Summer time is a period of hot sunny days, frequent trips to nature, well-deserved holidays and ... oddly enough, colds. After all, during this season we are so confident in our own health that we forget about the simplest precautious measures: we use air conditioners inconsistently, disregard the weather forecasts or swim in cold water without thinking. As a result, we get a nose stuffiness, chills, cough and other cold symptoms that knock us out of the habitual rhythm of life for several days or even weeks and take away the opportunity to enjoy the summer. Meanwhile, this scenario can be avoided, if you know about the little life hacks Canadian Health&Care Mall has prepared for you.

How not to get sick in the summer

Life hack #1. Air conditioning and drafts

The most common situation, preceded by summer colds, is the following: on the street, there is such a heat that there is no air to breathe in the office or at home, and we, thinking about the achievements of the modern world with gratitude, turn on the air conditioner almost at maximum power. The result of such actions will not slow down to hit you.

Before turning on the air conditioner, make sure that all windows and doors in the room are closed. Otherwise, you will inevitably get sick with the draft. In addition, make sure that the room temperature differs from the street temperature by a maximum of 5°C. In other words, if in the street it is 30°C, then in the room it should be 25°C. If you neglect this simple rule, then the temperature difference can adversely affect your health.

Life hack #2. Welcome weather surprises

Leaving the house in the light T-shirt in the morning, by the evening we understand that we made a mistake - it got colder on the street, the wind literally blows off our feet, and it's raining. Needless to say, each of us has been in such a situation, often followed by an urgent intake of complex drugs or even by a medical leave.

We are used to be careless about metrological forecasts and to treat them with a fair amount of distrust, but it's still necessary to know whether it will rain today or whether it will be necessary to take a jacket. Also, it will not be superfluous if you have a "spare" umbrella and a long-sleeved jacket at work – just in case.

Life hack #3. Summer wardrobe

Incorrectly selected outfit is a serious obstacle, preventing most people from enjoying the summer in excellent health. And it's not just up to the weather changes, but also the conditions of city life: if it's cool outside and we are dressed accordingly, in the crowd of public transport we are sure to get sweaty, and then, going out, we become defenseless against colds.

The simplest way to protect yourself from such troubles is to profess the "principle of multilayeredness." This means that when choosing between a sweater and a jacket, give preference to the latter, under which you can put on a T-shirt: if necessary - in the subway or bus - the upper "layer" can be safely removed and put on the street before going out. Functional, comfortable and most importantly - practical in terms of health.

Life hack #4. Ice cream and cold drinks

The streets melt from the heat, the throat is dry and you are desperate for something cold ... It is quite natural that after this we lose our voice, suffer from sore throats and a runny nose.

Ice cream and cold drinks

If you are thirsty in the heat, cold drinks will not help you, but will only provoke inflammation in the throat due to hypothermia. It is best to quench your thirst with a hot green tea, but you can also give preference to water or unsweetened beverages at room temperature. As for ice cream, you don’t have to stop eating it. Just eat it in small pieces, completely dissolving it in your mouth.

Life hack #5. Hooray, swimming!

Chilling out in the river is a nice thing! However, the consequences of such water procedures, at times, can spoil our mood for a long time. Before you literally dive headlong into the pool, check the water temperature by lowering your hand into it. If within a minute or two the skin ceases to pinch from the cold, then you can swim, no - it's better to postpone the "dive" until better times.

General advice on staying healthy

You follow up all the tips but still can’t pass through the summer without catching a cold? At the same time you see dozens of people doing everything to get sick but they are safe and sound all the year-round? Why does it happen? The answer is very simple: if your immune system is strong enough, neither ice-cold water, nor an air condition could harm you. Here we will share some life hacks on how to prepare your immune system to the hot season.

General advice on staying healthy

Life hack #6. Strengthening immunity

Is an equally important component for preventing disease. To do this, you need to eat a lot of fruits, greens, drink fresh juices containing vitamin C. Good means to increase the body's resistance to infections and colds are regular contrast showers and morning walks on dew.

Life hack #7. Consider calorie restriction

If you didn't have reason to diet before, now you do. Research shows that those who eat 25% less than normal rarely get sick. Your cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure levels will all lower, resulting in a healthier you.

  • Be careful. This is a diet that's incredibly easy to do incorrectly. It is not about starving yourself - it's about eating a little less than the average Western diet.

Life hack #8. Take immune-system strengthening vitamins

Before you do this, it's advisable to talk to a doctor. What vitamins and nutrients does your diet lack? He/she will know what to recommend you. A diet that's high in all the good stuff - especially vitamins A, C, D and iron and zinc - will keep your immune system ticking on all levels.

  • Many believe in sprinkling Brewer's yeast into their morning breakfast. Just a tablespoon gives you all the B vitamins your body needs.

Life hack #9. Exercise

Do cardio workouts to get your heart pumping and your blood moving. They strengthen your immune system, in addition to helping with weight loss, inflammation, and fighting disease. But when it comes to developing immunity, it's because it ups your white cell blood count - the stuff that fights bad bacteria and viruses.

  • Or do some other form of exercise that strengthens and tones your body that will also increase the strength of your immune system. As long as you're up and moving, you're doing yourself a favor.

Life hack #10. Get a decent amount of sleep

This means every night. Adequate sleep relieves stress and allows your body to recover from daily activities. A 2009 study showed that anything less than 7 hours tripled your chances of getting a cold. So aim for a solid 7 hours (no interruptions) every night of the week. That might mean sometimes not going out, but it's worth it for your health.

  • The opposite end of the spectrum isn't great either - too much sleep isn't good for you, either. So resist sleeping till the afternoon on the weekends - it will just make you more tired during the week anyway!

Life hack #11. Relax

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to avoid stress. Lower cortisol levels keep your body functioning as normal, but it's also about your daily habits: when you're stressed, you sleep less, exercise less, and eat more. Two things not good for impending sickness!

  • There are actually stress hormones called glucocorticoids. Over the long-term these hormones wreak havoc on your system, blocking other cells from doing their jobs When this happens, you become more susceptible to even the weakest of viruses.

Life hack #12. Think positively

Similar to the destress mantra, it's of utmost importance that you think positively. Research shows that happy people - and those who don't worry about getting sick - don't get sick! Turns out that positive thinkers produce greater amounts of flu antibodies, though scientists don't really understand why. Relaxing and getting happy may be all your body needs.

  • It sort of makes sense - the happier you are, the less stressed you are. The less stressed you are, the better you sleep, eat, and exercise - really, the better you do everything.

Life hack #13. Avoid tobacco, alcohol, and drugs

Because duh. These things all wreak havoc on your health, not only leading to disease and, ultimately, imminent death, but weaken you on a smaller level every single day. They also stress you out, mess up your natural cycles, and just make simple things harder. So cut it out!

Cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol are all toxins. They get in our systems and wear them down. Sometimes the effects can't even be felt, but they're there. 1 drink is okay, but not more.

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