Asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, learn more about this disease) are among the top causes of chronic disability globally: each of them affects around 7% of the world's population. These two conditons are not the same thing but they have one thing in common: they cannot really be cured. Causes of the two diseases vary, however. Scientists do not not what exactly causes asthma; it must be a combination of genetic and environmental factors, and the main triggers are cigarette smoke, allergens, and pollutants. COPD, on the other hand, is a shared name for a whole range of respiratory diseases that cause obstruction and damage to air pathways.


The overview that follows is partly inspired by a question that the customer support team of Canadian Health and Care Mall recently received from our client Magdalene from Ottawa:

"A few months ago I started coughing and wheezing every day, and soon I was also coughing up mucus. After a few scary episodes when I could not breathe for a while and thought I was going to suffocate, I went to a doctor, thinking I must have developed asthma. However, after running lots of tests, doctors concluded that I had COPD - or, more specifically, emphysema. It seems that the alveoli in my lungs collapse every time I exhale. I don't smoke, but I've worked in the kitchen of a wok restaurant in China for years, and the fumes of burning fuel must have triggered the disease. My question is: should I take asthma medications for my condition, or are there specific remedies for COPD?"

Indeed, asthma and COPD can be difficult to distinguish one from another, and it can take lots of x-rays, lung function tests, blood tests, and CT scans to determine what exactly causes your air pathways to be obstructed. However - luckily for most patients - the same medications can be used to treat both conditions. Canadian Health & Care Mall offers its customers a wide range of highly efficient, well-tested and safe meds for COPD and asthma, all at very affordable prices. Here are our top five.

1) Ventolin (see prices) - also known as albuterol, this is probably the most popular among bronchodilators. In both asthma and COPD, patients have trouble breathing, because some air gets "stuck" in their airways when they exhale; they are forced to cough to expel the air (and mucus, when there is any). Essentially, the bronchi (air tubes) can either swell or get narrower, but in any case, the smooth muscle of their walls cannot relax sufficiently to let the air through. Bronchodilators do just that: they help the muscle relax, expanding the bronchi and increasing the airflow.

Based on the duration of its effect, Ventolin belongs to the middle group bronchodilators - its effect lasts for up to 6 hours, so you only need to make a couple of puffs every 4 hours. For such a long-acting drug, Ventolin has a very short onset - only 15 minutes! The rate of adverse side effects is quite low; some of our customers have reported headache, dry mouth, and an occasional tremor. At Canadian Health&Care Mall, you can purchase Ventolin at an extremely affordable price - less than 15 USD for a 100 mcg inhaler!

2) Advair (see prices) - this perennial favorite among Canadian Health&Care Mall customers offers a great combination of the bronchodilating agent salmeterol and a steroid called fluticasone, which fights inflammation. Advair is a very long-acting drug - its effect lasts up to 12 hours, meaning that you just need to use it twice daily. On the other hand, the longer effect also means a slower onset; therefore, Advair should not be used to stop an asthma or COPD attack that has already begun.

People with moderate asthma or COPD can also use salmeterol on its own, but it is the combination with fluticasone that creates the powerful synergy of Advair: it is definitely among the main meds to prevent sudden death from respiratory complications. Its side effects are rare and quite moderate, owing to the vasodilating effect of salmeterol. Common side effects include headaches, dizziness, and runny nose (remember, however, that when we say "common", we mean that it is encountered more frequently than other side effects; however, less than 7% of users develop any unpleasant reaction at all).

3) Prednisone - while Advair and Ventolin are among the best for long-term regular treatment of asthma and COPD, prednisone can save your life during an asthma attack. Being a corticosteroid, it instantly acts on the immune system to reduce the inflammation that obstructs the patient's airways. Prednisone is not suitable for daily regular use, since it can cause such side effects as weight gain, high blood pressure, and fluid retention (swelling), but a short 5-day course of Prednisone is often prescribed immediately after an attack to prevent a repeat exacerbation. Since it is so good at fighting inflammation, Prednisone is often used to treat allergies, arthritis, and even lupus.

Canadian Health&Care Mall offers a very wide choice of dosages and pack sizes of Prednisone; indeed, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best choice possible. You can choose between pills containing 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, and 40  mg of the active ingredient, and the pack size varies from 30 to 180 pills. Visit our detailed Prednisone product page and discover the amazing prices and offers.

4) Spiriva - this is one of the most popular bronchodilators among the Canadian Health&Care Mall customers. Though it cannot be used to treat acute attacks of asthma and COPD, it is a great long-term remedy. The active ingredient of Spiriva - a compound called tiotropium - releases the contraction fomed in the smooth muscle of the bronchi and reduces the mucus secretion.

This helps the patient breath and stops the cough. One great thing about Spiriva is that its effect lasts for full 24 hours! It means that each pack will last you a long time. It is very helpful in patients suffering from emphysema and chronic bronchitis, and only about 1% of users experience any noticeable side effects. In Canadian Health&Care Mall, you ca purchase sets of 15 to 60 rotapacks, and the prices begin at less than 25 dollars per item. According to our customers suffering from COPD, it is one of their favorite products.

5) Xopenex - this is yet another bronchodilator drug, this time based on a chemical compound called levosalbutamol. It belongs to the short-acting group and can be used to counteract a sudden asthma attack. Xopenex is a great medication to keep at home in case you suddenly lose the ability to breathe normally and cannot call a doctor or go to get medical assistance yourself. Literally minutes before you administer Xopenex, your bronchial walls will relax, your airways will expand, and you will be able to breathe normally.

Apart from the great prices on Xopenes, Canadian Health&Care Mall also offers you 4 bonus pills of your choice for free with every order. This means that when you order Xopenex, you can also try another drug that you might otherwise consider expensive or non-essential. What's more, if you register, we will send your regular exclusive coupon deals - and that means even better prices on essential asthma and COPD medications.

Above we have examined several highly efficient and safe drugs for treating obstructions of respiratory pathways. They are not just necessary to uphold a normal lifestyle when living with asthma or emphysema but can literally save your life in case of a sudden exacerbation.

Before we finish, let us cite a few touted asthma remedies that DON'T work:

  • turmeric
  • primrose oil
  • ginkgo extract
  • omega-3 fatty acids
  • magnesium powder.

Even if you are not a big fan of going to doctors and taking meds, don't try to treat your respiratory issues with such natural remedies! Remember- it is not just your health and well-being but your life that is at stake here. Both COPD and asthma are serious, potentially life-threatening conditions that require regular treatment with scientifically tested, medically engineered drugs. Canadian Health&Care Mall provides you with the best possible choice and prices on such drugs; and if you have any remaining questions or cannot choose which drug is right for you, please contact our customer support team - it will be our pleasure to assist you.

Be healthy! Your Canadian Health&Care Mall.