Regular exercising has always had many benefits for one’s health. Yet, let’s admit it, doing it is really tough, so most beginners find other activities to occupy themselves with instead of exercising. To make your workouts more pleasurable and less stressful, we’ve made up a list of healthy exercising options for you to start with. They help keep the heart in shape, get a perfect body with time and have less health issues.Running man

8 Physical Activities to Start Regardless of Fitness Level

The greatest part about this list is that any of the offered activities can be started no matter what your age and fitness level are. They all lower risks for diseases and help both males and females get in shape.

  • Swimming

This is a number one choice for many freshmen. Professionals always speak of swimming as a perfect workout: water does more than just supports your body. It also takes the strain off painful joints and allows moving them more fluidly. It is a perfect choice for those, who’re suffering from arthritis.

Recent studies found that swimming improves one’s mental health as well and is able to put one in a good mood. Pay attention to water aerobics classes to tone up and burn more calories.

  • Anaerobic training

This one should be the major part of your fitness routine. Anaerobic training decreases time amount you spend on exercising, yet it gives more benefits than any other training. Certain exercises produce special chemical compounds that make more fat burn from under your skin and within the muscles.

What’s the result? There is an obvious increase of excess weight loss. One’s optimal weight is reached in a short time amount.

  • Tai Chi

Among a variety of Chinese martial arts this one takes a special place. Tai Chi combines moves and relaxation great for mind and body. There is a series of graceful movements included that can be performed by people of all ages and fitness levels. Older people benefit from Tai Chi the most. They regain the balance that they usually lose when getting older. Read more interesting information about Tai Chi at the dedicated website:

  • Running

This is a universal activity. Most people with extra weight start with running. It is regarded as the most effective and the least expensive way to stay healthy. And though running has many advantages, there’s still a drawback: your activity depends on the weather outside. This is why most runners buy treadmills for their homes. This is the part when running becomes pretty expensive, yet still the effects are worth expenses.

  • Strength training

Lifting weight won’t necessary bulk up the muscles! Light weights will keep muscles toned and strong. It is a known fact that muscles participate in burning calories. The more muscles you have, the more calories are burned, thus a healthy weight is maintained.

We suggest starting light (1-2 pounds). Make sure you lift weight ten times with ease. In a few weeks add 1-2 pounds. If lifting them is easy, do that more than 12 times.

  • Elliptical machines

When choosing between treadmills and elliptical machines, the latter ones cost less, so for many people they are a wise and affordable choice. However, make sure you get the elliptical that inclines throughout different levels. There are many models with a fixed base and handles. They allow exercising arms more than legs. Specialists suggest paying attention to the ones that exercise different leg muscles.

  • Walking

Can walking become a part of a healthy exercising routine? It surely can. It looks pretty simple, yet it is unbelievably powerful. Walking helps strengthen bones and improve levels of cholesterol, lift one’s mood and keep the blood pressure in check, lower risks of heart diseases and diabetes, improve memory and lose weight. Get comfortable shoes and walk nearly 10-15 minutes 6 days a week.

  • Kegel exercises

Here is the truth: Kegel exercises do not help look better. BUT they strengthen the pelvic floor muscles responsible for bladder support. Such exercises are effective for preventing incontinence. Both males and females can benefit from Kegel exercises.

Mental Health Benefits of Most Exercises

Not only your body, yet also your mind rest while you are exercising. Physical activities help relax, forget about stress and problems. It is proven that regular walking or running is beneficial for improving both physical and mental health as while walking you make bones stronger and muscles well-toned, mind brighter and full of new ideas.

Pay attention to so-called mind-exercises, too. They include reading and doing puzzles, writing and playing chess.

The overall health has two sides – the physical and mental one. Today we tend to pay more attention to the first one rather than the latter. You have to change that. Find exercises for body and mind to stay healthy and happy throughout the day.

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