According to opinion of all men’s magazines, bed is the best gymnastic apparatus. Reportedly, a human has sex in average 4200 times in the course of a lifetime. It is equal to about 4200 hours. A man in turn thinks of sex once per three minutes. Why is sexual intercourse so attractive for humanity? From psychological point of view, sex is subconscious instinct for self-preservation. This is how a person shows his desire to live (in accordance with Freud) and strive for death. This ambiguous opinion is easily explained by the fact that biological function of coitus is provision of future generations. On the other hand, sex is able to prolong life unless one of the partners infects the other with sexually transmitted diseases. Nevertheless, sexual intercourse is the supreme physical pleasure. So, what’s its influence on health?

Six Sex Benefits for Health 1. Impacts on male and female organism

It is worth mentioning that sexual intercourse is in fact a physical exercise. There is a complete relaxation and critical tension of muscles. These unsophisticated movements provide a perfect work load. Also, sexual excitement causes cardiac acceleration: from 70 beats per second it grows to 150 beats per second like during heavy physical exertion. A body gets warm and cleared from toxins. Physical dynamics provided by sexual intercourse provides fat burn, pelvic and chest muscles development. Its rhythmicity improves cardiovascular system.

Besides, like exercises, coitus is able to strengthen muscular and bone tissues. Alternate relaxation and exertion prolong youth and leave a perfect imprint on health of skin. Sexual intercourse allows a body to stay in tonus; therefore, it maintains well-being of the whole organism. During orgasm there is ample emission of endorphin in blood which is also called feel-good chemical. And this name is not groundless, since endorphin provides the feeling of euphoria affecting cerebrum. It is notable that this effect is also caused by narcotic drugs which entail troubles as opposed to sex. Besides pleasure, endorphin takes analgesic effect and relives of depression, neurosis, stresses and other issues.

Also, testosterone is produced during sex. This hormone reinforces organism and improves immunity considerably.

2. How does continence influence male health?

Hormonal particularities of male organism are reflected on increased desire of sex. Men cannot control sexual behavior as opposed to women. Continence takes quite adverse effect on male health. Long-term non-production of endorphin leads to enhanced irritability, aggressiveness, weariness and depression. But absence of fully-realized sexual life leads not only to psychological overstrains, but also to real threat for sexual system, in particular for prostatic gland. As a result, a man may get cancer. Many specialists state that this is connected with non-production of semen along with which a number of elements are released. Their accumulation is a possible threat.

3. Consequence of sexual continence for female health

Sexual continence is not a complicated task for women in comparison with men. For female organism absence of sex is more dangerous. Apart from neurosis, stresses, chronic fatigue, aggression and depression, continence causes a variety of more severe consequences.

The point is that womb needs regular massage. In order to provide normal functioning of this organ, it should get regularly contracted. Absence of this massage leads to hormone imbalance due to insufficient production of estrogen. This condition may result in abnormalities of menstrual period and acute pains during it and premenstrual syndrome. Very often absence of sufficient quantity of estrogens leads to considerable cyclic delays or complete absence of menstruation. Hence, fibrosis, cysts, and various tumors may occur on internal female genital organs.

All in all, continence is very harmful, whereas sexual intercourse is useful. Nevertheless, in order to avoid troubles during feel-good chemicals production, you should select a partner cautiously, use contraceptives and evade casual relations.


Swiss scholar has experimentally confirmed benefit of sexual intercourse for immune system of a human. He conducted a number of experiments due to which he calculated dependence of human immune system on current sexual life. The general conclusion is as follows: after orgasm a number of the so-called killer particles in organism grows by 1,5 times. Killer particles (or phagocytes) identify cell formations infected by various viruses. After having disclosed infection, killer particles penetrate inside and make the infected cell self-destroy. Thus, sex causes the increase of killer cells number. It means that it not only revitalizes organism, but maintains its immune system.

As to frequency of coitus, there is no unanimous opinion. It depends on age, person’s employment, and its temperament. The majority of experts hold by an opinion that the best variant is coitus 2-3 times per week. This opinion is supported by a number of research studies and interviews. Daily sexual marathon exhausts a person, deprives him or her of energy.

