Pills are not the only solution for patients suffering from high blood pressure. Plants and foods might be a healthy and effective alternative as well. It is a proven fact that people, who follow a plant-based diet, have lower blood pressure and address doctors rarely. If you want to join them, make sure at least 3-4 of these 15 foods are added to your daily ration. It will be easier to remain healthy, if there’s the right food in your fridge.

What 15 Foods Can Lower Your Blood Pressure?

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It is surely more than just 15 of them. However, the ones that we’ve chosen are the most effective, widely-spread and, what is more important, affordable!

  • Skim Milk

Why skim milk? Many high blood pressure sufferers are really surprised to see this product in the list. Yet, drinking low fat and heart healthy milk provides the body with calcium and Vitamin D. These are the two elements that reduce one’s blood pressure by 3-10%. We know that this isn’t much, but a regular consumption adds up nearly a 15% reduction in risk for cardiovascular diseases.

  • Spinach

Green leafy veggies have always been beneficial for one’s health. Spinach is in their list. It is high in fiber, yet low in calories. Spinach is also rich in folate, potassium and magnesium – the three ingredients that are the keys for lowering blood pressure levels and maintaining them.

Specialists suggest having half a cup of cooked spinach to ensure 12% of a recommended daily calcium intake for adults. You can also add some fresh spinach to sandwiches and salads.

  • Berries

BerriesThere are different types of berries to pick from, yet blueberries are recognized as the most effective. They are rich in natural components – flavonoids. Their consumption prevents hypertension and reduces one’s high blood pressure.

Choose blueberries and raspberries, strawberries and others. Add them to your cereal in the morning and keep them frozen to have healthy desserts during winter time as well. They will bring fast and permanent effects.

  • Fish Oil

Fish oil is the natural fatty acid that is found in certain species of fish. Such fatty acids are great for your cardiovascular health. Over the past years many various researches were conducted to prove the benefits of fish oil for high blood pressure. The positive influence is proven, BUT the action method is still unclear. Having more omega-3 fats in your ration improves the work of heart. It doesn’t mean that you are to consume it daily, but 2-3 times a week is a must.

  • Celery

Do you know that celery is effective in making one’s veins and heart function better? It has a very great effect on one’s blood pressure. Celery helps balancing blood sugar levels and maintaining a good BP level. This food is called a super food as it also includes many other benefits for your body, namely weight loss. Are you surprised? Losing weight helps get the blood pressure down. Eat more celery, maintain a healthy weight and reduce even the smallest chances for any blood pressure-related complications.

  • Oatmeal

Make sure you have whole and high in fiber grains regularly. They help the body maintain a healthy blood pressure. Oatmeal is one of the best choices as it adds to the reduction of the diastolic and systolic pressure. This food is regarded as a low-sodium one and it can be used in pancakes OR cooked as hot cereals with fruit. Besides, oatmeal can be added to baked food as well.

  • Papaya

Papaya is rich in Vitamin C as well as many other minerals and vitamins. It is referred as more beneficial for your health than most citrus fruits. Potassium and amino acids that are in papaya normalize high blood pressure levels and help the general health of one’s heart.  Don’t forget that it has a great taste, too!

  • Beet

If you have real problems lowering your high blood pressure, drink a glass of beet juice every day. There was a British study conducted in 2015. It included 64 participants with high blood pressure. Thirty-two of them were taking medications, yet still didn’t meet the target blood pressure. The other half didn’t go with the meds. They all were assigned either to drink placebo or beet juice. In 30 days those, who consumed beet juice, dropped the systolic blood pressure to 8 points. This improvement is similar to administration of medications. And those patients, who took placebo, discovered no improvements.

  • Tomatoes

TomatoTomatoes are helpful in fighting many health conditions and high blood pressure is one of them. It is said that lycopene is responsible for such great improvements. It helps even in cases of diabetes and premature skin aging. This is why there is more than just one reason to have tomatoes in the fridge. It is suggested to eat more of them without cooking and processing, mixing with other ingredients of fatty meals and cheese.

  • Carrots

It is easier to treat your high blood pressure, if you pick carrots. Why them? Carrots are rich in beta carotene and potassium. Both elements have already proven their efficacy in the high blood pressure treatment process. Carrot juice maintains normal blood pressure, because it is able to regulate the functioning of heart and kidneys.

