them. The author of the PointlessBlog Channel started with a fresh view on the banal things and got rather deep in the end. His down-to-earth explanations and the righteous resentment were very persuasive. Watch it now.

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