It is said that testosterone influences the capabilities of men for erection. Here you will find information on its impact upon male potency and any complications.

There are always many debates and discussions concerning the influence of testosterone on the organism of men. As it is known, this is a male sex hormone, which is produced in testicles. This specific hormone determines secondary sexual characteristics and regulates the functions of the genital organs in men. It is a male hormone. Nevertheless, it can be in excess in women as well. This may lead to different deviations from the normal female development.

Still, the main issue of this hormone is commonly associated with the impact upon male system. If considering it from the chemical point of view, it is an anabolic steroid, which is answerable for gaining muscle mass and burning fat.Erectile dysfunction

The production of this substance enhances in the period of puberty and reaches the peak in the age of 25-30 years. Until the age of 80 years, its concentration lowers and is only 40% in regard of its maximum presence in the organism.

However, the low concentration of this hormone in body induces different ailments and dysfunctions. One of such problems is erectile dysfunction or simply impotence. Many experts believe that low levels of testosterone inevitably lead to the problems with potency.

Reasons for Decreasing of Testosterone Production

Naturally, the decrease of testosterone starts from the age of 30. It is induced by some natural chemical processes in our body. Nevertheless, it may lower due to other reasons. These may be various traumas, infections, loss of testicles, genetic abnormalities and deviations, various inflammatory ailments, consumption of remedies that impact this hormone, chronic fatigue, ailments of liver, overweight, alcohol consumption, smoking and constant nerve tension.


The symptoms of insufficiency of this important hormone are different and they affect various systems of man organism. They lead to different sicknesses and disorders. Amongst these are:

  • Decrease in muscle mass;
  • Increase in body fats;
  • Problems with erectile dysfunction;
  • Alterations of cholesterol and lipid levels;
  • Reducing in hemoglobin;
  • Osteoporosis;
  • Loss of hair;
  • Troubled ability for concentration;
  • State of depression.

Due to its lack, there appear obesity, impotence and infertility. These consequences have utterly severe character and are dangerous for physical and psychological life of any man.

It is significant to detect the lack of this essential hormone as soon as possible. In occasion, you wish to define its levels in your body you should check your blood. This is the most dependable way to do it. It is recommended taking tests in the morning, as the levels of this substance change in the course of the day, but in the morning, its presence is the highest.

In case, the levels are insufficient, one should undertake measurements to enhance them. There exist multiple ways for doing that.

The Issue on Impotence

At times, problems with proper erection are associated with ailments of cardiovascular system and diabetes. Nonetheless, many experts believe that the problems with erectile dysfunction are induced by the low levels of testosterone in the organism. Its amounts reduce because of various illnesses and the process of aging. You have to know that poor erection is not obligatory caused by low concentration of testosterone. However, when examinees undergo the course of treatment from impotence, physicians always try to enhance the presence of this hormone as well. Still, the direct relationship of impotence and testosterone are not fully established.

Yearly, there are conducted different trials concerning this issue. Approximately 60% of testosterone is connected with globulin, and almost 40% with albumin. There are also about 1-2% of the so-called free testosterone. Free and albumin-associated testosterone plays essential part in biological activity of the organism.

The studies try to figure out whether general, free and other kinds of testosterone have some connection with the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. For many years, the trials and experiments that took place in Korea, Japan, Brazil, Turkey and Italy could not find the connection of ED and testosterone. Some studies showed that ED occurs because of decrease of biologically available testosterone due to aging processes, but not because of lowering of general testosterone.Doctor

Only relatively recent trial of the European male aging study (EMAS) had found a link between general testosterone and impotence. It is believed that previous fails in finding this link were induced by participation of men of different races and insufficient sample size. Recent studies took into account more details and factors for the development of ED.


One of the studies that took place in Guangxi included all possible factors. 1776 men aged from 20 to 70 years took part in this study. There were accounted five counts of the International index of erectile function. The scientists measured the levels of general, free and biologically available testosterone. The study took into account the influence of alcohol consumption, smoking, physical activity and metabolic syndrome.

47.6% of the volunteers were individualities that were significantly older and smoked too many cigarettes or drunk too much alcohol. Age played the most vital role for the reasons that led to impotence. Free and bioavailable testosterones had no connection with any ED complications. Nevertheless, there was detected the link between inappropriate erection and the lack of general testosterone.

Consequently, the levels of free and bioavailable testosterones should be excluded. The value has general testosterone. Obviously, the lack of this kind of hormone has influence on the potency, levels of libido and quality of sperm. Its low concentration or its complete absence leads to impotence or inability to have children. Therefore, there should be taken the appropriate measures for such men.