  • Baked Potatoes

Aside from being very tasty, baked potatoes are rich in potassium and magnesium. These two nutrients are the most essential parts of the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet. When there’s a potassium-rich diet included into the ration, the body systems find it easier to flush out the excess sodium that is responsible for raising blood pressure. At the same time magnesium promotes the healthy blood flow, which is essential as well.

  • Avocados

They say that today there’s hardly a health condition that avocados cannot cope with. Avocados attack high blood pressure with the fiber, potassium and monounsaturated fats that they contain. This is a three-way approach that increases one’s chances of keeping BP stabilized.

Avocados can complement many other healthy meals or used as toppings of salads and tacos. You can eat them directly as snacks between meals. They will help you feel full longer. Start eating more of them and you will soon experience benefits for your blood pressure and overall health.

  • Eggs

EggsThere exists a misconception that eggs aren’t healthy for ones heart. We want to debunk this myth. The studies have shown that egg yolks never add to heart disease risks and egg whites help in dialing down one’s blood pressure. According to the American Chemical Society, when rats with high blood pressure were given a protein that is in egg whites, they had a drop in blood pressure comparable to doses of a know BP medication – Captopril.

Of course, more research is needed, yet eggs are now viewed as beneficial for one’s heart as they are a source of Vitamin D and protein.

  • Garlic

Hundreds of years ago garlic wasn’t used for cooking meals. It was a natural medication in Egypt and Greece, China and Rome. Allicin is garlic’s active ingredient. This is a sulfur compound that is formed when a clove is chopped, chewed or crushed. Adding more garlic to dishes, you add to the lowering of your high blood pressure.

However, this natural remedy has a very unpleasant side effect – garlic breath.

  • Oranges

Oranges are known for being rich in many vitamins. Yet only few people are aware of their blood pressure lowering abilities. A glass of orange juice or the whole fruit consumed every day will load with Vitamin C and fiber as well as lower your blood pressure by several points.

What Should Your Shopping List Include?

Specialists have created a special weekly shopping list that is a must for those, who suffer from high blood pressure. Products included are perfect medication substitutes and are pretty affordable:

FoodsServings per 1 weekAmount to buy for one week
Apples, grapes, oranges, pears, peaches, bananas2015-20 items
Lettuce, spinach41-2 heads/bags
Carrots, tomatoes, avocados, eggplant, peppers158-12 items
Celery, peas, green beans3½ pound
Chard, kale41-2 bunches
Cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli31-2 heads
Tomato juice, paste and sauce42 cans
Dried fruit8½ pound
Turkey, chicken21 pound
Fruit juice41 quart
Red meat and sausage1¼ pound
Shellfish, fish21 pound
Rice, pasta, grains3½ -1 cup (dry)
Eggs33 large
Whole grains21-2 cups
Yoghurt33 cups
Dried beans31 pound
Skim milk10½ gallon
Nuts10½ pound
Cheese4¼ pound
Whole-grain rolls, bread and waffled201 pound
Olives2¼ - ½ pound
chocolate17 ounces
Chips, popcorn34 ½ ounces
Cooking oils12¾ cup
Salad dressing21½ cup
Desserts1½ cup
Salt72 1/3 tablespoon
Sugar24½ cup

High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

In most cases the consumption of pills for high blood pressure during pregnancy is forbidden. This is why a woman should seek alternatives to lower down her BP. To start with, she must keep active and get physical activity daily. Secondly, she has to choose a healthy and well-balanced diet as well as reduce the intake of salt.There are many supplements that are effective for high blood pressure prevention.

The most recommended ones are:

  • Algal oils;
  • Fish oils;
  • Magnesium;
  • Garlic;
  • Vitamins E and C;
  • Antioxidants;
  • Folic acid.

If you failed in prevention, address your healthcare provider to have both effective and safe pills prescribed.High blood pressure condition can lead to serious health issues like heart attack or stroke. Preventing and treating it is not a short-lasting process. It lasts for years, sometimes for life. Taking pills regularly has both benefits and drawbacks, while eating healthy and helpful foods has no drawbacks at all. Change your eating routine and you will change your high blood pressure.

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