Cardiovascular health

By no means all medical experts consider sex to have anything to do with correct and healthy heart functioning. They do not discuss this matter with patients. But this is not right, since sexual activity is directly related to cardiovascular system taking quite positive influence. But this rule has its exclusions when it comes to patients who were diagnosed severe structural heart defect. This group of patients cannot bear overloads which may result in lethal outcome. This article will be dedicated to those who do not have any chronic cardiac diseases or pronounced pathologies.

Sex takes positive effect on heart which lies in three factors: emotional lift, physical activity, and hormonal flux. They influence human organism considerably.

There are the following particularities of cardiac functioning during sexual intercourse:

  • Due to foreplay, increase of workloads gradually.
  • Coitus itself is accompanied by explosively-intermittent strains which keep enhancing.
  • Right after termination of sexual intercourse, physical and hormonal profile returns to moderate state. Such fast return to norm differs cardinally from human condition in stressful situation, when it is difficult to return psycho-physical condition to norm.
  • Consequences of sexual activities are strongly pronounced positive emotions.

As a result, sex is an ideal method for training cardiac muscles, especially for those who preserved adaptation possibilities due to undergone cardiac diseases. Another beneficial factor of sexual intercourse is the fact that they are a so-called simulator of active restoration processes in human immune system, since they activate mechanisms which serve as protectors of nervous system against negative influence of stresses.

Blood Pressure Stabilizer

Sex is very helpful in decreasing blood pressure to normal level. During clinical trial published in medical magazine, Biological Psychology scholars have interviewed 51 persons (men and women) at the age between 20-47 years of frequency of their sexual intercourse. And then they measured their blood pressure. Medical experts concluded that frequent sex is tightly connected with decrease of arterial blood pressure. Coitus is a perfect sport and cardio. Increased level of sexual hormones (especially estrogen) is very useful for heart.

Stress and Pain Relief

Stress and Pain Relief

It is noteworthy that sex relieves menstrual pains. Menalgia may be explained by many factors, such as overall immaturity of organism, non-development of sexual organs, stricture of neck of womb, too strong muscular contraction of uterine walls, and other anatomical particularities.

In most cases, impairment of estrogen-progesterone balance of organism with prevalence of estrogens occurs. If a woman suffers from premenstrual tension and algodismenorrhea, she has severe endocrine disorders. In these cases, usage of hormonal contraceptives may be quite useful.

Many women consider sex to be a perfect remedy for menstrual pains and cramps. This happens due to the fact that orgasm allows a womb to get contracted and make use of surplus of prostaglandins during this process. Prostaglandins are hormones produced by womb. They help to stimulate contractions pushing menstrual blood out of womb. Also, these hormones are responsible for cramps which occur during periods. Womb constrictions during orgasm lead to narrowing of blood vessels.

Besides, regular sexual life prevents from occurrence of many gynecological diseases and regulates menstrual cycle. Coitus may be called the most efficient and pleasant analgesic without exaggeration. This is connected with the fact that a lot of hormones with analgesic effect get into blood during sex. For instance, oxytocin causes production of endorphins or natural analogue of morphine but absolutely harmless. Therefore, they provide fast disappearance of feeling of pain in female organism. Additional dosage of female hormones is able to inhibit pain symptoms of premenstrual tension. Moreover, adrenalin and a little catalysis can cure headache and even migraine.

Sleep Aid

Regular sexual relations allow people to cope with insomnia. According to sexologists, intensive sexual intercourse solves the problem of troubled sleep within five days. Eighty per cent of men and women fall asleep after orgasm without any problems. This happens due to the fact that after sexual relief, storage of glycogen or animal starch nourishing muscles suddenly drops. When sex is not enough, people start feeling tired and broken. Therefore, in a case a person has problems with sleep, it is better to practice sex instead of soporific drugs.

Psychological Comfort

Sex is natural antidepressant. Even one-time sexual activity will decrease stress hormones several-fold and improve mood. Moreover, sexual intercourse is a fully-realized physical exercise relieving of unnecessary calories. Thus, a bed may become a perfect fitness machine. Old Indian book of love, Kamasutra contains a number of poses training various body parts: arms and legs muscles, waist and hips. Moreover, sexual emotions prolong life and stimulate organism. Over the years, sexual attraction weakens, and organism resistance to diseases gets impaired. Many scientists consider sexual glands to be highly important. If they produce little secretion, malignant tumors develop. Irregular sexual life at elderly age has its biological causes: libido decreases, erectile issues occur, additional genitals stimulations is required. Women get excited slower, and lubrication of vaginal opening decreases.