Premature ejaculation is one of the most widely spread sexual disorders in the world. Nearly every man faced it once in his life. However, if this disorder occurs too often it becomes a real problem for the man that may cause other health problems, especially psychological ones. Luckily today medical science provides a lot of methods of PE treatment from medications and surgery to psychotherapy and physical exercises. Sometimes physical exercises are considered the best treatment of the PE problems. In this article we will figure out what the PE treatment methods are and whether physical exercises are so effective as they are told to be.

What’s premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a male sexual disorder when the ejaculation occurs too early. Experts say that it is quite difficult to define the normal duration of the sexual intercourse before the ejaculation. It depends upon several factors such as cultural preconditions, character, nationality and even religious views. Canadian scientists have figured out that average duration of the coitus is 7 minutes, 7 to 13 minute coitus is considered optimal, and more than 13 to 30 minute one is too long. The duration of less than 3 minutes makes the man feel very insecure. According to the research data 70% men ejaculate in 10 minutes after the beginning of coitus. Modern medical science considers premature ejaculation to occur before the coitus or 1-2 minutes after the penetration into vagina.

Types and reasons of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be primary or secondary. Primary PE is a very rare case that is innate and connected with incorrect work of some nervous centers in the brain. Secondary premature ejaculation is connected with physiological disorders or psychological condition of the man. Primary PE cannot be cured; secondary PE is successfully treated when the reason of it is correctly defined.

Physiological disorders that may cause PE include injuries or inflammatory state of the spine, prostatitis and other prostate gland disorders, hormone imbalance, regular intake of certain medications, and high sensitivity of balanus.

Psychological factors of PE occurrence may involve depression, lack of self-confidence, absence of sexual experience, regular stresses, and strong sexual excitement. Moreover, scientists have found out that the lack of magnesium in the human body may lead to the problems with ejaculation.


Methods of treatment

The choice of the PE treatment method depends upon the reason of the disease. It is necessary to consult the andrologist and reveal the core problem. Some medical tests and analyses are often needed to exclude incorrect diagnosis.

In some cases it is enough for the man to change his lifestyle and quit smoking or drinking alcohol as well as to change his eating habits. Drug withdrawal is helpful when PE is caused by the regular intake of drugs. The usage of condoms is helpful in case of high balanus sensitivity.

Pharmaceutical treatment is aimed at eliminating two problems: high balanus sensitivity and psychological tension. The wide range of pills, creams or lubricants are available at the pharmaceutical market. They effectively reduce the sensitivity of the balanus. To treat the psychological reasons different medications containing serotonin (Priligy, Dapoxetine etc.) are prescribed. Together with the psychotherapy these medications show quite high effectiveness.

Surgery is applied in rare cases when the other methods are ineffective. For example, if the man has a short frenulum of prepuce or suffers from diabetes and other diseases surgery is the only method that will solve the problem with ejaculation.

Physical exercises: efficient or not?

Doctors consider physical exercise to be rather effective both as a separate treatment method and as a part of the complex therapy.

Kegel exercises for men have shown good results in treating the PE problems. Kegel exercises (or pelvic floor exercises) deal with pelvic floor muscles and are aimed at strengthening them. As a result, the man can control the process of ejaculation. Another effective exercise is called “Butterfly”. This exercise relaxes muscles of legs and bottom of the back. Moreover, the spine load is also reduced. This may increase the time before the ejaculation.

The above-mentioned methods do not require the participation of the sexual partner. The “stop-start” method presupposes that both partners take part in this exercise. Of course, it requires the agreement and trust between partners. To increase the duration of the coitus frictions should be made on the basis of “stop-start” principle. The change between the friction state and the state of rest and vice versa will allow increasing the duration of the sexual intercourse and will postpone the ejaculation.

About prophylaxis in brief

To avoid any symptoms of premature ejaculation doctors recommend that the man should pay special attention to his lifestyle. Healthy food and no bad habits make the great contribution into the improvement of the men’s sexual health. The ability to control one’s emotions and to refuse evolving about bad situations will surely decrease the psychological tension. Besides, timely treatment of the health disorders and regular visits to the doctor’s will help you avoid any risk of premature ejaculation.