Amongst great variety of different diseases, such horrible one as cancer must be always watched. For many a year, physicians and scientists of all countries seek for dependable methods to combat this ailment. At definite point, this disease cannot be cured at all. In occasion, people have early stages of it they still would have multiple health complications and inconveniences. Some of them remain with them until the end of life. Consequently, it is of great importance to combat cancer.

When it happens, we can only hope for the happy end. Nevertheless, we can undertake special measures, which can sufficiently protect us from the occurrence of this severe ailment. Safe medical remedies, we can intake natural products, which can strengthen our health and prevent ourselves from cancer.Cancer disease

The World Health Organization, or briefly WHO, has published the list of cancer-fighting products, which make a significant contribution to the overcoming of this illness. In addition, they enhance our mood and improve the general conditions of the body.

The experts state that on your plate always should be 2/3 of plant-based foods and not more than 1/3 of protein. Let’s take a closer look at those beneficial and useful products.

The Miracle List to Conquer Cancer

Give more heed to what you are consuming. Some of the products might only induce harm to your health. However, you might have excluded from your ration some vital foods, which could maintain and even save your health.

View this list of cancer-fighting products:

  1. Such natural products like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, watercress and some other vegetables have already earned a distinguished reputation as cancer fighters. All of the numerated vegetables contain indoles. It reinforces a very resourceful antioxidant, which is called enzyme glutathione peroxidase. Many scholars consider that it deactivates estrogens, which could possibly induce cancer, particularly tumors in breasts. They also contain vitamin C, which is another resourceful antioxidant. The best is to eat them raw.
  2. Soybeans and all the products that contain soy or are prepared in combination with it successfully prevent the occurrence of malignant cells. They contain incredible substances, which possess antitumor properties. They decrease toxic effects induced by radiation and chemotherapy. Thus, they can be implemented while treatment of cancer.
  3. Different varieties of onion and garlic. Garlic possesses chelation abilities. It binds toxins and eliminates them from the organism. This is possible thanks to a powerful enhancement and activation of white blood cells, all hazardous cells get destroyed. Commonly, it has the greatest potential in the cases of stomach cancer. Besides, it maintains the functions of the liver. Onion has similar capabilities, though they have a bit weaker effects. Due to the effects received by the consumption of onion, the structure of tumors weakens and can be destroyed. In addition, it finely cleanses body.
  4. Brown Algae. This type of seaweeds possesses great quantities of iodine that regulates the proper function of the thyroid gland, which is responsible for the metabolic processes. Beginning from the age of 25, the gland gradually reduces in size. This does not pass unnoticed and induces severe consequences. Thanks to brown seaweeds that are rich in selenium, this process will not have such destructive and dangerous effects.
  5. Nuts and fruit seeds. Different kinds of nuts and seeds of the fruits contain in their formulation active substances, which have vital role. They are lethal for cancer cells. They actively fight against the spreading of hazardous tumors and had been already used many centuries ago. Particularly resourceful are seeds of pumpkin, apricots, flax and sunflower. They contain phytoestrogens. These effectually reduce the numbers of estrogens.
  6. Cancer fighting productsThere exist definite types of mushrooms that sufficiently enhance human immunity and greatly assist in the fight against cancer. They are called Maitake, Shiitake and Rei-Shi and have in their composition beta-glucans. These are utterly effectual against tumors. Mark that these are Japanese and Chinese mushrooms. You will not meet such extra-capabilities in common mushrooms.
  7. Tomatoes. Recently, the scholars have discovered in their studies amazing abilities of tomatoes. This common vegetable at each orchid also contains anticancer abilities. Lycopene is an utterly resourceful antioxidant, which is efficacious in treatment of this terrible ailment.
  8. Fish and eggs. These natural products possess great quantities of omega-3 fatty acids. They are effectual in destruction of cancer cells. Mind also that fish has stronger effects and is more potential.
  9. Citrus fruits and berries. These fruits are very rich in bioflavonoids. They possess incredible capabilities. They sufficiently maintain the organism and stimulate the activity of vitamin C. Their usage positively reflects upon the overall health conditions of the organism. Into the bargain, they prevent the promotion of cancer cells and slow down their growth. They also slow down the processes of aging. Different condiments with berries possess utterly positive outcomes as well.
  10. Tea. There are no doubts that everybody have heard at least a bit about tremendous capabilities of tea. Regardless, of black or green, it is always a good helper for our health. This universal drink has polyphenols, which are resourceful fighters of tumors. They inhibit different types of alien cells and destroy them. However, you should note that green teas bring better results. Green tea contains approximately 40% of antioxidants and significantly decrease the risk of stomach, liver, lungs, pancreas and other cancers.

Memorizing these products and using some of them, you can sufficiently increase the strength of your immunity. Thus, the risk for cancer ailments will be greatly reduced.

Harmful Products

You have also keep in memory that there are some products, which have converse effects to those mentioned above. You should better avoid their consumption. Otherwise, you would increase the potential risk for suffering from different types of cancer.

The list of such products is brief. However, it is essential to memorize it.

  1. It carries great danger for the entire organism, its systems and cerebrum. One of possible ailments it can induce is cancer. Women should be extremely caution with it, as its usage predisposes for breast cancer.
  2. It goes without saying that meat plays important role for our health. It is necessary to eat meat, because it has multiple positive effects. Nevertheless, abnormal consumption of meat can lead to cancer. Particularly, it induces colon and stomach cancers. The physicians believe that due to high concentration of fats and cholesterol in meat there appears cancer.
  3. Salt and sugar. It is impossible to imagine our life without sugar and salt. We intake them in different forms practically every day. Notwithstanding, they enhance the percentage for the spreading of tumors. They can be a reason for stomach cancer. Try to intake them in reasonable amounts.

Of course, there no foods that can guarantee you 100% protection against cancer. Nevertheless, you can change your eating habits and add more healthy products to your menu to lower the risks of cancer.