While we all would love our children to be free from all disease and even the necessity to protect themselves from various hazards of the modern world, we must admit that to preserve one’s health we must start protecting it from the very beginning. Children do not need a bunch of drugs to maintain their health at a very good level given that there are no inherent conditions and genetic disorders. Mother Nature does not just throw us out in the wilderness without any protection.

Pills for Kids

When a child is getting ready to be born inside the mother’s womb, the mother’s immune system protects the child from all possible hazards including those incoming from the organism of the parent. When a child is born, there are various defensive mechanism that immediately kick in in order to protect a fragile body from any external threat. The milk of the mother is a great source of nutrients and additional building blocks for a growing body.

During first several years only a small portion of all children require any pharmacological assistance to develop normally and protect themselves from everything harmful. This serenity and peacefulness does not last long. At a certain age, defensive capabilities of the body normalize and the organism starts getting more and more nutrients from less safe source. This brings a lot of dangers directly to the child. Bacteria and viruses become a big threat. Nutrition and aiding the immune system will become the most important pivots of parental care.

Experts at Canadian Health&Care Mall decided to create a list of medications that can be safely used by children or implemented seamlessly in their diets in order. It is imperative for every single parent on this planet to use effective yet affordable drugs to improve health of their children and ensure their healthy future. Let’s take a closer look at the drugs chosen by our specialists.

Mentat (Himalayan Food Supplement)

One of the most important rules of creating a balanced nutrient-rich diet for a child is “do no harm”. You should always think not of benefits but of possible downsides of any medication that goes into the body of a child. Mentat is a completely harmless yet very effective supplement developed based on the wisdom of Himalayan herbalists who spent hundreds of years studying various advantages of using herbs and fruits of local Asian plants. While the drug is developed to help adults with Alzheimer and memory issues in general, the list of possible applications goes beyond that. You can safely use the medication to help your child to:

  • Overcome behavioral problems and attention fluctuations in case of ADHD and other similar conditions;
  • Improve concentration and memory to better learn new things and improve academic results;
  • Become a better student and avoid problems related to speech and mental fatigue;
  • Better fight stressful situations and prevent socialization issues.

Mentat (view prices) is a great food supplement that has a wide area of possible applications. Adults benefit from stress relief provided by herbs and can easily fight off alcohol addictions and aid in drug addictions as well. Children will become better students and will overcome speech impairments and problems related to learning. Mentat is a combination of various herbs and fruits. The list of extracts includes Tibetan and Himalayan plants like Brahmi, Manduk Parani, Vidari, and lavanga. This is one of the most popular food supplements in Asia.

If you want your child to develop normally without any hiccups, consider using Mentat after consulting with a medical specialist. Note that the drug contains a plethora of herbal ingredients. Check the contents in order to avoid allergic reactions.

Vitamin B Complexes

There are various high quality vitamin supplements that can be purchased for a low price in the open market. Thankfully, the market of food supplements is not heavily regulated which is a good thing for a customer. You can choose good and affordable medications and purchase them for a relatively low price. This is especially important when it comes to vitamins. Many essential vitamins come from foods that can be quite hard to implement in a diet. Fat rich nuts and fish as well as many other high quality expensive foods may not be easy to afford and provide on a regular basis, but you can always substitute these foods with a single pill of vitamins.

Vitamin B is one of the most difficult to obtain. The B-group is a congregation of micronutrients that are responsible for mental functions, blood creation, cardio-vascular system, and many other bodily functions. Depending on which vitamin is lacking in the body, you may experience all sorts of problems ranging from simple sleep disorders to depressive stresses, issues with digestion, and problems with blood. If you want to avoid such problems and want your child to be free from them as well, consider implementing various drugs that contain enough vitamins from the B-group.

You might have stumbled upon medications that are labeled Thiamine. This is one of the essential B-vitamins that should be provided to a growing organism in sufficient quantities. Thiamine can be purchased separately or in food supplements like Neurobion. Don’t forget about Folic Acid (Vitamin B) that can be purchased without a doctor prescription at stores featured by Canadian Health and Care Mall.

Chyavanaprasha (Herbal Supplement)

One of recent hits from the Ayurveda medicine that brings to the table an assortment of very effective supplements. Our experts were pleased to see a medication that offers a wide variety of essential micronutrients. While it is hard to prove various bold claims that creators of the supplement are making, there is no denying that a rich source of vitamins C, A, B, and D as well as various special nutrients unique to certain herbs and fruits from Asia are very useful and will notably improve one’s health.

As mentioned previously, when choosing the right food supplement for a child, we must consider safety first and everything else secondarily. Chyavanaprasha is an amazing drug that helps to bolster the immune system and help to fight off bacteria and viruses by mobilizing inner resources of the body and helping your metabolism to maximize the efficiency of external micronutrients like vitamins and aminoacids. This medication will have a positive impact on the overall health and immune system while providing immediate assistance to the digesting tract.

While this medication is marketed to older audiences, you can safely implement it into the diet of your child to ensure that they have all necessary resources to develop a strong immune system that will easily withstand various assaults from bacteria and viruses.

Kof Tea

Another very simple and elegant solution to a concerning problem – coughing. Children get sick easily due to them ignoring simple rules like do not stand in the wind after sweating or getting wet or do not walk out into the cold without any warm clothes. Children are often exposed to bacteria and viruses that can cause respiratory problems. It is important to avoid using various syrups and pills (even antibiotics) to treat a child if possible. Do not try to just pile on pills and feed them to your precious child hoping that the disease will just go away. Let the body fight off minor colds and flues with minimal external assistance.

If your child coughs a lot, try using this simple herbal tea that was developed by Asian herbalists. Kof team contains licorice, holy basil, ginger, black pepper, and nut tree extracts. These micronutrients provide anti-inflammatory effect and help to fight off bacteria to reduce coughing.


A relatively recent drug that can definitely ease the life of a child with asthma or similar respiratory issues. This is a very important medication to have at your disposal at any given moment of time. Roughly 8 out of 10 children are diagnosed with asthma at a very young age. This is a concerning number that put drugs from the category for people with asthma into the list of essential medications that should be available to everyone. Advair is a great combination of two highly effective compounds – Fluticasone and salmeterol. You may find this drug under various names including Seroflo, Seretide, Viani, and many others.

If your child has asthma or demonstrates problems breathing occasionally, we recommend you to visit your medical health care provider and talk about using drugs like Advair. As one of the most effective and affordable drugs out there, this one most certainly deserves special attention.


The vast majority of teenagers face problems with skin at some point and have to search for an effective answer. Acne vulgaris is an enemy of many children aged 13-14. It is imperative to have a form of treatment that will be gentle, simple to use, and efficient at the same time. Our experts suggest Retin-A which is essentially a freeform vitamin A – the most important vitamin for cases of acne. You may find this medication under various brand names like Avita, Renova or Aberela. The drug should be used locally to treat minor manifestations of acne. While this drug is truly helpful for older people who care about their skin and preventing its aging, there are various ways to use it correctly.

Retin-A (view prices) has been one of the most popular skin treatments for ages and still holds the spot of the high demand drug that should be at your disposal at all times. If you want your child to have beautiful skin, consider including this medication in your “collection”.


There are various medications for children that should be on your to-buy list, but we strongly recommend you to think about purchasing useful food supplements and necessary medications from our list.