It goes without saying that different kinds of remedies are very helpful. They become the best salvation against numerous kinds of ailments and health complications. Still, the natural ones are much better if we talk about safety. Natural herbs are more reliable as they do not contain any synthetic supplements and will not induce any severe health problems. One of the most dependable herbs is Cinnamon. The most important quality of this product is its sustenance concerning the blood pressure levels.

The issue of an increased blood pressure or hypertension is utterly serious. It causes various health complications, which are actually dangerous for the human health and can lead even to the lethal outcomes. The normal level of blood pressure is less than 120/80 mmHg. A person that has 140/90 mmHg and more is referred to patients who suffer from hypertension.

It is known that undetected hypertension may develop severe kidney complications and cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, it is not actually possible to detect this serious complication until it occurs. In order to escape hypertension, you ought to be cautious, undertake preventive measures and regularly check with your doctor to determine the problem until it becomes too dangerous. This condition has such symptoms as migraines, vomiting, confusion, visionary changes and nose bleeding. Having some of them for a long period of time, you should turn for the emergency assistance.

The preventive measures are healthy food for the heart, more exercise (without overworking), quit smoking and consuming alcohol, reduce stress situations and salt intake. Nonetheless, these measures may not be enough or might start following them too late. Therefore, you will have to face the problem and try to resolve it.

There are many methods and medical remedies to cope with hypertension. However, if its severity is not too heavy you can use Cinnamon, which is natural and harmless to your health. It can be found and administrated in rolled quills, powder or liquid extract. The kinds of this herb are various as well. The most popular ones are Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia (Chinese) Cinnamon. The composition of this herb contains manganese, vitamin K calcium, iron, and dietary fiber. As you can see, all these elements are very helpful and needed for every person.

Luckily, the course of this disease can be controlled by lifestyle changes. Amongst such is the use of a healthy diet. In order to lower hypertension, patients should take various fruits and vegetables, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium. The last two elements are the ingredients of Cinnamon. Therefore, it should be included in the list as well.

Calcium is a great mediator, which contracts and relaxes blood vessels. In the event, there are too low amounts of this element in the body, blood pressure increases. When taking Cinnamon, you can escape the problems. A single tablespoon of this herb produces approximately 8% of calcium. Thus, the lowered blood pressure levels rise.

During special trials, it was found that 2g of this herb taken on the daily basis sufficiently lowered blood pressure and sugar levels. Of course, there is a need for some other studies to make sure which amount of Cinnamon is safe and how it affects blood pressure. Notwithstanding, the positive outcomes are confirmed and really promising.

It is remarkable that is also used to reduce the symptomology of such diseases as angina, increased levels of cholesterol, kidney violations and different types of cancer.


There is a definite dosage advised for the most patients. In most cases, the initial daily dosage is 2-4 g. There may be some dosage adjustments for elderly patients and children. However, they will not be too different.

The Use of Cinnamon to Treat Hypertension

There will be no toxicity to the liver. The herb does not cause addiction and any adverse reactions. It can be dangerous only if you have some contraries on its implementation or you take too much of the powder.


Each person should take Cinnamon with some caution. It does not cause any adverse reactions. Nevertheless, if you take inappropriately and without regard to some contraries on the implementation, you may suffer from some negative outcomes.

In the case of excess administration of this plant, especially in the form of oil, you may suffer from allergenic reactions. These might be the irritation of the mouth, tongue and lips, cases of sores and ulcers. If using it on the skin, you may get redness and a rash.

Commonly, women with breast cancer, those who are pregnant or feed the nursing children with breast milk are cautioned. They may take it in particular cases. Nevertheless, they need the professional observation and permission of an expert. Their doses will be limited.

You should likewise know that Cinnamon can get into a dangerous interaction with medications, which are designed to treat hypertension. Therefore, you should obligatorily tell your physician if you take any hypertension treatments. It can be likewise contraindicated if you take drugs to treat heart ailments, diabetes, antibiotics and some other medications.

Use this herb reasonably and precisely as it is advised by your physician and you will sufficiently maintain your blood pressure levels and will escape hypertension and other health troubles induced by this ailment.

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